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Competency H
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Comp H.2 NAA Standards

Instructions: After reviewing the NAA Standards (Supplement 4, pages 283-291, Half a
Childhood) identify three areas in which you feel your program excels and explain why.
Identify three areas you would like to improve and what you might do to improve in that
After reviewing the NAA Standards, I feel my program excel in the following areas:

Staff encourages children to make choices and to become more responsible In my

program materials, games, activities, and equipment have been arranged in ways
that encourage children to make their own choices. These are accessible within reach
with little to no assistance from staff. Materials are stored and displayed in ways
children can choose them and be responsible to maintain them and clean them up
after play. Children are responsible for personal belongings. I have multiple jobs that
also promote responsibility in our program and help children learn about duties and

Staff interacts with children to help them learn In my program, children are asked
open-ended questions that encourage thinking and problem solving. During
homework, resources are shared to help children discover new things, gain
information, strengthen and reinforce skills learned in school, and solve math
problems. Learning opportunities, through games and activities, are promoted in fun
and creative ways to foster learning and trying new things.

Staff uses positive techniques to guide behavior Appropriate limits are set for
children. Expectations are simple, clear, and reviewed frequently to ensure children
know and understand them. Attention is given to children who listen, help, share,
care for materials, cooperate, join in activities, and show good examples during
program. Children are encouraged to solve problems and staff just provides guidance
when needed to work out a situation. Redirection is used when needed to guide
children behavior.

After reviewing the NAA Standards, I feel my program can improve in the following areas:

Staff and families interact with each other Although in my program families are
welcome, treated it with respect, and we work together in the best interest of the
child, I feel that more interaction, such as family events or activities, could be added
to my program. In the past, I have done some fundraising or family nights that
helped us learn more about each other and build stronger relationship with our
families. We also need materials in other languages.

Program protects and enhances the health of children We need a better isolation
plan for children who become ill during program.

Program serves foods and drinks that meet the needs of children We need new
snack choices.