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Vicky Town-the Storyteller
Phone: 276.398.3466 Mobile: 316.308.5233

Residencies and Workshops
Vicky’s Writing and Storytelling workshops are innovative, hands- on, educational and
fun! Each session meets common core standards.
Workshops Include:
The Plot that Thickened –a concrete, visual tool to develop plot Grades 2-8
Playing with Verbs-using tableaus to create stories Grades K-5
Playing with Characterization-using ordinary items to create stories K-8
Our Town-Using geography and social studies to create stories Grades 2-8
Me and My Shadow-using science and social studies to create stories Grades K-8
A Thousand Words- using fine art to create stories Grades K-8
Producing a Storytelling Festival in Your School or Library (minimum 8 days)
Make ‘Em Laugh! Actors learn the elements of comedy improvisation. Final project
may include a family night of comedy. Some schools and libraries book two or more
sessions, but many libraries host a 2 1/2 hour workshop, followed by pizza for the kids,
and then a 30 minute Open House to strut our new skills. Flexible scheduling on this
Whodunnit? A CSI workshop
This workshop was developed specifically for Boonville Library but has been produced
in other venues since then. Basically tweens and teens learn basic crime solving
techniques-----codes, fingerprinting and analysis, creative problem solving, and
observation and eye witness skills. They solve a mystery that I have set up using their
new skills. Then they work in teams to design and stage their own crime scene and
story for the others to solve. Hosting an Open House for the public is another
culminating activity choice.
Flickers: Creating A Silent Film
Students create their own melodrama silent film using a strobe light. They will learn the
elements of storytelling, physical comedy, a brief history of silent films, and cooperation
Professional Development seminars are available in half and full day sessions.