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Center of Pedagogy

Summarized Record of Student Teaching

For Health and Physical Education Certification Candidates
Spring 2015
Student Name: Levin, Scott
School/District: Thomas Jefferson Middle School, Fair Lawn School District
Grade Level/Subject Area: PHED
Evaluator: Paul Calocino, Education Mentor
Date submitted: 04/20/2015

Does not meet expectations



Meets expectations

Exceeds expectations



1. Planning For Student Learning

a. Stating clear and meaningful learning goals and objectives

b. Organizing subject matter for student learning:

c. Designing creative and appropriate learning activities and materials

2. Teaching For Student Learning

a. Making content comprehensible to students

b. Monitoring student understanding, providing feedback, and adjusting


c. Using media and other technology in appropriate ways

d. Promoting critical thinking

e. Using democratic practices

3. Assessing Student Learning

. Recording and using assessment results to inform instruction

4. Creating A Positive Environment For Student Learning

a. Establishing and maintaining appropriate standards of classroom behavior

b. Providing a physical environment that is safe and conducive to learning

c. Using instructional time effectively

p. Making appropriate accommodations to allow all students equitable

opportunity to participate

q. Applying appropriate accommodations throughout class, adapting to

students needs based on performance in lesson tasks

r. Providing appropriate tasks and equitable feedback to students of all levels of

s. Setting appropriate expectations that enable all students to develop

t. Using culturally appropriate communication and avoiding offensive or

insensitive language

u. Actively listening during interactions with others

v. Using productive feedback and communication with students and avoiding

demeaning language or sarcasm

Center of Pedagogy
Summarized Record of Student Teaching
For Health and Physical Education Certification Candidates
Spring 2015
5. Professionalism
a. Expressing ideas clearly and personal attributes

b. Communicating with others to support student learning

c. Reflecting on instructional efforts

p. Working collaboratively with supervisor, other faculty, and/or parents in and

outside of class
q. Showing evidence of engagement in opportunities for professional growth,
inc. attending professional conferences, faculty meetings, and district/school
PD events

r. Dressing appropriately based on school and University standards

s. Maintaining confidentiality regarding students, colleagues, and families

t. Treating all students equitably

u. Maintaining professional relationships with students in and outside the

school environment

Overall Student Teaching Grade: A

Additional Comments
Additional comments on Planning For Student Learning
Lessons are designed to introduce the student to the activity or concepts necessary to complete the
task for the class. Students participated without interruption after brief instructional period. Small
group and individual attention is given to facilitate the lesson.
Additional comments on Teaching For Student Learning
Students are challenged to observe the video and later answer questions specific to the video.
Students answered freely and enthusiastically to the questions with the level of instruction at the
student's ability to comprehend the material. Students are challenged to complete the task assigned
after instruction with the teacher continuing monitoring the activity for those needing further
assistance. Directions are excellent giving students the opportunity to comprehend the lesson before
beginning the activity. Quick review questions enabled all students to observe the key phrases and
concepts for the activity.
Additional comments on Assessing Student Learning
Monitoring of the student's activity was constant during the class giving the teacher an idea of the
student's abilities to complete the activity with eventual assessment to be administered at a later
date. Questioning and a given assignment further assessed the student's comprehension of the
lesson during class
Additional comments on Creating A Positive Environment For Student Learning

Center of Pedagogy
Summarized Record of Student Teaching
For Health and Physical Education Certification Candidates
Spring 2015
. Feedback from questioning was excellent with all students attentive and responding. The activity
was constantly observed and the teacher assisted those students who were in need of correction.
The class was managed well with a large number of students in a gym setting. Students
comprehended the lesson quickly and went to the appropriate locations to begin the activity. Post
activity was a recap of the essentials of the lesson. Scott encourages and supports those students
who may lack all of the basic skills necessary for participation in the lesson.
Additional comments on Professionalism
Scott presented a difficult lesson that is well planned and executed with a professional manner. He
is able to motivate the students to become interested in the subject matter using prior information
gained by the students. Scott is very professional in his teaching approach, and he is able to connect
with the students so that they perform the tasks he presents to them. He has a great relationship
with his cooperating teacher and is open to discussion on how to improve his teaching. Professional
standards are adhered to at all times with Scott reflecting on the lesson to strengthen those areas
that may need more support.
Overall Comments
Scott is becoming very comfortable in teaching the students The students are responsive to his
teaching style and participate actively. He is involved in the school's activities and has a positive
relationship with his cooperating teacher. Scott has an excellent teaching style that the students
respond very favorably to when he is instructing them. He is very fair in treating all students and
spends time assisting those students who may not have the athletic ability to complete some of the