Lake Road to Copenhagen

2009 Permaculture Cooperative R&D


Lake Rd, Newcastle, Australia

Tom Toogood

Toogood’s open-garden day

Toogood’s eco-social garden

Maryland Gaia House

Gaia, open-house day

Croation Club community gardens

Croation Club, Islington

Croation Club

Permaculture College Australia

Djangbung Gardens

Robyn Francis, Nimbin

Sustainable Homes, Armidale

Transition Towns, Armidale

• California
– LosAngeles – SanFrancisco

• New York


Transition Los Angeles

Botanic Gardens, Los Angeles

LA Botanic Garden

Permaculture/Organics, LA Botanic

Cactus Roof Gardens, Getty Museum, Los Angeles

Santa Monica Markets

Laguna Beach, Orange County

Portland, Oregon

San Francisco

Local resistance

Cycling Culture San Francisco

Antique Small Cars

New Small Cars

Zipcar – internet-hire-car

Electric Vehicle

Parking station, San Francisco

Community Garden, San Francisco

Argonne Community, School Garden

Womans Building, The Mission

Street Art, The Mission

Grafitti?, The Mission

Grafitti?, The Mission

Street art, San Francisco

Coastal Forest, Marin County

Coastal forest, Marin County

Green & Tonic

Berkeley Farmers Market

David Cody, San Francisco Permaculture Guild

Mandela Foods worker-coop, Oakland

Greenstreets, Manhattan

Vertical Gardens, Bioneers

Vertical Gardens, Bioneers

Times Square, Manhattan

Brooklyn Markets

Brooklyn Botanic organic garden

Brooklyn community gardens

Brooklyn, community gardens

Brooklyn, community gardens

The Village, Manhatten

Free Permaculture, Riverside Church, Manhatten

Totnes, UK

World HQ Transition Movement

(Not) transition (grumpy) pilgrim

Schumacher College

Basque Country

Pays-Basque village garden


Mondragon or Arrasate in Basque

Mondragon Cooperative
• Mondragon Cooperative largest worker-cooperative in world • 120 worker-cooperatives • 100 000 plus worker-owners • Global enterprise • Started by Catholic priest • Global corporation making consumer goods

Mondragon tour





Mondragon Grafitti

Grafitti artists, Mondragon

Basque Independence

Save the Nature


Barcelona University

Grafitti, Barcelona

Barcelona graffiti

Barcelona graffiti

Barcelona Bikes


Celtis Australis, the tree

Madrid Organic Royal Botanic

Organic tomato, Madrid

Don Quixote: tilting at windmills

53% Spanish Energy from Wind

Olive oil, monoculture

Industrial Greenhouses

Industrial greenhouse

Copenhagen, Denmark
Klimaforum09, the Peoples Summit

41% Copenhagen commuters cycle

• does not just work for climate change, it works for systems change • a forum where activists start working with grassroots • network for activists/grassroots • practical actions meet radical actions

Tony Andersen, Activist to Grassroots

Tony Andersen, 10 000 Trees

10 000 Trees Strategy

A Practical Strategy for Climate Change

Permaculture Climate change Carbon sink in ecology: trees, mostly soil More 10,000 TREES / person / lifetime Less 1 TON CO2 / person / year Failing U.N. Climate Conference process Parallel activist/grassroots

2 Aspects
Planetary Permaforestry 10 000 Trees per person Global reafforestation project Perennial polyculture Agroecology Global Energy Descent 1 ton C02 quota per person per year 100 Euro Carbon tax after 1st ton 100 Euro tax pays for planetary permaforestry

Permaculture - the idea, practice and global and local success Ethics: Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share Perennial Polyculture i.e. food forests, ecological argriculture, organic
 "On one level, permaculture deals with plants, animals, buildings, infrastructures (water, energy, communications). However, permaculture is not about these elements themselves, but rather about the relationships we can create between them by the way we place them in the landscape."

Climate Change
Climate Change - the massive catastrophic problem Climate change is real, probably worse IPCC Carbon Finance is dangerous Climate change denial is universal Coal is the worst source, and must be stopped

Carbon sink
Carbon sink - a new category for locking, permanently ecology as carbon sinks in forest and soil New global land-use category is Carbon Sink Local perennial polyculture, ecological agriculture scales to global solution

Less than 1 TON CO2 pr. person pr. year
Less than 1 TON CO2 pr. person pr. year - global energy descent and emissions reductions targets 1 tonne per lifeyear (per person) quota of carbon emissions, after which a carbon tax carbon tax of 100 euro per tonne all companies and international transport pay 100 euro per tonne carbon markets & carbon trading

U.N. Climate Conference 2009
failure of the official process danger of carbon finance

Permaculture network
The Permaculture network massively expanding a global, democratic, locally-controlled permaculture network Expand from 500 global institutes to thousands

100 Euro / Ton Carbon Tax
carbon tax of 100 Euro per tonne all companies and international transport pay 100 euro per tonne i.e. no quota carbon markets & carbon trading are stopped carbon tax spent on perennial polyculture (permaculture) style forestry programs

carbon tax spent on perennial polyculture (permaculture) style forestry programs perennial polyculture and soil become carbon sinks local permaculture groups implement 10 000 trees program, expanding existing permaculture institutes from a few hundred into the 10s of thousands if 5000-7000 trees can be planted per person in the next 25 years we can stablise extreme climate change

Soil & Tree Carbon Sinks
best means to take C02 (GHG) from the atmosphere is not technical means, it is trees Most carbon is sequestered (trapped) in soil, partly in trees

10 000 Trees at Permaculture.TV International Permaculture Council

Climate Circus Copenhagen

Size of 1 Tonne C02

Sustainability Market

Climate social circuit

Permakltur Denmark stall

Permaculture America Latina

Juan, El Salvador pioneer

Cuban permaculture

Narsana, Indian permaculture pioneer

Walter, IPC9

India water permaculture pioneer

Chavez, communist dictator?

FOE International chief

Brazilian permaculture

Copenhagen streets

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