Class Completion Program

Western Star Dancers Yellow Mainstream Class 2008

7:30 John Dobson Louis Dorsey Elise Everett Marilynn Fowler Victor Holliger Brandon Lee Jan Marks Mark Nida Edna Rivera Albert Sammons, Jr. Cindy Shine Tomas Todd Kathy Tuccio Linda Turner Andrew Wicker Tim Wilson 9:10 8:30 8:40 7:40 8:00

Class Completion Program

Warm Up Tip Full Mainstream Tip Procession & Awarding Certificates, Badges, Dangles Class and Club Photos Special Tip Full Mainstream Tip


Western Star Dancers Board of Directors
Daryl Daniels

Kathy Tuccio

Bob Brundage

Gary Cohn
Club Night Coordinator

Mark Nida
Outreach Coordinator

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