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Hatari Golf Society Annual Awards

& Hole-in-one Trophy

Annual Awards Trophies
1. Home Courses and External courses Trophies
There will two home courses Trophies (Ruislip and Haste Hill) and an external courses
Trophy (Uxbridge and all other external courses).
The winner of each trophy will be the player with the highest Stableford score (after SSS
In case of a tie, the winner will be determined by the following precedence rules:
a) If top-scores are tied, then the lower-handicappers score wins
b) if handicaps are the same, then the average of top-2 scores of the tiers wins
c) if top-2 scores are the same, then continue to top-3 scores, then top-4, & so on till a winner is
Requirements for a score to count
1, A score at an external course will count only if 4 or more Hatarians are playing
2, A score at a home course( Haste Hill, Ruislip and Uxbridge) will count only if 3 or more Hatarians
are playing
3. A score will count only if its t-off booking was displayed in advance on Hatari website and was
open to all Hatari members to join in.

2. Player of the Year Trophy

The winner will be the player achieving the highest aggregate of top-3 stableford scores
at: Haste Hill, Ruislip and External courses.
All scores will be adjusted by SSS i.e. 40 points @HasteHill will be deemed to be 39

3. Most Improved Player of the Year - Pratap Jadeja Memorial Trophy

The player whose handicap has improved the most over the year will be the winner. The
change in handicap will be based on all scores, competition and general play.
In case of a tie, the player with the lower handicap will be the winner. If still tied, then the
trophy will be shared.
Eligibilty for Trophies
1. To win these trophies you must be a Hatari GS member and not a Provisional
Handicapper. Guests and Affiliates cannot win these trophies.
2. To win the Player of the Year Trophy you must have submitted at least 3
cards(including the cards submitted whilst on a Provisional handicap) for each of the
3 trophies: Ruislip, Haste Hill, & External Courses
3. The highest score achieved at a course will not count if it was not affirmed/signed by
all playing partners (Hatari or Affiliates); also, the score won't count if it was achieved
whilst on a "Provisional" Handicap.
4. A member can win only one Course Trophy. In the event of a member getting the
highest scores at more than one course, he will be awarded only one trophy at the
course determined by toss of a coin; the second placed member at the other course/s
will be awarded the relinquished trophy.

Hole-In-One Trophies
Any Hatari GS member achieving a hole-in-one, regardless, of where its achieved, will be
awarded a Trophy but only if it is affirmed by all playing partners- not necessarily Hatari or