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Name of Drug Classification/Action Indication Adverse Reaction Contraindication Nursing Responsibility Parameters

Generic Name: Classification: Management pod Drowsiness, Comatose states. *Assess for mental CV, liver or renal
Chlorpromazine Antipsychotic psychotic jaundice, Presence of large status: delusions, disease, respiratory
disorders, manic hematological amounts of CNS hallucinations, disorders;
Brand Name: Action: depressive illness disorders, depressants. disorganized speech, pregnancy, lactation.
Thorazine Blocks postsynaptic (manic phase). To agranulocytosis, disorganized or catatonic May impair
dopamine receptors in control nausea & postural behavior, and negative temperature
Dosage and the brain. vomiting, acute hypotension, extra symptoms. regulatory
Frequency: intermittent pyramidal effects. mechanism. Heat,
200 mg at bed time porphyria. Relief of Agitation & *Assess any potentially organophosphate
intractable hiccups jitteriness & reversible cause of insecticide exposure
Route of restlessness and sometimes behavior problems in the and persons
Administration apprehension insomnia, cerebral elderly before and during receiving atropine or
PO before surgery. edema, allergic therapy. related drugs, cough
Treatment of reactions of a mild reflex suppression,
severe behavioral urticarial type or *Assess affect, symptoms
problems in photosensitivity, orientation, LOC, resembling those of
children. lactation & moderate reflexes, gait, and physical
breast engorgement, coordination, sleep dependence after
moderate dry mouth pattern disturbances. abrupt withdrawal.
and ocular changes.
*Caution patient to use
sunscreen and
sunglasses to prevent

*Inform patient that urine

may turn pink or red.

*Teach patient to use

good oral hygiene.