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A place to meditate and


Likewise, ye must give great

attention to the Republic of
Panama, for in that point the
Occident and the Orient find
each other united through the
Panama Canal, and it is also
situated between the two great
oceans. That place will become
very important in the future.
The teachings, once established
there, will unite the East and
the West, the North and the

The earth is but one country, and mankind its citizens."

Onness of Gos
all humanity is one family
women and men are equal
all major religions come from God
science and religion are in harmony
the independent investigation of truth
the family and its unity are very important
world peace is the crying need of our time
our economic problems are linked to spiritual problems
all prejudice racial, religious, national or economic is
destructive and must be overcome

"There are no differences or

distinctions of race among you in
the sight of God"

"A bahai denies no religion; he

accepts the truth in all"

The betterment of the world can be accomplished

through pure and goodly deeds and through
commendable and seemly conduct