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Jessica Ventura
Dr. Tarantello
Writing for College
8 December 2014
Education against Bullying
Bullying has been a problem that many children and teenagers have been forced to deal with,
and with the rise of the Internet this problem has only increased. Bullying can lead to extremely
harmful behaviors such as suicides, which has become the third leading cause of death among
teenagers. The Internet has given bullies the ability to be anonymous, which means that those who
are bullied have to deal with it in school and everywhere else that there is internet connection. Since
bullying has become extremely severe many colleges have created initiatives to attempt to end it;
Marist College is one of them.
The act of bullying is not a new invention, but it has gotten progressively worse over the
years. A person who bullies usually tends to do it because of power and insecurity, meaning they
want to maintain power in their social hierarchy while hiding their own problems. Bullying allows
them to maintain power among their peers while also shielding them of being bullied over their own
insecurities. In 2010 an article appeared by The Virgin Island Daily News, Bullying poses threats
too dangerous to ignore by Mariel Blake, this article discussed the severity that bullying has reached
and it gives insight as to why people bully.
So much of what drives bullying is a person's differences. The inability or unwillingness to
conform to what is considered in vogue makes someone a mark for ridicule. We are increasingly
schizophrenic in our feelings about conformity. We are intrigued by those who seem to be able to
march to the beat of their own drummer but are wary of those who stray to far from what we consider

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The author argues the idea that we are acceptant of those who choose to be different, but different
only in an acceptable level. According to this article children and teenagers choose to bully peers that
are different then the rest, however people judge others by their own personal standards. Society as a
whole has set their own conventions or standards of what normal is and anyone who does not meet
the criteria becomes a source of ridicule.
For a very long time bullying was taken as something lightly, and when a child or teen would
be mocked by other peers it was simply thought of as normal childs play. Phrases such as learn how
to laugh at yourself derived from the idea that mocking was normal, and everyone was expected to
play along instead of take it personal. The problem with this idea however, is that bullying is no
laughing matter and has reached a very dangerous turning point. According to
bullying has resulted in 4,400 deaths per year, and for every suicide among teens there has been at
least 100 suicide attempts. Along with many other alarming statistics on bullying this website also
states the percentage of students who are either bullies or are affected by bullying According to
statistics reported by ABC News, nearly 30 percent of students are either bullies or victims of
bullying, and 160,000 kids stay home from school every day because of fear of bullying
( These statistics prove that a large amount of children are involved in bullying,
some children are the bullies while others are the ones being bullied however it is still a large chunk
of children that are involved in something that is clearly dangerous. Suicide is a point of no return,
and this is something being caused by bullying. The website also points out that depression and selfharm are at high numbers daily, which can lead to dangers such as suicide or suicide attempts.
Bullying also derives focus from academic studies, and can lead to bad grades and bad academic
futures; therefore it is clear that bullying is not something that should be taken lightly.
Now that technology has been advancing, the Internet has quickly turned into something of
popular use for teens. Social networks such as Tumblr, Facebook, and Twitter are all commonly used

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by teenagers. Although the Internet can be a very important tool for people, the use of these social
networks has become really dangerous for young people because of the rise of cyber bullying. Social
networks such as the ones I stated previously have made it easier for bullies to do as they please since
they allow complete anonymity. Tumblr is a social network that allows users to receive anonymous
messages by other users, and it is extremely common for users to not always receive the nicest
messages. Even social networks that do not allow anonymous messaging still have the potential to be
used as bullying tools because fake profiles can easily be created and comments or mentions can be
left behind without any trace of who the real person behind the message was.
Originally the thought was that once a child left school grounds, then they were able to leave
the bullying behind as well. With the use of the Internet, that is no longer the case since it allows
bullying to continue through cyber space. A web-based survey titled Extending the school grounds?
Bullying experiences in cyberspace by Dr. Jaana Juvonen and Dr. Elisheva Gross, was done
involving one thousand four hundred fifty four 12-17 year old children. This research article analyzed
the similarity between online bullying and in-school bullying among Internet using teens. They found
out that About two thirds of cyberbullying victims reported knowing their perpetrators, and half of
them knew the bully from school. Both in-school and online bullying experiences were independently
associated with increased social anxiety. Ninety percent of the sample reported they do not tell an
adult about cyberbullying, and only a minority of participants had used digital tools to prevent online
incidents. ( According to this study it was found that a lot of the perpetrators were
children who already bully others at school, and that the bullying received (whether it was online or
in school) led to an increase of social anxiety. The other issue the study found is that ninety percent
of the teens who are bullied do not reach out to someone older for help and they also do not make
much of an attempt to prevent this kind of bullying from happening.

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Social networks or instant messaging sites can easily be programmed to be private, a person
who is acting poorly online can be flagged meaning the social network would be notified, or a
person could simply refuse to open something from an unknown source. These are ways that cyber
bullying can be prevented, along with deleting a profile all together to avoid being bullied. However
the study shows that these are things children do not attempt to do, which makes the Internet an even
bigger risk. The study also proved that the majority of teens being bullied online do not reach out to
adults. This can be very dangerous for a teen because while they are facing online and in-school
bullying, their parents are completely unaware of the situation and unable to help. It is also important
to note that this study points out that the perpetrator is usually someone who already knows the
person they decide to bully, and has usually bullied them in school already which shows that the
Internet has made bullying more accessible and convenient.
Since bullying has become a more serious issue over time, many schools are becoming more
aware of the situation and attempting to control and hopefully even put an end to bullying. Arizona
State University is one of the schools that is attempting to curb bullying, while also raising awareness
for it in order to educate people on the seriousness of bullying and the danger it sustains. According
to the Cronkite News University, Stantons team on initiative to curb bullying in Schools by
Brittany Ducksworth, Arizona State University has partnered with anti-bullying advocate Nicole
Stanton to create a research and resource based program to help stop bullying ( This is
called the Dion initiative, which aims to help educators build safer environments for children to learn
in while also creating apps that serve to better support children being bullied. Arizona State
University has already created an app called Bully Blocker and a Recycle Bike Program that
encourages self-esteem and physical fitness. I believe this initiative is a very important and a
powerful thing because it is not only attempting to help those children who are already being bullied,
but it is also aiming to help educators create a safer environment for children which is incredibly

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important. A big reason that bullying has become as serious and as dangerous as it has is because it
has not been properly dealt with or contained. Now that schools such as Arizona State are attempting
to research it more and obtain better resources to deal with it properly, there is a greater a chance that
bullying can be prevented and maybe one day eliminated completely.
Florida International University is another school that is taking action and attempting to
prevent bullying while giving their students support and care. The school has started their Enough is
Enough campaign and with this initiative they are attempting to raise awareness and support for
social issues such as bullying. The school has partnered with the Victim Empowerment Program,
Womens Center, LGBTQA Initiatives, and many more ( The fact that all those
different groups are involved is showing students that no voice is less important, and that everyone
matters. Bullying as I stated earlier, usually happens because of a persons differences and what this
initiative is showing by including all these different groups, is that every single person is important
and have a right to be treated fairly. This campaign is also inviting students to use their voice, by
stating what they Dont stand for (, which serves to empower students. This will
hopefully allow them to realize there worth and value and no longer be afraid of speaking up or
reaching out to someone about being bullied. Initiatives like these are incredibly important because
they serve to strengthen the voice of students who are bullied. It also serves to remind students that
there is always someone they are able to reach out to on campus, which is important for a student to
feel safe.
It is important for Colleges and Universities to be thoroughly involved in the issue of
bullying, because it is something that affects every campus. According to the Suicide Prevention
Resource Center, suicide is a big problem among campuses, Available data suggests that suicide is a
public health problem at colleges and universities. Moreover, mental health problems that are
associated with suicide and other adverse outcomes affect a substantial proportion of college

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students. These problems can negatively affect students' academic performance and quality of life.
( Suicide is becoming an increasingly large problem among campuses, this shows that
bullying is evolving and is no longer something that just happens in grade school. Suicide,
depression, and social anxiety do not only interfere in the students personal life, but in their
academic life as well. The Suicide Prevention Resource Center has statistics about the amount of
students who have died from suicide each year, Data from several sources indicate that a significant
number of students on campuses across the country experience mental health problems, and
approximately 1,100 students die by suicide each year. ( There is data to prove the
extremity that bullying has reached, because it has led to mental health problems and suicides around
the country. When discussing the act of bullying it is important to keep in mind that bullying can
have a tremendous impact in the course of someones life, it can affect whether they are successful in
there suicide attempts or not. People who are bullied are still severely affected and scarred therefore
schools should not wait until a suicide has been committed in order to pay attention and take action.
When students first arrive to Marist they receive orientation, and throughout the orientation
process it is thoroughly discussed that bullying is not something that is tolerated at this college. The
seminar on bullying during orientation shows examples of bullying that students have filmed and
then each example is discussed. The person running the seminar makes it known that bullying is
taken extremely serious at the school, and that there will always be consequences. This seminar helps
students see the dangers of bullying and what would be at stake, such as an academic future in Marist
College. It also informs students that the college encourages speaking up if they see something such
as someone bullying someone else, or if they themselves are bullied. The fact that the school chooses
to have this seminar before all the classes start to every new student shows that they value students
safety. This seminar proves that they pay attention to the dangers of bullying and are attempting to
keep their students safe from that.

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Marist College is a small and private school and as a student here I do not believe there is a
bullying problem. However there is probably more programs the school could provide such as
Arizona State University and Florida International University have provided for their students.
Programs such as Enough is Enough, by Florida International are the kind of programs that give
students power incase they are being bullied, and it also shows other teens that bullying should be
prevented and is something that needs to be stood up against. Marist College has not provided these
types of programs this year, and it is impossible when looking through the academic calendar for
similar attempts such as the ones these others schools have demonstrated.
Marist does have counseling services for students, which is something extremely important in
a college. According to their website Marist College offers a variety of services for counseling such
as individual sessions and workshops. Their website also explains the way the first session works,
The first session is usually spent in a thorough exploration of your presenting problems as well as
other areas of your life that are likely to be affected. A determination will then be made as to how to
best meet your needs: by referral to another resource on or off-campus, or by continuing to meet with
one of our staff counselors, usually weekly for one-hour interviews. (
According to their website they are dedicated to figuring out the proper way to help a student. They
also are willing to listen to the problems of the students and will willingly give out referrals for off
campus services that could possibly help students even more. The website also added Most students
are seen for less then one semester ( which could possibly mean that they are
able to help many students after a short period of time.
Teaching a seminar on the dangers of bullying and what no to do among your peers as well as
offering counseling for students are all good ways to help students who are being bullied. Students
learn from the start the dangers of bullying while also being informed on how to get help in case they
are being bullied, which leads to a safer environment on campus. Although these are good starting

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points, I do believe there is more the campus could do to raise awareness for bullying. In order to
raise awareness, and have a more trusting environment for students to talk about bullying, there
should be more seminars or programs that address this issue. Programs that discuss bullying and
remind students what is at stake when someone is bullied can help teach students that bullying really
is not something that should be taken lightly. These programs could also help other students trust the
school more and have no fear of opening up when it comes to being bullied.
There are many more things that Marist could do in order to raise awareness and protect their
students, and one of them could be starting a club. Siena College, which is also a private school, has
created a club called PALS that helps students on campus and students from local high schools as
well. According to their site they aim to teach students while also helping them We are a club that
aims to lessen incidents of bullying in local high schools and at Siena. We work to promote
awareness about bullying, how it happens and what to do if you see it taking place on a college
campus. During our meetings we discuss strategies to handle bullying here at Siena and come up with
new ways to lessen bullying within high schools. ( According to their site, the club not
only helps students on their own campus but it also aims to help students of high schools near them
which shows great initiative. The club also serves to educate students on the dangers of bullying,
while also explaining what bullying is and how it happens, and how to properly deal with bullying if
it is seen on campus. Marist could benefit from a program such as this one because it could unite
students and make the fight against bullying even stronger.
It is clear that bullying is a serious issue, there is data and statistics that have proven the
danger of bullying. Therefore schools and Universities should take it under their control to attempt to
prevent bullying from happening or at least make it a safer environment. Schools such as Florida
International University, Arizona State University, and Siena College have all come up with small
ways in order to continue the fight against bullying. Although Marist College does not contain a

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serious bullying problem, there is more the school should do in order to fight bullying among their
campus. Knowledge is key in this situation and as long as campuses are aware of the dangers of
bullying then it is possible that Colleges and Universities will continue to do what is best for their

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