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ADDRESSING THE TRAINING NEEDS OF INDIVIDUAL TECHNICIANS AND PLANTING. THE SEEDS FOR A PRODUCTIVE FUTURE Let AcroMaritime help advisetrain ‘you on maintaining your Rolls-Royce powered We have factory certified trainers on-site that ean help {You meet your training needs. Do you ‘wan to know about scheduled maintenance, Fine maintenance, oF troubleshootin 2 We ean design training wo fit your needs We are located on the south eastside of Falcon fel from MD Helicopters and the MD traning site, AeroMay © MD Helicopters RR M250 Approved vendor © Rolls- Royee Authorized Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Center, © Member of HAI and ALEA Please call for Rolls-Royce factory training » >» + Line Maintenance + Troubleshooting + RR M250-C20B + RR M250-C20R + RR M2S0-C30P + RR M250-C47M ! Bntere bac AEROMARITIME Training Information +4927 Kast Faleon Drive Mesa, Arizona 85215 USA, (480) 830-7780 / (800) 321-7903