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Sri Swami Sivananda - Essence of Yoga

Sri Swami Sivananda - Essence of Yoga

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Published by: sts123456 on Feb 06, 2010
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The spiritual path is thorny, precipitous and rugged. Temptations will assail you. Your will,

sometimes, will become weak. Sometimes, there will be downfall or a backward pull by the dark


will have to make, again and again, fresh resolves. This will help you to ascend the ladder of Yoga,

vigorously and quickly. Here are some resolves. Stick to them tenaciously. Watch the mind

carefully and keep a daily spiritual record.


2. I will certainly observe Brahmacharya for a month.

3. I will, at any cost, speak the truth today.

4. I will not speak harsh or vulgar words today.



5. I will do 21,600 (200 Mala) Japa this Sunday.

6. I will observe complete Mouna this Sunday.

7. I will live on milk and fruits this Ekadasi.


Mantra or Guru Mantra for 2 hours.

9. I will spend one-tenth of my income on charity this month.

10. I will take only three things today—dhall and bread in the noon and milk at night.

11.I will not use shoes and bed-stead today.

12.I will not become angry today.

I will give up night meals and do 10 Malas of Japa if I break any of my resolves.

When you make these resolves, stand before the Lord’s picture with folded hands and pray

devoutly for His grace and mercy. You will doubtless get immense strength to carry out these


Even if you fail in your attempt, do not be discouraged. Every failure is a stepping-stone for

success. Make a fresh resolve again with more firm and fiery determination. You are bound to

succeed. Conquest over one weakness will give you additional strength and will-force to get over

another weakness or defect. The baby tries to walk, gets up and falls down. Again it makes another

attempt. Eventually it walks steadily. Even so, you will have to fall down and get up, again and

again, when you walk in the spiritual path. In the long run, you will steadily climb up to the summit

of the hill of Yoga and reach the pinnacle of Nirvikalpa Samadhi.

May the Lord give you strength of will to carry out your resolves!

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