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Henry (Harry) Meier

Rick <>
Tue 9/2/2014 6:01 PM
Ginger Haag;
Ms Haag,
Thank you for all that - very helpful. The King book was not
downloadable so we have ordered it. It should arrive tomorrow but
just in case if you have a spare copy that Harry could borrow for a
day or two that would help.
Taking into consideration what you have said below, and Mr
Worthington's views, I think we will drop Creative Writing so as to
focus on IB English with an eye to maybe taking it at HL next year.
Thanks again for your help,
Rick Meier
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Ginger Haag
Tue 9/2/2014 9:14 AM
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Good morning!
I'm happy to welcome Harry into our IB Lit class. We did complete a
summer assignment (please see attached) which is part of the
course work and which is beneficial to Harry's knowledge and
understanding of the content. Our study of writings and speeches by
Martin Luther King Jr. will take us through the 3rd or 4th week of
school, so there is plenty of time to complete the summer
assignment by then. We have done some analysis work on one of
the speeches in class, but, honestly, the field trip day and other
back-to-school assemblies have made it so catching up on the inclass assignments shouldn't be an issue. It is true that students do
not choose HL or SL in IB Literature until they register for their
senior year courses.
The creative writing course was designed with the busy student in
mind. Yes, there may be homework assigned if students don't
manage their in-class time well or if they choose to complete

massive writing projects that require extra attention. (I have some

novelests in the class, but I also have poets and essayists.) The first
semester is a "snippets" semester, where we practice smaller
writing tasks and find out what we like and what challenges us. We
reflect on what makes stories worth knowing and how authors
create them. Second semester requires students to create larger
portfolio projects. I allow students to choose a general project
direction off of a menu, and they propose their specific project
ideas. After projects are approved, I give the students deadline
dates. They choose what parts or how much of their projects they'll
complete for each deadline. Therefore, if a student knows he has a
major IB assessment on a specific date on or near one of the final
portfolio deadlines, he may choose to frontload the portfolio project
in order to more efficiently manage his other assignments that he
knows will take his attention later. Last year I had three IB students
in my creative writing class. They managed beautifully. It did take
some maturity and self-discipline for them to make it work, but in
the end, their feedback was all positive.
I hope I've been helpful here. Please let me know if I need to clarify
anything or if you have any other questions. I look forward to
meeting Harry soon!
Kind regards,
Ginger Haag
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Rick <>
Tue 9/2/2014 6:44 AM
Ms Haag,
Our son, Harry, has had some scheduling problems this year and will
only today be arriving in your IB English Lit class. He originally
registered for AP English but that didn't work. This raises a few
1. Obviously any work/assignments you have started he will have to
quickly get up to speed with.
2. He completed the summer assignment for the AP English class
that he was intending to take. Was there a similar assignment for IB
English? If so, how do we handle that?
3. Harry has also registered for the Creative Writing class. I had a
short discussion with Ms Briggs while trying to sort out his schedule
and she raised the issue of whether the combination of IB English
and the Creative Writing was going to be "too much". Since you are
teaching both classes your opinion on this would be very helpful.

Harry signed up for Creative Writing as an elective. Looking closely

at it now, it is unclear to us as to whether it is an "elective" level
course - is there homework and a final exam? He has already
fulfilled his elective requirements. The record will show that Harry
can be a good student, particularly in English. However last year his
overall performance was mixed and we are keen this year on
improving his grades across the board and don't want to complicate
4. Are we right in thinking that the decision as to whether to take
the IB English at either SL or HL doesn't really come until the end of
this year?
Apologies for all this, but we think it best to get all this straight now.
We can tell that Harry is looking forward to being in your class.
Rick and Leslie Meier