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Activity 3.2.

5: PLTW Nutrition-Client Report for

Jeremy Brown
Client Name:Jeremy Brown
Health History: Jeremy is a 24-year-old competitive swimmer. He has always been in good
health. However he hasn't been exercising, other than walking to class. He eats meals
outside, and is eating bad snacks and drinking caffeinated beverages to stay up to study.
Recent lab work showed Jeremys LDL cholesterol is 130 and his HDL cholesterol is 45.
Average blood pressure was 135/85.
Family History: Both his mother and father have a history of heart disease. His father has
high blood pressure and cholesterol and his mother has had angioplasty to open a blocked
artery in her heart. His uncle on his mothers side developed Type II diabetes at age 40.
None have cancer.
Height:____62____(187.96 cm)
Weight:___235lbs___(106.594 kg)
BMI: 30.5 Math: 106/(1.87) (squared)
Weight: 235 lbs x 0.454 = 106.69 kgs
Height : 62 - 74 inches- 74 x 2.54= 187.96
Activity Level: BMR and TDEE (Output):
66.5 + (13.75 x W) + (5.003 x H) - (6.775 x A)
66.5 + (13.75 x 106.69) + (5.003 x 187.96) - (6.775 x 24)
66.5 + (1466.9875) + (940.36388) - (162.6)
Food Intake (Intake): Jeremy completed a food diary for one week. This is a Analysis of his
food choices revealed the following result:
Average calories consumed per day


Average fat consumed per day


Average saturated fat consumed per day


Average carbohydrate consumed per day


Average protein consumed per day


Average sodium consumed per day

3056 mg

Jeremey is reportedly consuming 2-3 serving of vegetable and fruits per day. Jeremey
drinks between 4-5 cups of coffee per day. He also drinks 2-3 cups of soda a day and 2-4
cups of water per day. For food he eats fast food at least once a day.

Calories Deficit or Surplus (Compare Inputs and Outputs):

Total amount of calories that Jeremy Brown is consuming 713 more calories each day than
he is burning. The amount of calories that Jeremy Brown is consuming is 3024 calories
each day, the amount that he burns each day is 2311 calories.
Overall Assessment:
Overall Impact of BMI on Health: A high BMI can affect Jeremy Browns overall health by
giving him a high risk of heart disease. Since his mom and dad showed early symptoms its
possible Jeremy can develop high blood pressure and metabolic syndrome that can lead to
a stroke or sleep apnea.
Food Choices: Now that Jeremy is getting the nutrients he needs he is now getting
enough of each food groups. His diet is now balancing out and he is becoming healthier
with the food he is eating along with his new extended workout plan.
Carbohydrates, protein and fat are macronutrients that provide calories which is what the
body needs and eventually burns off as the metabolism builds up.The main purpose of fiber
in your digestive tract is to keep your bowels moving and help you have regular bowel
movements. Sodium is an important part of your daily diet; however, you should limit the
amount of sodium you injust. Carbohydrates, both sugars and starches, eventually began to
break down into glucose. You need glucose to power cells throughout your body. Fat is a
structural component of cells and blood vessels. The reason you need fat to absorb
vitamins A, D, E and K, as well as to provide energy when your system runs out of glucose.

Final Recommendations: Our final recommendation is for Jeremy to cut down on fast
food, we recommend to prep the whole week with brown rice and vegetables, chicken
breast (white meat) Instead of soda we also recommend you replacing soda with vitamin
Jeremy is consuming 713 more calories each day than he is burning. The amount of
calories that Jeremy Brown is consuming is 3024 calories each day, the amount that he
burns each day is 2311 calories. He should decrease his caloric intake by first stop eating
out, follow his daily routine which includes speed walking, keep up with his exercise and
cooking the recommended meal plan that we worked on.