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Gianna Rocca

Block 2
Unit II Project- Part I
Right to Fair Elections Cartoon Collage Explained

The first cartoon block demonstrates peaceful protestors who are protesting against Prime
Minister Vladimir Putin and his party. This protest took place in December of 2011,
shortly after Putin was elected as president of Russia. Despite how Putin won the
largest share of a parliamentary election, observers claim that the election was rigged.
Hence why the man in the picture wearing purple announces that THE ELECTION
WAS RIGGED. In reality, tens of thousands of Russians turned out for protests to
challenge Vladimir Putin with a new sense of unity. The color of the movement was
white. The protesters expressed their disgust with what they called a fixed election and
voiced their desires for fair elections. According to the beliefs of the protestors, Putin
appointed himself as president; however, Putin stood by the elections as fair, just like
shown in the cartoon.
The second cartoon block conveys how Putin stood by the results of the fair election
even after uproar that began when election observers began to report extensive

violations. Even though there were viral videos posted on the Internet by citizen
exposing various misdeeds, Putin decided to put the blame on the United States. He
accused the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, of calling the elections unfair
before the observers made their report and of sending a signal for this past weeks
unsanctioned protests to begin.
The third cartoon block depicts the disgust of the Russian citizens/protesters that
has been building for years. This is because the citizens no longer wish to tolerate
both the extent of corruption and the state of politics. Despite how a citizen in the
picture claims to have lose all hope for Russias government, many other citizens
have hope that they will find a way out of this political mess and a way into
attaining fair elections for Russia.
The last and final cartoon block displays Alexei Navalnys hope for Russia.
Navalny is an influential blogger who was able to smuggle out a written message
from his jail cell in Moscow in 2011. He wrote that the protesters most powerful
weapon is self-respect. Eventually, Alexei Navalny led the Progress Party, which
was a party whose platform was to decentralize power in Russia and possibly
switch to a parliamentary republic. Navalny believed nevertheless had political
hope for Russia. Shortly, Navalny announced to society that free and fair elections
were coming to Russia in October.