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THE DIOCESE OF INDIANAPOLIS The Eiscopel Church ia Cena ond Souther ladane Dea Brothers and Sisters in Chit, This is nt the kindof adress | usually provide ata Convention ofthe Diocese ~ reporting on my own, activities and providing highlights of our ministries daring the past year. Iwill make that address when ‘we met in October. ‘This report ofa diferent kin, sharing with you important information about a projec: am asking {you to undertake Tor the next to years. During the first weck of March I called the Standing Committe together to meet with Bp. Clay Matthews, ofthe Pastoral Development Committee forthe House of Bishops. The purpose of the ‘meeting was to inform the Standing Commitee that Ihave decided to call forthe lection of he 11 Bishop of the Diocese of Indianapolis. {am anticipating that we will elect atthe October meeting of our Convention in 2016, andthat we will CConsecrate and Seat our new bishop two yeas from now ~in April of 2017 1am not calling for bishop coadjutor. Whon the next bishop is consecrated I will also pas to her ~ ‘or him ~ my erozer, and the episcopate ofthe 11* Bishop will begin. 1 anticipate that the bishop elect will come to Indianapolis in January of 2017, giving us about four months to work together before | {had alvays planned to serve util at lest the end of 2015, when I would attain 30 years of fll time ‘ministry inthe Church. I am now in my 18* year as Bishop of Indianapolis, andthe average length of service for bishops these days i around ten years, think. I can rth sy that these have Been years filled wit blessings and joy. At the same time, Larry and [have reached the point where we ar ready 19 plan for more time together than my schedule as you bishop has permite. “The Standing Committe will have responsibility for oversight ofthis process; they wil appoint a ‘Search Committee and a Transition Committe ~ and do all such good things as they believe will help the diocese in the process of searching for and electing a new bishop. ‘The ministry ofa bishop isnot parish ministry “wet large,” and the process of diseerament search, and lection is very different from that of searching fora new Rector. “The members ofthe Standing Committee are ers, and they will provide you with what information they cana this point, Please understand tha thee are questions they may not beable to answer immediatly. But I can assure you that they are commited to a process which s transparent and inclusive ofthe whole dicese | want to emphasize as strongly 2s possible that we are not entering atime of inactivity — wee not tweading water, ete; the life ofthe diocese wil continue, We will cerainy find ways ocelearate some ‘of our accomplishments, but reflection on the past never has to hinder moving forward in whstever ways seem important and faithful, This ean bea very fertile and creative time inthe life ofthe dics, and I'm sure weall want to make the best of The Rt. Rew. Catharine M. Waynic, Bishop 1100 West 42nd Sree * Indianopats,Insana 46208 (317) 926-5454» Fox (317) 926-5456 + (800) 669-5786 ‘ Daily life in your parishes wll continue much the same, but I do ask that you paieipaein this process in some important ways. Fis, pease keep the Diocese, the Standing Comittee, those who will serve on the Search and ‘Transition Commitee, my Staff, and myself in your prayers. This wil bea challenging time ~pechaps particularly forthe staf, who are accustomed to knowing whats going on and beng able to answer ‘questions for you. During this time of discernment and eleton, information wil nt come fom my office, but fom the Standing Committee. Many of you know and can appreciate that certain aspects of any search process need to be confidential, and I'm certain you'll understand snd respect that ead Second if you are invited to serve on cither the Search or Transition Commitee, please consider that invitation in careful prayer. These special Committees need members with pancelar gifts, and who are committe to fll and fitful participation in them. ‘Third please enter flly and honestly into whatever processes the various commites pt into place, A profil of the diocese will ned to be developed, discernment about next directions forthe diocese will need to be done, and a description ofthe gifs and skills needed in the 11* Bishop wll need tobe articulate, One of the great gifts that Bishop Ted Jones gave to me and this diocese was o be very generous bout the need for things ta change. Every transition brings change ~ i's inevitable ~ and Bp, Jones gave every appearance of being well sted in his own spirit about tat. have always been grateful forthe unfailing suppor he provided to me, and have prayed from the Begining of my ministry among you that | would inert from him that same gentle spirit. Because the Standing Commitee willbe overseing the transition proces, lil be fre to give my tention to being your bishop and I look forward to these next two years of sill having the Best jb in ‘The Episcopal Church! My heartfel thanks tal f you for what are doing and will continue to doin service to our Lard Blessings, edideavietéjuak ++Catherine ML Waymick X Indianapolis ‘April 25,2015 Bloomington, IN

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