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Brick work Vrs Stone Work

superiority-1)easily available,2)low cost of construction as less skilled labours,3)No lifting

device,4)better fire resistance,5)resist atmospheric effects,6)thin mortar joints-durable
structure,7)easy to construct opening-connections,8)proper bond for regular shape & size,9)Easy to
mould,10)defects concealed by plastering,11)walls can be small thkness,
inferiority-1)less water tight+dampness.2)no massive appearance,3)less strength & crushing
strength,4)better architectural quality by stone,5)stone cheaper if available,6)not suited for heavy
moulding with large projection.

Qualities1)table moulded,well burnt,uniform bright copper coloured ,crack free,sharp square edges,
2)uniform shape,standard size,3)metallic ringing sound,4)bright homogeneous compact uniform
str,5)water absorb in 24 hrs-1st<20%,2nd<22%,6)no scratch with nail,7)not break when dropped
flat,8)low thermal conductivity+sound proof,9)no deposit of salt after soaking for 24hr,10)crushing
strength >5.5n/mm2.

Uses1)1st+2nd-all permanent strs.2)1st-exposed for beauty,3)2nd-plastered for smooth,4)3rd-temporary

strs,not placed in damp or heavy rain,5)4th-road metal+aggregates

Type (Size) & Weight

custom in locality is governing factor
traditional-not standardized ,20-25x10-13x5-7.5

type (Quality+manufacturing)
1)burnt 2)unburnt
1st class-table moulded+kiln,sharp+square+smooth+straight surface & edges, superior work
2nd-grounded moulded+kiln,rough surface+irregular shape,hair cracks,used with plaster
3rd-ground moulded+clamp,not hard+distorted edges+dull sound,unimportant temporary str+no rain
4th-over burnt+irregular shape+dark,used as aggregate,stronger than 1st
2) unburnt-temporary & cheap strs,no use in rain

Good Brick earth-1)alumina(20-30%)-excess-shrink wrap,2)Silica(50-60)-prevent cracking

shrinkage wrapping-durability-brittle if excess,3)lime(<5)-flaking shrinkage-melt if excess,4)Iron
Oxide(5-6)-helps to fuse sand & color,5)Magnesia-shrinkage/decay.

Manufacture-(communication+plain ground+earth availability+facilities to worker)

1)preparation of clay(unsoiling+digging+cleaning+weathering+blending+tempering)
2)Moulding(hand-table,ground & machine-plastic clay(wire cut),dry clay(pressed) machine)
3)Drying-(Artificial,Circulation of air,Drying yard,Period for Drying-3 to 10 day,screens)
4)Burning-clamps(teporary strs,small scale,specific purpose),kiln (Permanent str,large scale)
Various Forms- full,half bat,three quarter bat,bevelled bat,Queen Closer (Half),Queen Quarter,King
closer,bevelled closer,mitred,
Special shapes- Single bull nose,Double bull nose,Cow nose,Curved,Coping,Birds
mouth,cant,Double cant,squint,splay stretcher,splay header,dog legged.