Name of Drug Generic Name: Biperiden Brand Name: Akineton Dosage & Frequency: Initially 1 mg bid, increased by 2 mg/day.

Route of Administration: PO

Classification/Action Classification: Anticholinergic drug


Adverse Reaction CNS and peripheral effects, skin rashes, dyskinesia, ataxia, twitching, impaired speech, micturition difficulties. Fatigue, dizziness, at higher doses, restlessness, agitation, anxiety, confusion.

Contraindication Untreated narrow angle glaucoma, intestinal stenosis or obstruction, mega colon, prostatic hypertrophy, life threatening tachycardia.

Nursing Responsibility


Parkinsonian syndrome especially to Action: counteract Synthetic muscular rigidity anticholinergic drug, and tremor; blocks cholinergic extrapyramidal responses in the CNS. symptoms.

*Assess for Avoid abrupt Parkinsonism, EPS. discontinuation, increased *Assess for mental sensitivity to side status. effects especially elderly; enhance *Assess patient risk of cerebral response if seizures in anticholinergics are predisposed given. persons, abuse, and impaired *Assess for ability to drive or tolerance over long operate term therapy, machinery. dosage may have to be increased or changed. *Avoid activities that require alertness, may cause dizziness, drowsiness and blurring of vision.