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Decision Making Process

Hatari decision making Process is such that everyone is given an opportunity to contribute
whenever a decision is to be made. The process allows anyone to make a proposal; when a
proposal is made, core group seeks to find a consensus on the proposal (after taking into
consideration opinions expressed by others) and informs every one, once a final decision is
The implementation of this process is as follows:
1. Any Hatari member can make a Proposal via the web proposal-form, which gets forwarded
to the Proposal Tracker, who keeps a record of all proposals and their outcome.
2. The Proposal Tracker will inform all members about the Proposal by bcc to stop large e-mail
3. Members who wish to express views regarding a proposal will give their feedback to only the
Proposal Tracker; preferably via the web-form as then this process becomes automatic.
Members may use the website to view the Proposals and Feedbacks.
4. The Proposer will become part of the core group for discussion on his Proposal.
5. The core group will discuss all the proposals put forward as defined in (1) and, every three
months, hold a meeting to finalize them. If no proposal has been put forward then there will
not be a need for a meeting.
6. If a proposal goes to a vote, the Chairman has no vote but if votes are tied, then he will have
the casting vote
7. The core-group decisions will be recorded by the Proposal tracker and circulated to all
Hatari members. Hatari constitution will be amended to incorporate the decisions reached,
the web-ste updated and all members informed.
Pradeep Kotecha has volunteered to be the Proposal Tracker
Core Group composition

The number of members of the core group will limited to 9.

There should be an odd number of core group members.
The duration of core group membership is not limited to a time period but be fluid.
All core members to actively participate in decision making
When/If a member leaves the Core Group for any reason, the rest of the Core Group will
decide on how/if to replace that member.
Unless there was an exceptional reason, a core group member missing two consecutive
meetings be will be disqualified from the core group.

The current core group members are:

Chandra, Mahesh, Mangal, Naresh, Neil, Pradeep , Tej, Suresh, Harbir and the Proposer
Core Group Chairman

The chair for core-group meetings will rotate between core-members in alphabetical order of
first names. Each meeting will be chaired by a different chairman. The chairman will take full
responsibility for his meeting, including making arrangements for the meeting and collating
items for the meeting.
If a current chairman wishes to pass on his responsibility, he will do so to the next one in the
alphabetical order.