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Henini Cousry REGISTER OF ACTIONS ‘ASE NO. 27-CR-07-043231 State of Minnesota vs LARRY EDWIN CRAIG Location: eanepin Criminal Southdale Fad ot Offense Deg Date Case Type: Crim Traf Mandatory Coraninity 6 Oflense: Metropolitan Airports Cameetsbea = MAC IN TERVERENC? WITH PRIVACY GMD gti 2 Disney Conc MSP 06/11/2007 Penn Rinnai turisiction State of Minnesota See Defendant LARRY EDWIN DISPOSITIONS (Court Decision (Juin: Ostet Larson, Gary R.) 2. Tosorderly Conduct Coatinued Contin = Adal 1. No Sate or sini (08/08/2007) Active 1808/2007 2 Conditions. et 1c" (CRR2017) Active 08/08/2007 ies Addl: (Gand Pata: $878.00) Due 08082007 Hine: $1,000.00 begs: (Rees Tota: 8.4 ‘Cena St horse S Taw Library: $0 stay of 830600 0° | Ve Aetey” Hennepin County Workhouse - Adult Cnrections term: 10 Days Hime to Serve: se Stay 10Dayst oT Vr Stal: Active TEC82007 Probation = Adult Type Unsipersiced probation Ageney: Heanepin Distt Court Terni | Yr is 2007 - ON 8/2008 Status Acting (C8200 a ay RY ACY TANT REDRUNCE: WILLE PREY Dismissed 2, Disnrderly Conde Convicted acs | Disposition Ueicis! Orie Larson. ox082007 | Mea didicial Otfcer Lars ary R 1 ETERFERENCE WT None PAGEL OFS Prine ents 282 asst wrssqu07 wseo2n oscsz077 wera Hester Couey REGISTER OF ACTIONS (CASE NO. 27-CR-07-043231 | 2 isonrly Conduct | Guy IEARINGS Sentencing (9 40. AM) (Hale 4 Officer: Larson, aunties Patton wo Enter Gus ty Plo: Uuiciat Officer: Larsen, Gary Ro Plea (aici (ice: Lan, Gary R INTEREERENCE 'V TH PRIVACY None 2, Disorder'y Conduct, ‘uty Disposition Judicial Off eer: Larson. Gary R.) TO INTERFERENCE W TH PRIVACY Dismissal 2. Disorder y Cond Cenvieed ‘Court Decision (uct (tier: Larson, Gay Rub 2 Disurder'y Comluct ‘Ceminved Conon = Ade TL No sane similar (60/2007) Aetive 0808/2007 2. Cention: ther (08/08/2007) Act ve 08/8/2067 ees Ale: (iri eal: $37.00), | Due 0808020007 Fine: $1,000 06 Fees: (Fees To al: $25.00) (Criminal se-charge= $72.00, {Law Libs: $3.00 | ‘uy of $5000 for | Yr {Loved Continomcat ‘Agency! Herp County Workti se ~ Ad Cortections erm: 10 Das Time To Sere: None Stay 10 Days For 1 Yr Stains: Active KOR3007 Probation» Act Type Unsupreised probation Ageney: Her epin Disint Court Fermef EY4 (88/08/2007 - 050872008 Status Ati 2808/2007 Wott First Appearance 9:30 AX") Uuicial Off ISSION WENT SOUTHDALE 15227 Heat Gina My PDE? Rowe be Gat on 7 28200 Mie TS CCorminal listers Disposition Bas been poss herges: t, 2 sed Petition to Enter Gi Larson. Gary & (Complaint Saromons Geld Oftieer Brand. Gina M9 See Comerted SIP Activity Judicial Ofieer Brandt, Gina M.) HLCP COMPLAINT FLED 2083 Primed mos Messnety Corry REGISTER OF ACTIONS _CASE NO,.27-GRATAMIZ AS Defendant CRAIG, LARRY EDWIN wal Chars este eal Payrnents ad Cees ta Balance Due as of 628209 0 PAGE 1083 Pred a8 38 00a Date