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759th William Herron

759th William Herron

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Published by: Nancy Cunningham on Feb 06, 2010
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William Herron

The following April 8, 1943, Lowell Tribune article was found on page 5, column 3: Mrs. William Herron and infant daughter have gone to Van Buren, Ark., to visit her husband, Pfc. William Herron. The following February 8, 1945, Lowell Tribune article was found on page 4, columns 12:

Member of Railway Operating Battalion in France
Sixth Army Group, France -- The 759th Railway Operating Battalion, commanded by Lt. Col. Ernest M. Price, Tacoma, Wash., is cashing in on valuable experience gathered in North Africa and Italy as it plays an important part in the operation of railways in Eastern France. The bridges and building sections, the signal sections and track sections of the battalion did much to reopen the railroads north and northeast of Lyon, enabling movement of essential supplies for the U.S. 7th and French 1st armies during their lightning progress in the early days of the Southern France campaign. Attesting to their contribution to the campaign, Lt. Gen. Jacob L. Devers, commanding general of the Sixth Army Group, wrote to Brig, Gen. Carl R. Gray, Jr. director general of the 1st Military Railway Service: "Supplies carried by your trains are now reaching the forward areas. There could be no finer compliment to pay than to say that you have the thanks and appreciation of each individual soldier receiving supplies." Included in Col. Price's battalion in France, is Pfc. William Herron, rural route 2, Lowell. This Lowell Tribune article was found in the July 5, 1945, issue (page 2, column 1): From The Boomer, published for the personnel of the Military Railway Service, we learn that Pfc. William Herron has been promoted to T/5 recently. He worked for the Monon railway before entering the service.

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