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FOODS REMEDIES & RECIPES ? R = : q 2 Foods for Health and Healing is a guide to ancient remedies which have been used over the years. They are not proven cures. ‘They should be employed judiciously and, in the case of mono diets or prolonged fasts, with competent medical supervision, In the case of serious illness, a doctor should be consulted, ed by Gurubanda Singh Khalsa Parmatma Singh Khas For the Kundlial Research Insti Based on Matera compiled by Sir Amir Singh Khalss, DC. "rom the teachings of You Bajen (Cover art an ilustration by Sir Gian eur Khalsa Editorial Assistant - Dhara Darshan Kaur Khe Back cover photo by Satsiman Kaur Printed in Michigan by Sherdan Books (734) 6623291 iy inde In member snd ROL pfecan es toe ee Spee sf Fnwant gh Kean Morten ee fr nd Fou Gur Si Kat Kaa th tenon face Pas Tale Rho pene pt ncbes ngonae epee Sc pee es cere tinge eh Published by Kuradalni Research Institute CONTENTS List of Recipes (next page) Eaitor’s Note: About Yogi Bhajan How to Use This Book Food as Medicine Choosing Your Foods Preparing, Serving & Enjoying Your Food Dig Foods for Health & Healing Foods for Men Foods for Women Foods for Children ng & Eliminating Your Food ing Body Systems & Their Ailments Recipes Appendix A: Sources for Special Foods Appendix B: 3HO Healing Network Appendix C: Books on Related Topics Index 104 130 131 133 134 LIST OF RECIPES Almond Ah, 6 ‘Anti Smog Panakes, 204 Apple Mik 6 Baked Apps Delight, 70 ‘Banana Nutmeg oecream, 105 Banana Whey Smoothie, 70 Basmati Rin Soup, 71 Beet Carrot Casserole, 105 (Cardamom Mil, 72 (Celery Pancake, 106, Celery Raisin Drink (Ces and Chass, 10 (Coconut enero 108 Datel, 108 Dred Honey Apples, 100, gplant Pakars, 109 Frit Bran Bread, 110 Carle Tost, 110 Ghee, 110, Golden Fig-Not Chutney, 222 (Golden Figs 112 Golden Mik 112 Homemade Yogurt, 32 Jalapeno Mik 13 Mango Las, 113 "Ms Wain a ‘Mung Beans And Rice, 114 Nut Carty Supreme, 115, (Oasis Frat Shake, 72 (14 Fashioned Rootbee, 116 Pane, 116, Parsley Pla, 117 Pistachio Paras, 117 Potent Potatoes, 119 Sang Paner, 120 Satfren Almond Rie, 120 Sesame-Cinger Mill 121 Sesame Sourdough Bred, 122 Sesame Yogurt Dressing, 122 Solstice Hot Sauce, 123, Spies Chapatis, 124 Split Mik Shake, 125 Tyiity Rice, 125 ‘Trinity Salton Nut Speed, 126 Woight-Loes Tea, 126 Weight-Gain Pie. 123 Wheat il, 72 Wheater Cream, 73 Yori Mash 128 Yow Tea, 125 ‘Yogurt Grey, 20 Zntehack Poding, 73 Editors’ Note: About Yogi Bhajan ‘We aro very privlgedtoprosnt Yoi Bhajans teachings on food and healing. When he arrived ia Americ in 1960, "Yor Bhajan brought with him a wealth of ancient knowledge o's wide aray of subjects ~ yor, meditation, helng, mas, Indian cuisine and male female relationships. a wel ac etrloge ‘numerology and herbology.1t has ben his express. purpose ee transmit this knowledge and preserve tin the West Ths soon isassoall step toward the ulilnen of chat goal “Yor Bhajan was raised inthe Pun nam area which snow in Pokstan, As he wnsan exceptional hl his parent arrange ferhim to study with several leading teachers of yoon medionias tnd relous studies. He mastered Kundalini Voge at an sary ‘age and then wen on to study White Tantric Yoga in which nes and women meditate together under te guidance of @ mater to ‘ans thet subconscious minds le graduated cllege with Aegre in econemics and went onto take a postin the Indian fnvernment. Maintaining his ner dcipline ay you be led thelifeof «householder, marrying and sasing thee cre, In his thirtyningh year he ltt India for Ameren where he aay teaching Kundan: Yoga, White Tantric Yogs, and constoey ‘vegetarian living, Yos! Bhajan established the HO (Healthy, Happy, Hal) Foundation which ors classes in yoga, mediation and veges, lan dit n ver «hundred cies throughout the world A devout Sikh, he is the eligius lender of he Sth rligon inthe West. Tle has been a pioneer n banging logether the leer of avec ‘ligons inorder to father the caus of wold pone and ted Understanding. He recsved his doctor ginal ato sp the fel of human communion, Yost Bhajan brings 2 unique blend of knowedge and fxpenence othe subject of oo and heath, The som of eh ctor he wou oft rave with his lather fo vst pent at ‘is father sie, leaned that» doctor mute rae of te whole pint «his body, mind and spt beloe presenbng treatment. During his years of government servi, he as ed ‘Known in India as ayo and a Beal, and wes ete eae up to treat people who had found no hop through other mesa, Using «combination of dct and etal tnrpy, ors tery massage and skeletal adjustment he put into pact te knowledge he had gleaned in his ealy years Sine coming to ‘Ameri hashes applied these tchnquts in etn the dient ost common to this pat of the wo, dendopiny hs owe ‘herapies for drag abuse, none addiction, scotllon,eieon burr out” andl even “smog atgue” He has inspite eaten ofa nerwork of holistic healing cin throughout North Amence in which ancient and modern medial ecnigues ne cine oo bring sbout isting positive changes ina person's hea His teachings on fod ane heath wete aloo the impetas for the ‘stablshment of cain of Golden Temple reasons and ke Store, and. for the publication ‘ofthe GadesTompe Vern Cai, ‘op Bhajan teaches regulary n Los Angeles ae New Mexico hie maintaining a schedule of cours and wrhahops nance Shroughout America aed Europe. Anyone who has send hs dass knrs that they aze 4 unique blend of anetons fables, humor and profundiy, with metaphysin, muse eed Imetations. He has teeshecng sie which gare ol hoe ‘4 plas, fom he dogues of Kena and Ann the een sd calenges of today’s wold Whe he pore hence ‘ray and varied ech ss tana the sade coe, ‘of heightened awareness. “ee Since Yop san spends moto is time taveing and tach ing ne han ng books) we hae compl he tek ne information niles of he et our joe Thee intended primarily forthe aypenn ert eplotng saan Ye puts a wl a Yop Te spit muse ein sal ‘pen, and body care products ae ao avalable fame Aner Healing Ways, ine and their Webi: uazog haling a ines page 13), How to Use This Book This bok s more than directory of remedies and recipes for alt. Te isa guide for eonacoo ving through the election and preparation of simple deliias nourishing fond, Tei divide int several eectons. Chapters Two trough Four contain tefl idles for slecting, preparing, ering and help yout form hesthfal habits af eating, Chapter Biv contain information about corimon vegetanan foods snd thee healing properties, Through reading it, ou may gain «grater apprecs tion ofthese delcions “its ofthe earth,” and may find some foods which seem particoaeyaute to your neds. Chapters Six through Bight dese epee foods and health eecommenda tion for men, women and cidren. Each af these groupe has Crtain special food sequitenent, Chapter Nine talks briefly soa fasting, and how to safely and itlignty oe fasting nd ono dies to elsnse sour tody and guard agaist dscase CChter Ten is a diertory of body systems and their common tment, You ean ae this section to ean about foods, diets and ther recriendstions which ean help you to strengthen yor Indy and tooveroome any weakness "There is some unavoidable duplication of information be ren Chapter Five, Fosfor Helth and Hesling,” and Chapter Ten Of the two, Chapter Ten is the more complete as fara reatments for various allments ate concerned. If there it 8 mvtialar alent or condition which intrest ou, oF uric fod aboot which you would ike to learn ore se the Index Following Chapter Tenia section of healing tips, Tsted in sphabetical order. Reference ta theae recipes appear throughout the text printed inital for eeyreognition, At the bck ofthe wok, soul find several usefl guides “Sources of Special Foods = where to find various untsual or importad fowls: SHO Healing Network” — partial isting of holistic hesth ration rs who employ some of the teachings contained in this book in their medial or healing practices, a well you centers thot specialize in Kundalini Yorn therapy and finally. ist of “Books on Related Topics” by Yor Bhajan others which you might le to read if you Find sections ofthis bok pecially intresting Chapter One. Food as Medicine We Live in an age of many dates and many forms of ill hlth. For each malady that plagues madre man, there ae 8 host of potential remedies and curs, Moder sedi offers ux gery, radtiontherap, hemotheropy anda staggering array Of pharmacetial, For thoan who would choose less orthodox routes, there ae chiropractic, acupuncture, homopathy, nit ‘onal therapy and Long ist of alternative methods of healing, ech new and old. Each of them i useful in ts own way In ancient times, before the development of ender scent prople had fewer alternatives when came to aking care oftheir alt, In thir simple rio, the lnk! upon the fod they tea the sgure of ther rontinued good helt anda the cute Tor what aed them. Food was thee medicine. Thy lard the paciples of ealthful eating, and they dicovered the hidden Properties of common foods snd herbs which could purify thei odie, correct mbalance which were the sources of dese, ond ren heal damaged tseoe Tn time, people learned to make medicines fom the extracts ot healing foods and herbs, Many of them are oill sed in Idi land in other countees where preindtril culture stil survives ‘They eal tore slowly than modern medicines tut they re rary free of side efficts, When man finally lerned the tcience of chemistry be ayathesired chemiealsubtttee forthe natural meds he had prevoualy aad Nowe, the ast maoity ‘of our moder medicines are manufactured without any relation shiptothe natural remedies ofthe pas. 5 ra emis ofthe past. They ae. they may fail to deal with the us rae wet say proce ie effect whch lying causes of dese shad as oF worse tha th Chapter Two: Choosing Your Foods (ur ives have many fasts ow we think, how we Behave, how we project, how we communicate — but the one facet of our lies which forma base forall the others show we et. Fr most. of ws this snot a matter of conscious taining but of haphazard ceaperience. We et acording to our childhood exprieness according to what looks good, smells yood or tastes, god according to our whim, our appt, ur emotions of our tireumstances: even according to our social status, Realy me ‘ould be eating to full che needs of our tos, minds ond Spirits. Youve heard the saying, "You are what you eat” Each time youeat food, you erate your futur sl. NUTRITIOUS AND SUSTAINING FOODS est for us? First et om, then do we Kiow which fonds a us conser two ways of leaking at te vale of fonds Ft an henutrtious and teycan also besustaiing, Nutritious fou ar those which ive yoor body the fusl needs to function Nutritious foods ive you energy and strength Although this is ot primarily ext on auton, you should choose your ‘with their native value in mind. Generally speaking, whole fresh and natural fonds possess nutrients tha ave mote easly assinilted by your body than their canned, frozen or prowl Sustaining foods ae those that heal your body and keep it well The sstsining value of food is snd on combination of its nutritional content its teatro its ate its erma, the way it is prepared, and its specific effect an the body, Often, ¢ ‘combination of foods prepared together ns a sustaining vale ‘which is far more potent than the sum of the ingredient. The bok is primarily about sustaining foods If your dict consi of foods which ate both nutritious and sustaining. ad you are Carel to eat only what you can digest. then ou have lad the sroundwor fora bealthy and hepy ie, SUN FOODS, GROUND FOODS, AND EARTH Foops ‘A useful way of chosing the foods you tat is according to the vironments in which they grow. Sun foods ane thos Which grow more than thee Feet above the ground. Clinging fo teeesor vines, they abr the maximum energy from Ute sd ‘he leas from the car For this retson, they ate considered tobe ‘ery hgh, ether foods If you watt to elevate your enacour sess beyord the affair ofthis earth, then adit of un rita and ‘huts, perheps with ite milk, would te eecommende. In I, {hist the most common diet of yous. saints and holy men Because these fons have quickening, lightening effet othe ‘dy and the nervous system, un foe are epi suitable for >rople with large-toned body type and suresh nervous energy xiecy peopl sould als includes larger portion of thee foals ‘in thee dets since they are aay on the digestive sts and re ‘ery stimulating to the higher centers ofthe bin, Generally speaking, one's det should incle a greater proportion of nin foodsduring the summer oti warm lates Ground foods grow wth tre fet above the ground. They sorb les nent fromthe sun than sun fod and more fom he arth, As such, they are high in nutrients and have peat cleansing value. Normally, the hetrt of nutetious ond sustaining diet is made up of ground foods lke bens, ie, beat ‘nd aren vegetables. Manyof our most bse leaning det Ike steamed greens or Mong Beans and Rice, ae als rom tis yroup Earth fds ae those which grow below the ground. They shsorb great energy from the eth, but they only absorb su nergy indirectly Fods from ths group lke onion, goric and finger are primarily ued fr their healing properties. Als, ince these foods grow clowst tothe earth, they can give you great encrgy when you have alt of worldly busines of har work stcomplih. BetCarot Casserole and. Prtent Potatoes ate ‘examples of the highly energizing food in thie group. Because thse foodsare so rch "earth energy, they areotenpresibed for pople who are relatively deficient in this type of ener. ‘Typically. thew are small-boned people people with tll, thin frames, and those with nervous or agitated dispositions. The proportion of earth foods in our diets should notmally be Inereted nthe winter and inclde lates, SATTVA, TAMAS AND RAJAS ‘Ancient Indian theory divides ll mater, including human tings and ther foods, int thee broad eaegories or sates of Tring, sttua, ras and amas, Sattves means pure exence, It represents the etherie quality, the purely meditative mind. Rajan refers tothe energy which fete things done. which seeks 0 secomplish, achiev or eeate. Its the quality of wordy power nd the sexual drive, Tamas i the regressive property of eta. and decay In ua beings itrefers to the qualities of utony, indulgence and loth, Ech of these three properis is associated with types of foods. Stevie fods inelude most of the fruit and vegetable kingdoms, eepcialy sun fods and round foods. Rajat fos inclde the simulating herbs and pices. Many ofthe earth Fads faint this group. Taras foods include al forms of meet fish, poultry and eggs well asalchol nd intoxicating drugs Since you eveate Your future self with every tite, you an asl judge which types of fods are most appropriate to our sms. Fr people who are fre to livea quiet, contemplative lie, Sie dict of sativic fod in perfect For pple who wich to mintain a maitative mind, but who also mus ive sid work in the real worl,"a dit consiting primarily of ste foods with seme rajsic foods ix best, For thoue who practice hen) Aiscphines which wansmate sexs eneny into spiritual eens like Kundalini Yous or some ofthe marta arts certain amount of rajasie food in the dts required. Tamas food te best avoided RAW AND COOKED FOOD. “Many books haveben writen sbout the advantages of eating raw fos, Tei authors correctly state that most fos Ise crtain amount of thet vitamin and mineral when they're ‘ook They also point tothe beneficial eet tha eating lots of ‘uphage has upon the action of the intestines, Some people however, have gone so far a6 to sugges tht ony uw foods should be eaten. Although thi may be uf periodically fr cleansing purposes or for survival training, # tore sensible ‘pproach is healthy balance between rw and cooked fods in edie. Some of the minerals and metals in vegetables, though ‘lentil in the raw form, are Icke into large molecules so tht ‘hey are navalable fr our nourishment unless cooked, Cooking isa kindof chomisty. Many af the heling foods descr in this wok derive thee therapeutic qualities through the Hending of their Ingredients in the cooking process, Simpy eating the ingredients caw would not achieve the same results, Neither ‘ould they produce avery tasty and atractive mel. As we shall se the taste and the appearance of fod contribute importantly Uoitesurtaining vale ‘THE VARIETIES OF TASTE The Indian word for tate ie ose, and there is an entire seiene bull round tho uses and combinations of tastes. Taste ‘ot sen merely ata pleasant or unpleasant tribute of fod, but asan important factor affecting our health and disposition similar to color therapy” Researchers have found that colors can fect our mental and emotional states, even causing or healing ‘Physical disorders Like the primary cor. there ares primary fasts: sweet, sour, salty, pungent, biter and atringent. Each hnsafferent effect and sould be laced in the normal dit ‘Sheet tastes are strengthening, pleasing and nourishing to the body. In excess, however Chey cam ents mucus, laste, Indigestion, frequent cold and obesity Sour tastze stimulate the appstite and digestive secretions, ‘excite the mind. and strengthen the energy ow tothe organs. In excess, they can contribute to fevers, inflammations, baring ‘seations,losenes in the body and impo of the bod. Sty tastes dilate micas, increase the appetite. end id in Aigestion, Too much sally Yood may cause debility, exces id Impotency, wrinkling of the skin, hyperaridity and flammation, Pngent tastes ad in the assimilation of fod, excite the ongans, dry up excess ids, heal ulcers, ote itching move lassitde and combat obesity. Used impradently they an desteoy Semen and cause fatigue, giddiness, loss of stength, thirst and ‘ain in the body ‘he biter taste apetzes, clears the throat, sharpens the intllet, and is beneficial othe skin and lsh, In exces, t may verse to bradaches and oe of teat The astringent taste is soothing and coling. It decreases ‘mucus and acts as blood purifir. When deed in exes it may aus atlence, constipation, pains inthe chest, emaciation snd ‘int Learning o blend the six tastes healthy and effectively in a balaned det san art whichis perfected through observation and experience, We've given jou" taste" ofthe stence of tastes ‘so that you can more fli appreciate its importance ACIDIFYING AND ALKALINIZING FOODS Another factor to conser in choosing your fd is how it aects the acidalkaline balance of your bo ance i is dgested. ‘The yop tradition states that for maxima beslth and mental Salance the blood should be slightly alkaline, When the blos! incomes relatively aii, then pathological condition results, The body becomes more vulnerable to serious illness, chron mente and premature aging (Our metabolism, our enzyme activity, our respiration and tirulation areal profoundly affected by shifts in our bled pH (the scientiie measure of aciityllkalinity). These shifts do not Ingen suddenly, asthe resulta «single mel, but over a long eiod of time, asa result of our overaldiet. A healthy pron can ‘hus make his blood more alkaline by changing his diet. Swot ‘nd sour fruits, gren vegetables, lames, lk. yogurt. pacer, ‘tage chose and buttermilk areal wxallnt allalinizers. Some ofthese Foods, lke ir rut, are adic in thei tar sates tout have an alkalinizing effet onthe Bow. Alkalinigng fond 13 rebuilds and tons organs nerves and glands Ie helps maintain io health and keeps ne bland calm and elective, Meat, fis, eggs and most starches including sweets city the blood. Fats like ghee, butter, margarine, and il are pete foods, but they ae alo highly concentrated, and thereto, hand ‘ods, Eating them in exces can also have an acidifying eff, since the body produces surplus of ci ina tiempo digest ‘hem. Teo much concentratd food anes the digestive system ad \wonkensrelatod organs lke the pancreas gall badder and ve, ‘Thee effets are even mare pronounced in children under twee ecase thee immature organs ae even less capable of dealing with these heavy fod, ‘A good balance of acid and alkaline pradacing foods in your het is abou two-thirds alkaline and one thin sci. (The average American diet i most exactly the evese) So make vegas the heart of your dict, slong with fruits, nat, legumes, and simple duty products, Cut down on sweets starchy fous end protein, and be moderate in your ure of fats nd oils Youl fee fetter WHAT ABOUT PROTEIN? Most Americans havea protein fation. They fel that they cannot lve and their children's balth wil bein dango if they do ot consume huge quantities of protein Ths i expels trae of ‘men who fel that thee piscal and sexl poe is dependent ‘upon heed intake of protein, particulary mest, Ase sal ‘lost the exatt opposite i true. Women have ben sold on the protein kick as a means of losing weight, “High protein dts in which eighty percent a the dite protein, incding mat. ah land ra, continue to be poplar. Why? Much of the eet must ‘to the meat Ibby inthe country, which has convinced le “American people tht they noed to consume mote sama flesh rr person thn almestanyather sity on earth, Actanlly, the body dows aot roger «geet del of protein, (he Worl Heath Organization has determined tht the average sult equtes thirtfve to forty gran of protein per day, The sverage American consumes one hundred twenty gama) A ong ou include some simple dary products and eats wie anray ek ‘eaelahles. especialy green, you should not relly be coneread shout it. The problem is that ofall the food eroupe, roti ste hardest to digest. Too much protein leds to what we ell “pottn Boisoning,” and it wll kil you ~ slowly. Excess protein in the Aigestive rac makes the iver sd related glands overwork he iat that they may be permanently weakened, The eka ong Teleased into the systom can cause body odor as wel, Visors from poorer vegetarian counties often complain that Auertane havea very strong ell!” Although eating to much protein i i isl, a problem, 2 much bigger problem is eating meat Well nt consider the moral implications of eating meat. Strictly from a health pont af ew, ating mest is unwise, and tht includes eges. Bee, like other meats, are concentrated animal protein, Why is animal potia bod? When an animal dis its proteine congulate with» fem hours, They undergo a proces called “autopueefction’in which ‘he orignal substance begins to break dow and deve), elening Various toxins When you eat meat, it cannot be completly token down inthe upper digestive tract, and mo the proves ot ay and release of tous continues in the colon Thess toning an intially be absocbed by’ che liver, but eventually eve the liver can't handle them and hey polute the by. Vegetable Drotcns by comparison, do not undergo atoputrefation (ules they ate rotten before they are eaten}. Their tain residue i tellus, which is ompltely ier, ‘aero are other reasons for not cating meat as wll, We have ‘leva seen tht eat is among the moet acid proderog ea sd that eating meat as the mala element in your dit wil lead to ‘acidic blood. Acidic blood is an ide] environment for the evelopment of cancer. Stade linking meat set with reas Cancer bear this out Meat i als among the greatest sures of cholesterol, whic contribute to beare disease bardening of te 1s arteries and senility. Most animals which ate raised for their met taday ate fed a varity of chemicals and hormones to make them grow faster and bigger. You wouldnt take. hormones without a doctors orders, but you do ingest them it sal ‘quantities when you eat most commercially: produced mats Many diseases which common ote im this country ate ‘elativey rare in countries where lite meats eaten. Ina place lke southern Indi, wher almost everyone eat simple det of rie, lentil and yogurt, you wil find very he cancer, heat isese nd impotene. True, people are very poor, and you will find problems of malnutrition, infant mortality, and contagious liseases, but the diseases which now so plague the West ae mos entirely absent. Should We lose our eyes to the facts? ‘Curent trons seem to suggest that people in the West are lesining to revise their eating habits For a long. tine American fel that they had to have the biggest cars with the ligaest engines which burned the tnost as.» Now they se beginning to learn that economy and efficiency are virtues as wll A smaller car with highly efiient engin can go jan se fast and be jst as much fan to drive, Peshae this hiking ll cary ove t0 food a well. Americans have long bslieve that, ‘more protein, bigger beefstaks, and more food were the way to. strong and healthy body. Perhaps they will come to resogie that lighter, more nourishing fod, n smaller vate wil build body tat runs more efficiently, equines ls ory antenance, nd lat longer, without the need of surgcal over Th on isa great meat eater and he ie called the King of the jung, bat ‘no animal can match the elephant, a complete vegetarian, for purestrngth we Chapter Three: Preparing, Serving & Enjoying Your Food In reset years, people have become increasingly aware of basic nutrition. We count calorie, worry about petting enough ‘rein, avoid cholesterol or watch out for ion defiioney, Bet only a fol would argue thatthe experience of eating fod simply the assimilation of various nuttints It has often bee ‘heoraed that acience wil someday develop suerpil enters ing al the nourishment our bodies require so that we ead nev ‘top for meal agin, Not only would ie leone of it ret fore, but me would become considerably les healthy in the bargin ‘The conscious preparation, serving and enjoyment a feed sate our ves and to cu health) in more ways tan one Let's reflect upon the experience of eating. Surely each of us ‘ows what t's it to have finished iasty eal, well prepared ‘taken in leisurely shin in the cotspany of Tends. Au sou set down your napkin and lide your chat bck fom the tae, 900 {eel a deep relaxation came over you,» sort of cory and drowsy fecing. You naturally want to sit andreas for a while, peasy sven doe, Who can put a price on such a thoroughly enjoyable ‘mea? It provides a necessary bres for our budie nd tninde from the routine of the day. It does wonders to rele the linac producing tess fo lve, Thea again, there is the busy man whe, buried behind bis newopaper. gulps down the lat few bite of his food, aad when asked, “How was your lunch?” smost stop and ponder for ‘moment, "What di eat” Certsiny there ate times when, despite our best efforts to lan, we feel ford to take a bite onthe ru, tpl to give out Indie enough fel to keep going Nonetheless, the Sirs general rule of bealthfl eninge tate the time tat consciously. I an then doen ata [A second, elated rule is, ct enly in pleosant, relaxin enuionmnt, Any esauranteur knows that ony all the ey owes is terving delicous food; the other ball i cresting Akesable atmosphere. Soft lighting, attsctve devo, pleasint serge — we go to restaurants ae mth for thew features 8 we do Tor gd fod in fat, may be a hat we resto fel velased enough that we can relly enjoy and digest ‘ur fod, In our horns, we xm create relaning environments by Spending a few exe minutes to set the table miey. by shminating distractions like TV and radio which draw out atenton away from our food, ad by prctcng good manners ‘Treat yourself and your family aif you desceve the et, mane hat each oral ira mont spc afar tno mater how imple {he men ar how humble your surmsning, your meals wil giv youbealt, security and sustenance which money can't hoy That brings us to our next pot. Your fod should be served agyscefally. When your food placed before you. just the ‘appearance of it should send signal ta your bith fod is sping to delight te and nourish ene and Tm gong to feel good? Then you immediately rela, your digestive jews start owing sd yoo feel very loved, Even if iis the most nutritious food prepared from the reahestingriets by the best gure ok, Tits simply thrown on the plat ad served with a begun lor host atiude, you might ab well beating carchoard It wil ot take cate of sour bs: Serving you fo gracefully particularly important if you live alone nd must serve youre Many people inthis itustion do themselves a great injustice by aat aking Ue ime to prepare dlcent mals Inthe name of convenience, ty come to depend ‘pon fast foods, o worse set, thay mand in font of the open 1s refrigerator and have an impromptu “meal” without even closing the doe Bven if your diners just a singe boiled potato, you ean stil place itn shallow bowl, et it in ba, add ile bates, perhaps vena sprig of parse, st it on the table before you, and fnjoy twill do more for your mind and body than ten age of Fries atthe local barge stop ‘After your fod has been gracefully set before yu, take & minute to reflect upon your ratte forthe gf of fod. Every ‘lion inthe word has some srt of prayer that eed before ‘ating Why? Because it fills natural lane inthe universe ‘Wie have been provided with sustenance, therefore me mutt some way, acknowledge the Sours of that sustenance, Even if youre a toully unrelipioas person wh has no concept of God or 2 supreme power, you can sill fst grataful to life, orto the unsere, of 1o "mother earth” — however you choose fo think shout it~ for the gift your eontinuing existence Prepare soar fod with foe and eure, We often hear people ‘sy; "This mel was prepared with otf love Waat we my not realize is that its tre, Our thoughts and out fing dogo into the food we prepare. Science slowly bepnning to dsovee that ‘our thoughtsaffect the word around us and Ue people round os Just as much as oar ations do. Yopis take tis for granted. They Say that you want to conquer the wold frst congue our wn mind, Learn to project only positive thoughts and the entire ‘orld wil reflect positively upon you. I you want to lear to hes With foots, then think postive, healing thoughts while yo ae Preparing it Your fod wil have al ite nutritive and sustaining ‘ale plas the healing power of your thoughts ‘Theres bestia story fron India which strate this pint. Once there was a cles couple who wanted very much to have son. They prayed to Lord Shiva, one ofthe Hinds deities and finally their wish was granted. Bu there was one condition: Tit son would not ive beyond hi twenty-fifth birthday. Noneteles, the eouple wat very happy. Thee son grew up to be helt, vwellmannered and intelligent, and sant became time fori 1 ‘be married. His father went to considerable langts to find @ suitable ride. Finally, he found the daughter of «very devotional family and feeling quite safe, made all the arrangements for the wedding. At first, the young man's mother objected that i ‘woul be wrengto marry him to woman who would be Wied 0 son, but his father nssted that there mould be no sorrow ia ‘his ouple life. Everything would work ut ie. ‘Te young people were married the yeas assed. As the young an approached. his twenty-fifth birthday, is mater came fled with fear and sadness, but the father somehow remained calm, assuring is wife that nothing had would happen, ‘The dreaded day came and went withot incident. And then the ‘ext dy. andthe next. The Young mas mother ss eleved bt plexed, How could it bo? Lord Shiva himself hat fsed the Aste. The father, seeing tha his wife was deeply dstabed by his turn of event, suggested that she come lang with him to their son's house where she would find the answer to her unspoken question, ‘They arrived bufoe dawn and stationed themselves outside 8 window where inthe dim light of the srl kitchen, they could se ther young davahter.nlaw preparing breakfast for their on ‘They watched she churned the fesh milk nto butter, nd with every rotation ofthe churn she chat, “Shiva” Then se plas ‘he bute ina pan onthe stove to make ght and as she ttre he melting butter, sho sang. "Shiva, Shiva” Likewise, at he hopped the fresh onions and gatic, the name of her heavenly ‘Master was on her ip And a be fide the spies into the soft ough of the prancha, her clear, sweet voce chanted lng "Siva, Shiva, Shiva After while the simple mel over which sh had laboeed for several hours was served to het husband. He ate it with great relish and then headed of to work As the ol couple headed home, the woman said to the man, "Ht ws ce fo eo out daughter serving her husband with such devetion, bt f still don't understand how tat hee sti alive He explained, 20 "My dear, itis true that Lord Shiva dered that our en'slife was to be limited, but even Lon Shiva mist hee the prayers of his devotes, You saw the way that woman payed to Lord Shiv as ‘he fined the food. Her prayers went ght into the fod tel Each da, death e waiting to grab our son, and each day he ents ‘hat fod and death has to stay away, Aslongasthey ke p this divine routine, our son cannot die That sway very religious people make it a practice to chant ‘or pray constantly while preparing fond. They want their minds toreflect ony upo the Crestor so tht the entice retivity of the universe may be delivered through their fond. Whatever yor religious beliefs may be, asses your own consciousness before Dreparing& meal. Are your thoughts or feng the hind which ou would lite to eat, or which you would want others to eat? ‘Tae, in whatever way you know how, ler our mind and flit wit thoughts of health and god wishes fo all who wil partake of he food you prepare a Chapter Four: Digesting & Eliminating Your Food gully as important as what you eat and how you eat is whether or not yucan digest and eliminate the food you ext, Our ‘ystems are dosed to extract the hlegiving, sourcing Clements in fod and then efficient spose ofthe ware If we ‘anna properly digest the fod we eat, then ou bodies will ot be properly nourished. If we cannot eliminate the waste products Within short period of time, then ov ates wl be poisoned hy that we have ale oliminate "Tie chapter contains tn guidelines fr esl digestion and elimination of food. Following them may not seem easy, but itis my oligatin to share them with you. Asi the ese with ‘most god habits, once they ate ingrained in your daily rutin they can be followed almost effortlessly. and you will bo the ‘happier and eather for, For those who have chronic problems sth digestion or elimination, following thse guidelines maybe of some help in restoring their ystems to normaly. For more Information on correcting chrone disorder ee Chapter Ten If the problem is severe, consult your physician. 41 Bat to live, don’ live fo et. We who live on this planet have teen blessed with « wondersl varity of delicious and ourishing fods to et. How lucky we ae chat the substances feed fo give us le can provide such enjosment at well. The problem is hat for some prope fod becomes such iteacton ‘nd sucha heavy source of gratifiention chat ican eeally be said ‘hat the lve to eat" If ou are constantly naged by the desire 2 ‘oat, then you can never consciously et fr ath, You wll et too much and you wll eat the wrong things atthe wrong ies caus you canna help yourself. For some peeple, the constant deste for food may be 9 ‘hysiologial problem’ For other, maybe deeply peyholetcal But for most of sits simply cas of poor habit esting in luck of discipline’ Our minds are aot property tains, so that ‘when we are bored, upet. tired or distracted, we allow the {hough of eating food to fill the gap. The answer is simple Become more disciplined, When you feel the urge teat and ii at your regulor mia time, ask yousel, “Dove mn ty realy ‘equre more foo at this tne, odo have some other reson for ‘wanting to eat” I your roson sof the other sai fe stong ad don't eat Ima sem rd at ist but wil get easter 2. Avoid snacking betuwon mals, and wat fewer meas Discpining your denice to eat sth first and most important step toward insuring proper digestion and elimination of Toad Next, you must nderstand that the hurnan toy was designed for constant eating. We are not le cows which mus foneume temendaus volumes of grass earh day to survive and 2 ‘must be eating during much f thee waking lives Tobe hon! perfeetly healthy adult huran Teing. whose ongins ate all functioning property does best with a singe mela day and Tiguids thereat ofthe time, For mst of us, however, two oF een three meals per day seem to be requzed. (People with certain ‘ontitons ke hypoglyermia may requis ford maneoften) The important thie that the stomach and other digestive ona ned a rest hoteen mal. Denton reqs ener and that energy snst be dawn feom other pts of the hs. I yo sack between meas then either your bri ad your males willbe deprived af the energy Uhey now odo their work, your Aigestive organs will ot recive the energy vest todo air Jos and digestion wil be noes o incomplete ‘Aether thing to consider i= thit sour digestive and ‘liminative ongane use the tine when they ae no proms 2 sour food ta “do thsi howsckeeping.” Partially digested bits of Food or fecal mater are removed from these organs co tet they an bein prin condition when it comes time o eat again, But if you don't give them a break between meals then the waste Frater cumulates sod can, over a perio of years, encumber thos ongns orc an extent tht you cannot properly draw the rutricnts from your food and eliminate waste Ineitably disease reste 4, Bat only when hungry. We have already discussed some of the vesons for not eating inpulively, We must take ita step farther and say, even if ou are schoduled to eat «meal dont et Unless youre hungry, and dont et sf you're emotionally upet. When sou have no appetite, your body may be trying to tell ou something. Pthaps or reasons unknove to you your lst mel ti ot digest properly We have alles how dogs an eats, when they are not well, immhately stop cating. They follow the thctates oftheir toe and not of the clock. If you ae not hungry ‘stm time then you sould stop and eect on your activites tthe day and on your overall physical condition It may bea lve that jour dict needs to be lene, or that you shoud slow down, snd est to avoid less. 4 Chew well, your stomach hos'no teeth Tt may sem cious, but you teeth tad rad your fod that tices for your stomach to deat. the ese of many raw vegetables, ‘Hla nutrients are ot eles from the fer unless bey are ct Si ground in this way, While so che, the food is dgetd by the save inthe mouth These digestive juices ae rot duplicated inthe slomach, Thats why even raw fruit and vegetable juces ted to be “chewed "When you swallow your fod without giving ita gd chew, you maybe lasing your ony opportanity to ge the rourshment out of it 5. Stop eating when youre threefourth all Most of ws have en conditioned to etd eat “ont we ea eat another bite Perhap tis habit i holdover from generations ago when our Ancestors didnot have enough to eat. Tt ssemed to make sense 10 4 them that they should stuf themselves when good slid mel ‘nme along. Alter all, thay might nt see a god meal again Tor treks or months. But few people reading this bok ever £0 hha. Eating until we ate about to hore is both unnecessary snd urbalthfu “Think of your stomach ax a vessel in which a chemical action ie abot to cor, That chemical reaction isthe process of Aiestion, Food snd quid are the reagents which particpate in the reaction A isthe case ith many chemical reactions, a certain amont of gas is vleased as the fod digests. Now if you fill eae eel wth eagents ad gasisuenly release, you ‘nay have an explosion. In your case, youl potbly just get 8 ‘ora ache 0, een you eat, il your stomach with two parts ‘of fod, one part of igi, but allow a quarter of your stomach's "xpi to emi re fr diestion 6 Rest after every moo, In simpler times, it was expected that pope would rest for awhile afte every mel. There wat 20 presse to ent ad rn,” Ita in Ft ign of good fad and rope digestion to fe lnpy after aca. I means that your dy i withdrawing its energy from other body systems and spping them to digestion. You may even experience a "cil fooling after a goad meal, ke you want to caw] under a watt ‘blanket and take a nap, Thats also good sign Dont fight i ‘Take ten minute fora short nap, o i tha’ imposible least ‘Stquietly fora while and relan The renewed vitality which You feel when you resume your regular sewstes will more than compensate forthe aight diy 7, Dun? eat after sunset, or lest not jst before bd. In nent tins, whan people ved bythe sn, they were instructed fot to eat afer sonet, Tit se what it ays in the ancient fexiptutes, But for modern man, wolves by the clock, this may ‘ote feasible Th base principle however, cn til be applied Tike thinking and exereising, sleeping ir onique activity which should not have to compete with digestion. Sep isa time of sling std rejvenation for the eave bady Proper digestion ows not occur daring tis period. Especially once the food bas sed beyond the stomach, te intestines and the colon rel upon the movement of our bodve during our waking hours to help the do their work. That is why a sedentary este often leads to cnsiption, Imagine the effect of eating a large meal shortly ‘fore entering inte nearly motionless sleep, Teal. one shoud alow at last four hours between the ast, mea ofthe day and tedime, Under no circumstances should you {ototed within two hours of sour inal meal. I you mus at ate In the day, take Use suggestions: Eat lighly. A simple meal of fruit or seuned vegetables digests far more quickly than a fearcourse Klin dinner, and youll awaken inthe morning feling light nd reese, Secondly, take long walk before bt il belp prevent hesntestinal act from getting clogged £& Batonly what you eliminate within ten! four hous Many people have been taught that as log as they havea howe rovenient everyday orm they are not constipated. Actually, tis ot so much the frequency of one’s stools tht = important the period of time it takes forthe fod o pas out foe's by "The colon ean be compored ta pps lang tom sewer or 8 septic tank Iwas not desi to sorve a9 fic waste dump, nortunately. when our food remains in oo bodies for longer than tetfour burs that wat dhe elon heres, The waste teins to purely. ad harmful toxins are aborted bck into the syetem, The liver, whose job sis to remove toxins from the ‘loodsteam, can become overladed, and then the entire boy comes contaminated. This condition is called auttesemia Smptoms of avotoxemia ide imprited appetite. ck af energy. lachaser eyes at ski, a coated tng ad foul breath Malaise, headaches, iitabity and nervousness are also com "Constipation can have many causes: overeating, die too high in processed foods, lack of exer, oven ans. But the most common cause of constipation in our soviet is the Consumption of met aod other animal products, Ment, ish, fowl 26 ud pgs simply donot digest within twenty four hours. similar problem i crete by eating too much hard cheese. Yogi Bojan ‘ten tells hie stodents, "Dont eat anything which rans away, flies ayo swims aay when 9 ryt catch it"The problem vith ches i jut it ther! An tits in you intestinal trac too, Many vegetarians wh have recently given up mat fll int the trap of eating ot of hard cheese. True, chess is very tasty, and lends fling of “eubetance” toa vegetable meal which Former meateaters often find lacking, The best advice iif You ‘ust eat hard choose, eat lest Have one slice in yur cheese ‘Sndvch, not two, And as for paz and ther choosy delights once a twice a week x okay, but don’ make it your regular det. How do you know whether you are eliminating your food ‘thin weaty-four hour? A simple tet ie to preparea mel with Tots of bets, Record the time when st was eaten and wait. The rete wildy your stool a deep red. When that mel comes out, {youll know, There are several remedies for spe constipation In Ohapter Ten, But for severe chronic probleme, « completo change of diet and perhaps a wnt to Your doctor may be 9. Once a week, give Jour aigeatve sytem a rest. We have arwady described how our digestive organs use the periods Tetween mest do thet "houskeeping.” Fr optim belt more through rst oc a week iin onder. Not only dos a day from eating give your internal organ et, tals eas the “ood haat ao that ii easier to regulate your det during the reat of the work, Your day of can be in the frm ofa completo rater fast 2 day of driaking only qui, ra day of eating only Tight fons ike fruits. What you choose wll probably depend on sour abt wo sustain a short fst and your ality to earry out our required duties while fasting [f even 9 one-day fst sors Impossible to you, then ty skipping one meal, nd then two, until you are more ued to the feling of not cating, Por 2 more ‘thorough discussion of fasting, see Chapter Nine. 10.1 you cant digest it and eliminate it, don et it. Alter reading the preceding nine guidelines, perhaps ths shuld go ‘without saying. Nonetheless, ome people iterally et thts to death because they have boa unwiling to break bad habits, even when the eassequences have bon clearly shown to the Many people fet that itis their “right” to eat the foods they eins, and thee egos bristle when anyone sages that they temporarily giv wp thei favorite fds, That maybe tru, bu i ‘Salo thir right to be althy It ra simple question of which i sore important ‘Een if you are eating perfect vegetarian diet with fresh foods anal the vitamins and minerals your body needs, you tl ray not be ale to digest it One way of chicking youre is to ‘amine your stool Ideally, thy shoud be composed of equal !sobunts of solid waste and air Tat should make them flat in {he water. If your stole aresiaking, you re sinking! Your food is ot being thoroughly digested. The thing odo to goon ade of “predigsted fod” like Mung Beans and Rice until the condition iscorrected and your stools flat ance again. Assess youll, be ‘honest and then se the information in this bok to core our una conitions 2s Chapter Five: Foods for Health & Healing In this ehaptr well take bres from our guidelines for Ialthl ving an ook at some of the mort common foods and their ealhgving propertia, Read thie chapter from beginning toend, skip around, or ue it sa reerence, There are move ips for personal health hygiene and det beginning in Chapter Six ALMONDS ‘The almond is a wonderful nut, It can be eaten whale, oF ‘made into butt or milk. Rs ole exellent for oth internal sod fxternal se, In most case, the outside akin, which is very Srtringent, shouldbe removed before wring, Soe Chapter Seven Torspcial wes of almonds for women, Also "Ms, Wis “Almonds are an exellent source of protein for vegetarians. (ere isi ous contain as much prin a a uly bay person ‘rcs ina day.) Almond area goad sure of manganese, phasphons apd potassium. They are easly digestible ond goed fr the ej ‘Se Golden FigiNut Chutney, Nut Gury Supreme, Potency Potion, Saffan Almond Rice, Trinity Saffron Nut Spread and Weight Gain Pe “Almond Milk See “Childrens Recipes” Chapter Bight an cele frst food Tor babies, and ix also good for those fering {rom anemia, diabetes and malntriton, ‘Young cilrén should not eat almonds whol, lated, give ‘hem Almond Bute. (Se "Specie Foods for Children” — Chpter Bight) Tecan be Used ab tasty apres for tho enti fms 2» Mixed with lemon water to form a paste, almond buter can be [eS leaturalcoumetc. Spreed ion yur lips and allow it to ‘ee fora few minutes ‘Te rns with warm water tt wil make ‘our ipred and os “amd il sone of the best things for body care, AL nh ‘wach your fort with cold water. Thon standin» tubof hot water TeeNa mates. Alotof blood wil goto your feet, itaiing the ‘Ghai body, Then masage your feet with almond ol, wrap & ‘Suton clot around ther, put on some big socks, and got sleep nthe morning wach your feet with warm water (and no soo, Teathe eat beauty treatment for your fest. APPLES Nines are believed to have originated in the Middle East oat te ite of the biblical "Garden of Eden.” Today the apo is Tar of the most common fits and one of the best Bveryone now the expression, "An apple a dy keeps the doctor away ‘Apples are bay cleansers ad blood purifiers, Tey ae hgh in eRe. paar, magnesium and stains Band C. An apple ‘ethe morning wil erengthen the body. Eaten at the end of ‘holt wil id in dgetion. Apples ae beneficial cooked o rw ‘They ave cleansing any way Jou prepare them, Two or these Tabet apple eater just befre going ta slep wil elp ioe and ent onatipation. A diet of baked apples and eatage cheese i clesnae and renew the blood. They are also an excellent fod Tor children, See "Childrens Recipes” — Chopter Bight. Also Dried Honey Aplesand Weight-Gain Pr BANANAS. The Latin name for banana ie musa sapentum, which means strat of the wise men’ The name comes from a ancient tenvler’ tale which aay thatthe sages of India rested in the Shade of the banana plane bread leaves as they disussod etpoa and ghiloropy It isinden a wie person today who eats ‘hc bovtfl yellow frit, Bananas area good ener fod. They 30 ae igh in phosphorus and potassium and ae good forthe whole fanuly, They are especially good for 2 woman, since they provi er with he merle ad matints her body and nervoos ‘jam needa, The white stingy pulp onthe inside of the pee! ‘ould be seraped off and estan too, Is good for blancng the Toetal in the body and fr its Vitamin content. Bananas can help stop both cutetipation and diarrhea, For dserhes ext one Thana every tee houre and for constipation et three bananas very hoor until thee conditions change. Neither wnripe nor ‘Shere frit shoul be eaten. banana is pe when all traces of {geen are gne rom the pel and brown or Back spots have beg {o appear, When the dark pots grow lage and sotto the touch, then the tanand has become overzipe. For revitalizing the bod. fe “Bonone Fast” in Chapter Nine. Alo see Banana Nutmeg Teecream,Caconat esrean, Ms. Wh ond Split Mik Shake BEETS, Bests can be beat for being ealthy. They cleanse the liver nd the intetinal ret, For ee ver, cook beet (with or without the greens long with carota, herbe and spices fr delicious and baleful mea, (See Bee Corot Casserole.) Beet ues god for the liver too, but i i best taken ip gall quantities in onination with other ies, (See “Liver” — Chapter Tes) ‘oets ca be ued either for gsining ofr osing weight. For quick weight einen seamed byt with cotage cheese or tft ‘hvwell a crushed almonds and tnked apples. (Se Weigh- Gain ‘PeTolos weight, goon s mono diet of beets and beet grees Beets can be used in the treatment of hemorthois, 10 tliminae toxins fom the bly, and to regulate the body's sugar Taine BLACK PEPPER Atl dred bery, black pepper i the most popular spice it the word anda very beni food. When freshly grown, ii ln effective blood purifier, It aid in the digestion of fol, and a foros out gas fom the bottom of the stomach. Sprinkled on rons, i prevents the formation of intestinal gas, When taken in large quantita, it will make a person sweat. An Indian flat ‘ead made with ground black pepper can be used to break « fever. (See Spiced Chapats) By baling a hal teaspoon of whole eppeteorns in water for five mingtes, you can make ea which fs asfl in tenting arthritis and asthme, Also ace Celery Pcakes, Weight Lats Tea, and Yogi Te. cELeRY ‘The clasical Greek medial write, Dionoride, recommend ed cating cory for its sedative effect. Infact, celery is very feothing othe ners eytem, and drinking celery jc sa se say tocalm the norves, Don't put satin celery vie, snc it an + cause dirthea) Celery is also 8 good internal cleanser, Ts ‘tringy fers work lke brushes the wallsof he ntetnes. The teley heart iss food which protects against heat attack. Ser Celery Pancahes, Sesame Yogurt Drei and Yow: Mush CHILES ‘When Columbus arsved in Americ, the native peoples were sing chile in their daily dts. Minamed “pepper” by tha seeking the back pepper of India, they are members of the ‘ighthade family along with tomatoes. potatoes and exgplant Alleles and other socalled “peppers belong tothe group called pica, Green and rd cil in the form of ey cil lakes ‘penne powder and fresh whole green jalapenos osereanoa are omerfal healing foods. Chiles are extremely high in vitamin © nd A. They are beneficial to the ciculatory and digestive ‘jstems In spite of their hot and pungent taste chiles have @ teothingetfct on the sytem They Rave even bora ued a care forlcersandtostop hemarasing You should always be careful when preparing hot cis for ‘hey can iteraly burn the skin and exes. Chiles are hot boca they contain capeicin, an ai, The more casi, the otter 22 the chile Mos ofthis hot element i ound inthe pulpy core and ‘he seed which are attached to, To col down ac, them ean be removed. If you do get burned by « chile, internally or cxtomally, rather than using water use milk, and for exteme ‘arr ut baking soa to neuralie the capaci, Remember, bot ‘hes hur going in and coming out the bdy so be moderate in thei ume unt you ae used to thers, Once you have grown ued to ating chiles, however, youl not want to eat @ meal without them. See AntiSmog Pancakes, Chiles and Cheese, Jlapeno Mik, Nat Curry Supreme, end Sesion Hot Sauce ‘coconut ‘The coconetisone of the most Relea and nutritious foods svoilable I real bod, abla in gaining weight Is protein contains all the essential amino acids, and its ii easily Algestile A one hundred-year-ld man in Ina has ied is ast ‘seventy-five years on coconuts aloe. Their miki ich in easly ‘esimlatd protein, vitamin Cand B-oomples, and a lang ist of Irinerals A refedhing sumer beverage, fs god for bones and tooth, and ie wsefl in the treatment of ‘urinary dismases, Censtipation, vomiting, fatigue, nervous and general Weak tees, Cocomst mest etn ancient cae for intestinal Worms. Abo ‘tee Coconut deere, DATES The date palm was sacred to many ancint peoples Some eholas bnieve thatthe tibial “Troe of Life” in the Garden of Een was rally a date palm. The sine of the date provide roughage which makes the date an ecllnt lative 18 aso ‘efulin treating dysentery. Because date sugar isnot as haral tothe teeth asother sugar, dates area good substitute for candy. They are alo a healthful mack sehen you need quick enersy Detomulk ia nourishing, youth maitaining beverage which ea be served to young and old alike. It is especially helpful in recovering froma fever, 38 GARLIC "hrooghot the sncent world, gre was considered sacred and powerfol herb. Inthe medern era, scence has bren fonfirming ite marvelous healing properties Known nthe Soviet Union as “Russian pencil,” gare ol has been found to be ratural entibioti. Garlic and gure extrscts have been used guinst gastrointctina) disorder septic poisoning, typhus ‘hole, bate infections and een canoe. Isao simian to the sexual mater, It promotes the proeton of meen, sd is thus vital addition to any man’ dit ow effective when een ra is aalable in eapoue frm for thote who find its odor ‘oviallyexibareasing, When cooked with onion and ginger ce Trinity Roots" this chapter) ithas avery heathll effet. Also see Garlic Toast, Saffron Almond Rice ond Sesame” Yogurt Dressing GHEE In the madical writings of ancient India, ghue is highly regarded a6 both a nutrient and a preservative for foods and Iodine, Ghee is also called "lartied butter” because the impurities have ben removed. A dish cooked init retains its freshness and nutritional valve much longer, Ghee wil keep unrefrgerated for several works, very ow in cholatrl nd i uch healthie than butter, Moreover, ican be heated to a higher tempersture than butter without burning, nd is thetsfore 4 healthful cooking al. You will find many uses for ghee ‘throughout thisbonk. To find out hoe a make Gh, ae Recipes GINGER Ginger has ben used as both a medicine and spice for thousands of years. Aone ie it was actualy wort it weight in gold. Ginger root nourishes the nervous yer allowing it cary more eeray. Is bath soothing and strengthening to the nerves when the body is under stress, and is especially belpfl to ‘women during menstraston. It his been sand for backaches, Ea fatigue, Mo, fevers bronchial coughs, and as a digestive stimulant, Yogic tradition olde thi it is nourishing to the ereropinal fad sd “rw tind from the spinal elu, Ginger canbe sauted or bile in water to make ta Its on of ‘the "tint root" alng with onion and gale. Cooked ager, these three roots form the basis of many healing recipe. See Golden Fig Nut Chuiney and Sesame Ginger Mil GRAPES, “This delicious fruit is exelent for purifying the blond and rebuilding the body. Grapes are good source of vitamin C, ‘magnesium and potassium. Eaten a mono die, they can be * teed to totaly transform the Bloodstream and detonity the body to overcome chronic dsmases. Grapes are a natural lative ‘Gren grapes can beeaten ora cleareomplexon, HONEY AND BEE POLLEN ‘Honey is «wonderful ood, but no more than one ounbe (80 ‘ublespons) pr day is recommended. Honey has been used a a tueatment for a wide avay of alments including asthma, hay fever, allege, digestive disorders, arthritis, multiple ers, hemorrhoids, bad complexion and» weak heart. It improves seamilation and elimination and is good for longevity. Honey Increases alum retention and rejuvenates the frale reproduc tive system. Bee pollen, which saree the benefits of honey in 8 oncentrstod form, avilable n tablets, apse, orn blk. A recommended daily dosage in 10 tablets, 46 eapauee, cf 1 tablespoon. Se Dried Honey Apples. LECITHIN, ‘Lesthin san ol found in soybeans. 1s found inthe brain and is coating for the nerves. It helps inthe conductivity of ‘nerve impulaee Taken daly, it has ben found to improve the ‘memory aod aid overall mental functioning. Lecithin has the ‘unique property of combining with fats inthe bloodstream and 36 slong artery wall, It is thus bef in cases of high blood pressure, heart problems and poor deulatin, I as been el Incleaing skin conditions and in stimulating the growth of hit es esseatl for the production of semen, Lecithin ix bes taken in guid form, two or thre tablespoons daily E larger dome are taken, take ccm lactate to balance the exces phorphors a the thin, LEGUMES: ‘he family of legumes or dhal a its called in India includes ran, ps, eats ads on Combined with rains sucha 8, ‘wheat o cea, they form a camplte protein and he foundation ff a vegetarian dit. Dried beans and peas Duild up the hemoglobin content of the blood. Sprouted legumes, especially lentils and mung bens, can be cooked or eaten raw in salads Mung brans are among the healthiest, most nourishing and ‘easiest to digest af the legumes, They ae a wonderel food for hve doing epirtal prattioes, Cooked together with eee and ‘vegetables they are a complete, predigestd food on which you auld live the rest of your life. All dry lngumes sould be ‘resaked and well cooked to be eaily digested. See Mang Beane tnd ice, LEMONS ‘An exellent source of vitamin C, calcium, potassium and ‘magnesium, lemons were once considred more of a medicine than a fod, Lemons purify the blood by string up cis for slimination, Though loos are acid ther effect on the blood is ‘lansing. They ate useful in treating liver disorder, In the ase asoe threat, cld or fever, disove lemon juce and honey Jin hot water for sothing drink. This same drink is useful for roi fst, o for lansing the throat and stomach of micas ‘upon waking. See Nut Curry Supreme, Saffron Almond Rice and Weight-Loss Tea a6 MANGOES ‘There are over thirty varieties of mango growing in tropisl climates thoughout the world. The best mangoes ate bright ‘orange in color. They are helpful in correcting lver disorders sod ‘menstrual disorders, and are great for people who need to gin weight, When you eat mangoes, alvays drink milk to balane their acidity. A'mono diet of mangoes and milk will greatly Impeovebelth and igor. Tha lz Boe fl in cases Of poor cjeight, constipation, indigestion and sexual weakeas, To follow this det, eat eight to enlarge mangoes with eight cups of rlk po ay. Aso se Mango Las. MUSTARD GREENS “Mustard greens are extremely high in calcium, Vitamins A and Vitamin C. They ae one of the most heulthfl vegetables ‘autuned The claro in them bul and pfs the hood ‘They are especially good when cooked logeher with ge, paner, spices and herbs inthe orm of sag. See Saag Paneer. ‘ONIONS "he onion derives its name from the Latin word wnus smenning “one” Its divin arbitectre of concent sphere Id the ancient Egyptian to regard th onion a the symbal of the tniverse. If there is any such thing asa “universal” healing fod, itis the onion. It has ben prescribed fr along list of alments ining: earache, colds, fever, dizines, laryngitis, dirzhe, insomnia, vamsting and wars ts primary effect son te blood [estimates the production of blood spd purifies the blood by attacking any bactevia which are harmful to the ody. Although food is complete safeguard against cance, onions are among the bast cancer preventive foods. “An onion a day keep the cancer away” RaW onions in the diet id in mental lavty. Eaten Ahly fortwo weeks before traveling abroad, they can help 12 prevent dysentery. a” Onions ae sito cesta heat and ad energy to the boy ‘They are helpful in cleansing the Liver, digesting fond, and climinating mucus. Rw onions are the mas effective, However they should at be eaten by people with ulcers, colitis or hit ‘lod peste. Coke onions are ss effective, but they are stil ‘ery healthful. Bold onions are «natural lsative. Onions. garlic fan ginger comprise the "tenty roots" Cooked together, their Traling Properties are greatly increased. See Parley Plo, Pistachio Paronthas, Sesame Yogurt Dressing and Solstice Hot ‘Sauce ‘ORANGES "The orange isan acidic frit which, Uke the lemon, hat at ialinzing effect on the blood, Oranges cleanse the bod by ‘tiring up acids and macas for clmination, They have been found helpful in eases of asthma, high blood presure and ailments of the bear and liner, Everyone knows that oranges are high in vitamin C. They areal a good source of potassium, ‘alum, sodium and magnesium. When eating an orange eat the ‘white lining ofthe pel as well It is good for balancing the ‘inerasin the body. See". Whi.” PANEER Panceis the Indian name for homemade cottage cheese. It Isles fatvening and easier to digest than the catage chews we thy in the supertnarket, Whey is byproduct of making paneer ‘which makes a helthfl drink or cooking ingredient. Also ‘fered to a6 “ards and whey.” paneer and whey are two ofthe Test fonds to serve t children, For instructions on how fo make them, se recipe for Panser. Alo se Sag Paneer PAPAYA "The papaya ia heavenly fruit. is eppocalysothing tothe stomach and intestinal tract. Infact, it eontains the digestive ‘rayme papain Its milky joe hasbeen drunk through the ages a8 treatment for wars ecroma, intestinal worms and lors. It isch in vitamins A, B, Cand D, and in clea. I is also an excllent fod for young. children “The inside skin of the papaya bas been used as 9 beauty treatment. Rub it your face allow it to dry then rns fr & ‘ratifal ompleio. ts seeds are usefl to. Dry them and grind them nto a powder. Use a seasoning lke pepper. wail papayas are ripe andres teat when the skins are yellow or otange and the frit ia idle aot. The large ‘arety, which ie mostly avilable rom Mexia pe when most ‘ofthe green is gone from toute, having changed ta yellow or range, Iie very tant with lemon ion Alan se “Muon Dit” — Chapter Nine PARSLEY Tn Aerie, psy is a ood which is zeved 8 decoration on every plate, butt iweldom eaten, Thisie unfortunate, because tle is rely a wonderfel fod, Te is rich in mineral, and is ref im building the blood. Tt has been helpful in treating diabetes, in eansng the kidney, and in regulating the eam ‘lnce in the body salon excallent breath freshener. ave son parsley after you've bn eating garlic) Parsley jie ean be ‘sed for purging the body of poisons. See Parley Pula ond Yo Mask. PINEAPPLE, ‘This topical frat has a very invigorating effet on the curative forces of the bods. When the liver or the kidneys aro ‘verstesed, pineapple juce can give them the bos! they need Borsute of ts high chlorine content, pineapple juice ean be wed to purge the body of wattzs by stimulating urination Pnespple ‘ice is very soothing othe throst and is very belpful for singers Fortuna, canned or botld pineapple juice seems to have all ‘the erative properties of fresh juice See Patent Potatoes. ry POTATOES ‘The pat is one ofthe most nourishing vegetables His high in protein, vitamins A and B and alkaline els, These alkaline salts ae asefu in neutraiing acd wastes and cleansing bay tussues. Potatoes must be cooked inorder tobe propery digested ‘To get the greatest nutritional value from your potatos, bil them whole with the skin intact, When you eu them up before cooking, you Tose about one third ofthe nutrients You should tlko eat potatoes with ther skins. The skin is wry alkaline, providing balance forthe acid whites of the potato, Avoid ptatoe hat have sprouted, or thoge that have en exposed to Sunlight and turned green; they may be poizno. Potatoes ae ‘seful in ridding th boy of toxins such as ure aid. A cup of otto peel bro each morning may be helpful in lcseing up ‘Sif joints di to rheunatiem or arth. See Farley Pa and Potent Pats RICE ice is a native of India, where it has grown since before the begining of recorded history It severed throughout Asa a5 sre feo Moat of the ein we eat in the West milled, “plished ‘That is what gives ite snow-white oe Miling or “pols rice am strip aay ten pereet of ts protein, eighty-five percent ‘ofits fat and seventy perent of ts mineral, as well sarge fart of the B vitamins st contains. For thie reson, many health-conscious vegearans eat brown ie, which is unpolished However, Yogi Bhajan warns tht brown ee which has been town in the mineral poor sil of America must be thoroughly ‘oked ~ perhaps fora longa twenty-four hours — with plenty fwaterso nat ta be unhealthf), For this reason its preferable toe Basmati vice or Mexican unpolished rice. While most white rice has been polished, Bismati rie an Indian variety, ise fragrant and high quality ee 0 Which i naturally white without milling It is abandant in B ‘vitamins, iodine and high-quality protein ands easly asin lated, All rice, however, should be cooked with plenty of water unt tenders a tobe en dgetible. Ric ant fattening. Infact, 2 dat of Basmati sce cooked with lemon jue and turmeric will melt the pounds away and leave you healthy and glowing, Rice stimulites the kidneys 0 that toxins ate eliminated and urination i increase, Rice with curry is ory goad forthe Kidneys, blood purifistion and muscle evelopment. See Mung Beans and Rie, Posey Paw Saffron Almond Rice, Pnity iceand Yogurt Carr. Also see “Children’s Recipes" for Basmat ice Soup ~ Chapter Eight. SESAME SEEDS ‘The sesame isthe most potent of al seeds. Sesame ss Incrense writs. rejuvenate mental nd physi] capacity and endurance, and increase the seretions of te pitty, pineal and sex lands Thy are god fr the brain and nerve tasue aswel ‘They contain abundant potassium snd magmesim, and ate at ‘excelent soareef lth. "The only problem with sesame ees is that they are har to igs raw Rusted, they are aly deste, but they lave sist ‘erent of their food value. So when you buy roared eee seeds, youre elly wasting alot af mone! What toda? One wi to prepure sesame seeds 60 that they ar easy to digest while preserving most oftheir norton value isto min thea ino hapa dough inthe ati of one part neds to thee arts dough ‘Then add vegetables and make nice wed chats. Another ‘ay sto blend the sesee seed tlw sped ao You dont het them) with a tle water to make ssame butter Thi an be and ‘asa spread or cooked into sourdough rend for delicous tat ‘See Sesame Sourdough Broad. Ale eee Sesame Ginger Milk and ‘Sesame Yogurt resin. a ‘TRINITY ROOTS Onion, garlic and ginger, the “trinity root” will maintain you through the times. These tasty roots are esentil toa heathy thet for cleansing, prodecing and wistaining energy inthe boy. ‘iil each of toe roots is benefeal when taken alone, cooking ther tether uses them to teract, amplifying their effect on the body. Onions purify the hood and stimulate the production of temen.Gaicenanessremen prodaction and maintains potency. ‘Treseminal iid x eaborbed ito te spine to nourish the brain and the nervous stem with the ait of ginger. When this Ihppens, one isle to Fight off disease; he becomes creatively ‘er effective. and he ean lok forward to long and balthy lie [Now trinity roots ate available in capsule form. See “Whore To Find It the back ofthis book Tea root form the bss or any of ou healing recipes. For more information sboat trinity ‘rots, see eeprate sections 0 gar, ginger and onions in this Chapter Also se Antianog Pancokes, Mut Cuery Supreme, Mang Beans and Rice, Potent Poteoes, Tnity Rice, Trinity ‘Saffron Nut Spread ond Yogurt Curt a ‘TURMERIC ‘Turmeric ret which ground nto abght yellow poder. Itisonoef the main ingredients n curry powder and gives its Color Inthe Wet, iti used ocolor prepared mustard, However, turmeric is a Bealthgiving fond whieh has been recognized ch n Indi or entries Careent research in India indicates that it may, a long thought, be af value in preventing diabetes fndcancerltsprimary we isasa “lubricant” tomake thejoints Aewible It eats excellent forthe skin and forthe mucous mem branes especialy the female repreductive organs "Turmeric shoulalwayabe cooked before eating Iryou with, soucan cook tin water orol to ake a paste andthen save that paste to sein varios reeipes. One precaution about turmeric Fewillstain, Wash hestain immediately and leave out inthe sun ‘Soe Eggplant Pokoras Nut Curry Supreme, Parsley Pie, Potent Panes Safon Almond Rice, Slatin HotSeuce and Youre Cure: WATERCRESS Wiotercess has been used a food for thousands of year. ‘Tis gret-leafed salad vegetable was fed to children in ancient Persia to improve their growth. The ancint Greek belived it had the power to care deranged mind. Watercress is igh in tinerals iocuding sulfur chlorine and cleum. 1 is good for thowe with high blood presre Hepful in reducing water retention, it isa natural dure WATERMELON ‘Watermelon ie very therapeutic food whichis often taken for granted Ite perfet fod, especially for chieen, when the ‘wonther i very bot Tt very fod fod to fast on. is beter ‘han water, bec the fibers af te melon act ike lite brushes to lea the intestines, Meanwhile, the watermelon sugar gives “8 you energy to keep going. canbe used forthe relief of ntstnat [sand for lensing the liver. To avoid intestinal gs itis est toeat watermelon sprinkled with black pepper. Watermelon juice iealeo good for you, epesially i you think you ae getting a cold. Yow can atthe ses, which are high in vitamin E or eook them into your meas, See Nut Carry Supreme and Saron Aloond Rice, WHEAT ‘Wheat has crsety ben called the staff of ie The whale wheatery, fo which wheat Nour emild, san excellent ood then boiled uni tender. I cleans he intestinal tae, gives rong tsth and ume, bsauiies the skin, and can prevent "omach problems snclding cancer. It stores well and is thus an toelent“nurvival foe.” However, you must accstom your ‘stem to wheatherries gradually. So one day a week, fast on Inheaberries, You ca eat them with milk and lite honey. ‘Your body wil thank you fot ‘When cooked, of soaked overnight, whestberries can be Lund o form whet mile This an excellent nourishing ood {or children too young to eat whole grins. See “Children’s Recipes for Wheat Mik and Wheatberry Cream —Chaper Eight ‘Wea, i the frm of rend, i a “brn fod." There re leavened breads, unleavered breads, and fried Indian breads ke thaptis pure and paranthas, By adding varius felts, vegeta bles, herbe and spices to the dough before coking these breads acome powerful healing foods See Fruit Bron Bread. Pistachio Paranthas, Sesame Sourdough Brod and Spied Chapati Alo "Children's Recpes"for Zwetback ~ Chapter Eight ‘Wheat Bren, which the oer husk ofthe wheat, sa most ‘luble substance, [is high i ime, on, Bcomple vitamin tnd potash, It contsine lots of cllloae which helpful in ‘voiding constipation, and can be wed at a natural lsative ‘Whereas wheat four is ocdforming, bran i alkaliniing, neutralising the eer of the wheat whan the two are prepared together Bron toe can be made by boling bean with ix times its ‘weight n water for thirty minutes, Hone o lemon canbe added to laste, It is a natural remedy for nervousness, anemia, hoarseness and sore throats. Drink one cup twice day. Also se Fruit Bran Bread. YOGITEA ‘Though itis realy combination of foods, Yogi Ta is 90 Snportant in the dit Yogi Bhajan recommends to is students ‘that iti included in this chapter. Yo tea isa delicous drink which acta a mad stimulant, It @healthfl substitute for Caffe or song back tea It can give ou nice “high” whl your feet sty ily planted on the ground ‘Yog te, when regularly included in the dst, helps to correct damage done to the nervous system by drugs. Acta, itis 2 tonic tothe nervous system, Te wil improve your memory and Tmlsncr you out when youre feng out of balance. I can take say tiredness and bring: you out of discouragement and hourand then shampooitout. Apply meekly forfour mee, Also good for the hr are chlorophyll snd lecithin, Lecithin ‘ejuvenates the hair and increases growth, Chlrophyl is high in ‘ental faty acids, Olive ol and almond ol applic extertally fare good for their HYPOGLYCEMIA set only ty drinking wine that one becomes intoxicated ‘When you ent chocolate cake, your blo sugar shoots up tnd Sou > into stupor for two to three days! In. Ameren, natly everyone s hypoglycemic: You were served so much eandy an ¢ hil hat your panczea ot into the habit of ver reacting, When soucat sweets, your blod sugar goes way up and then it goes way on and your mind and bd became taal fatigued Her’ the problem Ifyou are hypoglycemic, you are suppsed to eat every {wo hours, That takes care of your blo raga. but jou mart raining weight What can you da? ‘Two fouds which ean help if you have hypoglycemia are buckwheat and Mung Beans and Rice, They are not overly fattening, They are eany to digest and they ean be eten every four hours (in small quantities, Buckwheat. ss complex ‘carbohydrate which is metalized vey slowly and evealy Mung beans and rice, when taken with a ile yogurt, have sie effect. You can ako carey around some celery stalks and ea fo very wo hours 1 INTESTINAL TRACT. For cleansing the intestinal trac, try beets and boot greens ‘The "Melon Diet” (ve Chapter Nine) ie spuificaly desigoed to ‘lean out the intestinal tart, To cleanse the colon, “overeat” on nothing but steamed celery for twenty-four houts. Garlic outalies unwanted bacteria in the colon and stall intestine Oranges and lemons will stimulate intestinal periatalis, evusing hardened waste on the intestinal walls to be eliinated. Aso see Beet Carrot Casserole, Nut Curry Supreme and Yo Mush. Pa For intestinal gas, cat ground back pepper on your fod Sprinkle on melons it prevents the formation of gas For gsm Then og you slide the chiles out oftheir akin, bold them over the ed of ‘ooked rice so thatthe Mlavorfl chile juice sakeinto the nce Slice chils in half ad set them on top of the ree Stuff chiles wth chopped onions, olives and moshrooms Slice cheese ‘nto thi strips about the sae length and width as the chiles ond ston top ofthe stuffing. Top chile wth our reat Bake at 380 egros until chesn smelted and serve ‘Serves 07 COCONUTICECREAM Heres delicioas tat that wil belp to balance the minerals in your bod: I’s especialy recommended for children, 1 Thap coconut ot V2eup coco meat 1 Thup. peanut ot {eup milk 3 ripe bonanas 1p. ground cardamon onde 118 sp powdered cloves 2cup honey Grind cocanat in a Molinex grinder oF fo0d processor. fl silk until @ thick skin har formed. on the top. Place all Ingredients in blender, being sore to snlade the white strings of the bananas which cling to the peel, Blend tan even consistency. Plce in an iecrear maker with ce and rock alt ‘and chur unt hick and creamy. f you doat have an iver ‘maker, ee recipe for Banana Nutmeg lostea to learn Bow to ‘ake icecream without oe, Serves DATEMILK ‘This is very nourishing, youth maintaining beverage I sivas energy to the body and is god for people of all ages, ‘specaly when they are covering from fevers ot other dseaes Sex milk ‘datee Slice dates in olf, Simmer in ikon a very low heat for 20, ‘minotes, stirring ocasionally. Stain and serve. 108 DRIED HONEY APPLES ‘This in "poor man's food” fora heathy bear. 1ormore apples orcarots honey slsejar ‘heeecoth ‘Stzam an apple (or carrot) and peel of the skin. Soak it in honey in a glss jar, cover the ja with cheesecloth, and lene iin the sun for 40 dye (cloudy days don't count) At the end ofthat time, all the moistare wll have gone out of the apple, and the honey will ave gone in, Remove fre honey and eat Can also be served with gold ea ove at EGGPLANT PAKORAS, Eggplant the "series food fr women, These tasty por make # delious neal and will help to regulate a woman's ‘ena flow eggplant 2 up salt ‘eapegorbano flour 1 ap black pepper 1 Thapcarzuay seeds 2tap ground loves 1 tap oregano seeds weap milk 4tap.cardamen seeds Sidcup anion jue or parce 259. cinnamon WBeap uater 2tap turmeric seaphoney Slice egplant about 38 of an inch thick and et aside, Mix seeds and spi with the grbanan flor, Add onion juice and tlk and stir into sooth pnt, Mx with fork unt hare are no Tape. Dip the eggplant slices in the batter and fry in vegetable calor ghee unt they are golden brown. Set on e paper towel to drun andthe serve with eats o chutes. Serves 109 FRUIT BRAN BREAD Sis up wheat bran Weap meted ghee 1i2eap whole wheat flour expand 2 12eup honey 1 tap baking sods up rsh ced frais, 1 sp baking powder Sif together dry ingredients. Mix well, Add all other ingredients and stir until well blended. Pour into 9 gresed leat pan. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hou, When beat has scl ‘emowe from pan and alice, GARLIC TOAST Hore is a tasty way to eat your “twa cloves of garlic a day.” ‘Makes great breakfast fod _2ulies hole grain brood 24 medium clven gre hee Peel and thinly alice gavi. Lightly tous brad in toaster. Spread liberally with he. Top with arc lice, Pace in brat oF toster ven for no more than minutes, Serve. For variety ‘op with thin slice of chee before braing GHEE ‘To make ghee, simmer sweet butter for 10 minutes over & ‘medium beat, Regular sated butter can be used if sweet bute ‘a avalable but tis nota god, Then after it has set fora fee ‘minutes remove all the white foam frm the top. Clear yellow shee wil be left. Pour this into container, ot allowing any Uhite sediment atthe bottom of the pan tale in, Use a Jou Would butter or cooking GOLDEN FIGs 4 great potency toed for men, bat good fr women as wel Estno more than three per day, morn aflernoon and evening 1045 perfect fresh figs 2eup mith 1 Top stron 4 clan syringe (avilable at many pharmacies without the eee) Soak stron overnight in milk ln the morning, Bend ilk and saffron until smooth, Carefully wash fge, Drew milk and sation into syringe and inject the “acta” inte the is Make 02 ‘any ab you likeand stove ia the freee. GOLDEN FIG-NUT CHUTNEY This healthful and delicious chutney ore i grat for men ‘nd woren ait, Fora wonderfully balance and helthl meal, serve with Eggplant Patora and a perfectly ripe banana tot potassium 2Opeced almonds 20 raw unsalted pistachio nuts 10olden Fig ee recipe above) 54 thin sie ginger root optionaD Prepare Golde Figs atleast one day before, Place igre: ents in Blender add 34 cup water, and blend to ake uoth jam. Yields approx. cup. a GOLDEN MILK This delicious hot drink is very good for the spine, It ‘brates all the joints and helps to break up eal dope 8 sp. turmeric heap water az milk 2Thup.rswelmond oi honey to taste Boil turmeric in water for about 8 mites unt it forms a thie paste If to much water bolls away, ad ite more ates Meanwhile, bring milk ta bi withthe almond el Ax soon a boils, remove from heat. Combine the two mixtures and dd honey to tate, 1 you ti, you can prepare a “eee sop” of tue ste by bling a larger quantity of turmeric a trig inthe -fegeratar up 40 days ‘Asa change of pace, whit golden milk in the Bender uatil frothy, and serve with esprinkle of cinamon, HOMEMADE YOcURT 1 gt mith 23TIap yogurt Place milk in. saucepan. Heat it slowly a8 no to sorch it last short of boiling, remove it fom the het end lt con t 4 lukewarm temperatre, about 118 depres FAs it eon ait sionally, Then ad 2 Thyp, of already made Soyert as 0 “starter” and str gently and thoroughly. You cn leave te milk ‘in the snucoan, covered or can pouritntoa sterile jr witha 4id Wrap tightly in a towel to hold inthe eat an plsce tno ne warm, dack place where the temperature can be msintained for {87 hous, as oven with only th pt ight en works wl, insulted cooler, or even a cardboard carton coved with anket will usually do the tick, Let it st undisturbed The temperature mast be neither to0 hot nor toca othe yoru willnot form. Alter 67 hours, you may remove it fam te "hosing lace" and refrigerate. To grow a stomger yoputaleue ‘more acidophilus in your yogurt allow to st olt st omen ‘emperatre fr frm thee hours thee days, JALAPENO MILK This is great drink fr heading off cold or fs when you feolane coming on, But be carefl Its ot. I youve neve nel it efor, use only the minimum quantity of jlapenoe One more ce of advice —it'snot quite shat if you drink t witha tw, 25 fresh jalapeno chiles Sox mulk (Chop alspenos and blend with mi, MANGO LASSI Here is a cooing and refreshing beverage which is an ‘cele fod fr bth women and me 2eaps homemade yogurt 2medium mangoes (ery epe) 5 Top, maplesyrap or honey Bice cubes sp ose water Pes nd slice mangoes. Put all ingens inthe bender and end at high speed, Serves 4, a MS. WHIZ” ere perfect breakfast drink for women, A waman can use this dink to take her daily doe of sesame ol or alimnd il (See CChaper Seven) To low weight, se 2 Thep protein powder in lac ofthe cold presed oil and drink four tses per dy instead of meal, 1 ripe banana Bez ona ie 1 Thap liquid chlorophyt tip, Rice Bran Syrup 2 tsp. cold prsed lmond olor same ol Blend until frothy MUNG BEANS AND RICE ‘This ita perfect prediested fod. leis easy on the digestive stam and ery nourching up mung beans ‘ep bosmati nice Seape ter ‘#6cups chopped assorted vegetables (caret, eer, ‘ucchis, bool ete) onions chopped 1WScap minced ginger root {10 cloves gore, minced heaping sp. turer 129, pepper heaping ts. goran masala 1 ap. crashed red chiles 1 Thap sweet Basi Bay leaves Seeds ofS eardaman pods ‘all ory sauce otste Rinse beans and rice. Bring water tabi ad ree and beans and let boll over a mediom flame, Prepare vegetables, Add ogtabes to cooking rice and beans, Hest about 112 cup olin Tare frying pan. Aad onions, garlic and ginger and saute over 8 aut ‘medium-high flame until browning, Add spices (not slt or herbs). When nicely done combine onions with cooking mung beans ‘and ice. You wil ned to tir the dah often to prevent sorching ‘Aa herbs. Continue to cook unt completely well done over 8 ‘mediun-iow flame, string often. Th consistency should be teh thick and souplike, with ingredients barely discernible. Serve with yorurt, oF with ease melted over the top. Serves NUT CURRY SUPREME ‘hiss an almost perfect food for women. Almonds ar for {he eves, watermelon seedsfor anemia, walnut for the bein nd files forthe intestine] tact. Tan be wervd plain, with ie, with chaptis or with pakoras, 1 arg raw onion, chopped “Icloves aris fnaly chopped 1 U2inches fresh peeled ginger rt, finely chopped 4 2green cies, chopped aeup ghee ‘rounded Top, gorbanso four heap lemon juice 2up.tarmere DIB up cumin 1/2tap conander 1124p, garam masala Sup yurt or buttermilk 1WBeup peled almonds 1W8eupaelnats "cup ceshews, pecans or apricot kernels 1WBeup watermelon or pumpkin seeds 2euchins chopped us Mix 1 cup yorurtor buttermilk with garbanzo flour and sie unt it forms smooth paste, Then stint the eof he yopare orbutternilk Saute onions in ghee until they are clear to golden brown ‘Adciles, ginger and gai and tute until ginger gure are slden. Add turmeric and saute ons low beat unl golden trown, ‘Then ad other spices, Add yorurt.o buttermilk ature, Tron Add lemon joie. Cantine cooking on low Best, Add succhina Dutsand seeds and contin simmering unt schinis are sat, Servend OLD-FASHIONED ROOT BEER Fors delicious cooling dink, ey thie “old-athionod” recipe Sersparila i a grat blood purifier Ie is sid toe helpful ‘aes of rheumatism, skin disorder, seal impotence, general weakest, and to detoxify the body ater taking 9 strong poo (Donot attempt to use as an antidote Ie is alo used ass Rata stimulant of the male and female sex hormones Teups honey 20x sarsparila extract 4 eaps hot water Sparking water To make the syrup, dissolve honey atid sarparila in hot water and sti unt thoroughly blended, Add2Thep of this syrup ‘osparing water and dink, PANEER 12 galon mile Jie of 2 Temons Pt mil in saucepan and bring to boil. Add juice of 1 eon {or each quart of milk. Sti and allow to bil another few second, ‘When carded. strain through cheesecloth and uquewe liquid ot to achieve desired consistency. For veglabe dishes like anag it should be very dy 16 PARSLEY PILAU ‘This is» very good male fod. (Women enjoy it alan) Tie ‘ef when you got hendachescr fel a hevinese in your bead. or ‘when you feel unnecessarily sleepy. Ii very good forthe brats and can be eaten asa mono diet, For extra energy. if you mut ‘work very hatd, et wth yogurt. 1 cup basmati rice 1 eup persiey 2eupsunskinned chopped potatoes onions 2p, oregano seeds 1 tap ground re pepper for add more to tase) IThap turmeric 1 yp bok pepper crushed bay leaves Vecupphoe Sete onions in ghee. Add spices and cook until browned, ‘Then se rice, potatoes and parsley and sis fora while Add ‘ater (to steam the ioe cover, and eo for anther 16 mints, Serves 46 PISTACHIO PARANTHAS ‘Tis food is known as a natural teed for arthritis, Usd as sic, ican be taken a8 2 mono det. It can also help man to ‘ald his poten, oto repair damage to his seus! organ. For this purpose man shoul on dy a weok eat two pres cad nothing es, Weap garters flour {VBcup bhaiars flor if not avaiable, use whole wheat flour) Seups whole wheat flour a Stating 1b, pntachio nuts rw shelled, unsalted “eup minced conliflower ‘spat {ehopped onion 1 tap pepper 2espsaffron Uscupmith 1 ap. ground red eile whee Sook saffron overnight in milk. In morning, bend until ssoooth Finely chop stuffing ingredients and mix well or blend In fod provessor to form a fine mixtare. Mix the Hosre with ‘ater to form a doughy consistency “Knead the dough or awhile, then place go ball size sll on 1 floured surface apd roll to abouts 6 ach dameter, Place about 112eupof the stuffing in the mide, then bring up the sides of ‘he dovgh around i, pinching it together a the tp to seal the stuffing inde Rll tout again into Mattned 6 inch diameter. Cook for 10-15 minutes over low fame ona dry chapat aa or frying pan. Then tora it over and por meted ve on top ofthe pavantha It wll cep through to the other sie. Cao for about 5 ‘minutes, presing the top of the prantha with «spoon ent ‘thoroughly cooked. Serve with youre Makes boat 12 medium params POTENCY POTION ‘great men's breakfast dink to overcome impotncy 4 cap mile 6 pecedelmonds seed from 3eardamon pos, crashed 2tsp. honey Blend nti frothy, For best results, do ot eat 9 ors in for 4 us POTENT POTATOES “ruse baking potatoes Yeewpal Boonions, chopped deup ginger minced 1 bab gare, mined Lisp. blak pepper 112 9p. wurmeric 1 sp. crashed ed chiles or cayenne Suholecoves ‘seeds of Scardaman pods 12 sp ground cinnamon W3cap soy cuce 2pint cttage cheese Aste cheese cut in half 1 bell pepper finely diced W2cup pineapple, chopoed ond drained Boke potatoes for about 1 hou, until nice and soft on the Inside anderispy on theoutsid, Meanwhile, het ol in skillet ond dd onions and ginger. Saute until onions are well done then oi rare ad spices. I spices are sticking tothe pan, add mor ai Cok until browned. Add soy sauce, Cut baked potatos in half lengthwise. Scoop out the insides and combine with te onion unture, Ade cottage cheese. Rel potato shells forming mounds on tp, Cover with slices of cheese and boil until malted and sen, Garnish wth bell peppers and pinesppple, Servos SAFFRON ALMOND RICE ‘This isarecipe io enhance a mans creativity ep mile 2p cinnamon ap srfron 1 tap a 12 caps basmati nce 1eapalmonds Scloves gore 1 Thap ghee 2eaps hamemede yogurt, Toguard agains ral infections, ad the following seeds Wecup watermalon seeds Lbeap succhni seeds “Weap purphin sends Soak saffon in milk overnight, In morning, blend until smooth. Souk almonds oversight or in boiling water to remove the skins. Then slice almonds. Pel and lice garlic cloves in ‘artes Saute garlic and almonds in ghee, Rinse rice thor ‘oughly. Boil basmati ice i saffon alk and 2 cupe water Add frlc and almonds, Simmer fr 20 minutes, Serve with yogurt. (Add saffron milk when dish ishalfcooked) 'e there isa need to cleanse the iteral organs, then eat this ih with "Golden Yogurt" Bol i tap. turmeric in 1 milk (Use this mille to make yogurt. Serves 48, SAAG PANEER Shunchesmusterdgreens sp. salt 2large onions, finely chopped 1/2 ep. crushed ed chiles 2 tsp. turmeric. Snipe tomatoes, peled 2 Tp. cumin 2c ghee 2 Tbsp, conander ap back pepper 120 Atleast 34 hours in advance, make pance (ace rep! Wrap paneer in cheeselot and hang over sink to drs until all he Tiguid has come out ‘Rinse mustard greens thoroughly, then coarsely cop. Set to teil for atleast 2 hours. Check the water pridaly to avoid scorching. Place in blender and blend until soth. Then poor {ntoa large ssueepan and contin o cok over a mein ae ‘While the mustard greens are boiling, rove paneer fom, cheesecloth and ston aboard, Kaoed it as you woul bread unt ‘tis smooth and sft. Rollout wit groling pinto 2 thickness ff Linch. Then se your hands to shape the paneer into a Linch ‘hick rectangle. Cat paneer into 1 inc cubes. Het ghee or olin {eypan nd dep fy paneer unt gon brown, Set aside ‘ute onions sn ghee or oil over # medium-high heat und brown. Add spies and sate «Yow minctes longer. Then 24d tomate and crushed ches and cook unt sary. Ad oom igeene with 114 cup ghee end cool until the extra water has ked out andthe ag ie thick, Addin paneer, Sal to taste Serves 6, ‘SESAME-GINGER MILK ‘This creamy and stimolatng drink is nourishing to the nervous stem and tothe mal emul organs, Tasty tos! cup sesame seeds 2 Thap coarsely chopped ginger rot (ery fresh) Bee milk 2p. Roney or maple sup Blond at high sped until smooth and frothy. Makes about 2 SESAME SOURDOUGH BREAD 4 package sourdough starter 1 package dry yeast ‘teups sesame seeds 2tap alt Taseesame ail 212eap warm mith Seups whole whet flour cape chopped pled apples 2 Top. honey 2 Tho. melted batter Prepare sourdough starter as per package dtetions, (Youll ‘ved todo ths sbout four days in advance} Bind msm scale with casame oil to make suze butter, Set ade. Put 9 tape Sourdough starter ina warm bow. Stir iain order) Leap whele whet flour, honey, dry yeast at, warm milk, 2 cups seane butter, chopped apples and melted butter. Stir well Str ie 4 more cups whole wheat four Knead breed ona well oured board until smooth id lstic. Lightly ol the dough and place ina large warm bow Allow to ‘ise fr about 2 hs until double size, Punch dow an lt ie sgun for 30 minctes, Divide dough into two equal auves Pace well greased la pans. Dough shoud fill the pons no move than ‘al full) Allow tose for abou 90 minutes Oi the toy of ech loa. Bake in preseatad oven at 375 degrees for 9 minwice Remove from lof pans. Fora softer ras or butter sessed beotom immeditely. SESAME YOGURT DRESSING This sw perfectly balance slad desing fr momen, (Don't ‘ellthat tothe men and they enjoy it ton) 4 sprigs parsley stalker, chopped 112cup sesame seeds WA smallonion, chopped 1 elovegar, seed 2cup mw sesame oi ie 1 Php. sinogur 2Thap. lemon juice 2p. salt 11a tsp ground ack pepper 1 1sp honey 2 Tp, sy sauce ea yogurt, Blend unt smooth and serve Makes about ope SOLSTICE HOT SAUCE ach yeas, the SHO “family” holds its "Summer Solstice Sodhana” in Espanca, New Mexico. Iti chance for people to uty their minds, souls and bodes through practicing Its of Kundalini and Tantric Yoga, eating very cleansing fond ekg the purest water. and breathing clan ai. As prt of the healing it, tis special hot sauce made ith native Now Messan chiles isalwaysserved large onions, chopped "Wscap dry crushed red chiles Bax tamarind concentrate 160 hot water 11Beap sesame oil 1 Thap termerie whole small dry red chiles Beupsoppecidervnegor Puconions ina large bow. Sprinkle with rushed chiles, Melt tamarind concentrate in hot water. Add ol and dla tamarind {© onions. Sprinkle with turmeric. Ada whole chiles and vinegar ‘Stir and cover. Let sit overight of several days forthe fells Favor, Store in refrigerator. It wil keep long time, und get better and beter, Yields 2 quarts 129 SPICED CHAPATIS 1 Indo, when someone gets a fever, they mske his one of these special chapstis (at breads) I mess peru sweat aol ‘the fover cones down 2eups whole whet flour shee 1 5p. black pepper 12sp. cinnamon 12tsp eardamon 1 up fennel seeds Place flour ia bowl. Mix in spices. Str in enough water to ‘make a soft dough tht comes away from the side tthe bow? Add more flour if ncesary. Knead the dough until is smeorh, Soft and springy and not at all ack Heat a ion silt over ‘medium-high eat. Form dough into ping pong st balls, Then ‘atten into sat patties Flour patties on bth sides and ol ont ‘on lightly outed board into nth diameter ete, nok mone ‘han 1Binch thick, Place on hot skillet. Cook on the first side until lightly {rusted — not even browned, Flip over and cok second side the same way, Either place th chapath directly over gas fase Appin it once or twice so that i putts up, or flip it ovr in tne anand lighty pres on it wth spatula or pope tel to make ‘pul up. Then, flip it over again und do the tame thingon the ‘other sde, When propery dane, there shouldbe only spokane fof brown spots on either sido. Ifthe chapati browns roid the eats to high “As each one is done, spread butter or melted ghee on tp oft and stack (The the top of one chapati wil butter the botton of thenert) Yields 812 chapatis SPLITMILK SHAKE Here is a great protein dvink which you can substtae for a ‘mea, fad to your meals for gaining weight or quick weight ‘ain, drink one gas our times day Sox milk Jie of 172 lemon “ripe bananas 4 Top. Rie Bran Syrup 4 Tosp. quality poten powder 20% chlorophy Bring milk to boi then remove frm heat. Ad eon juice ‘ud stir. The milk should "split." tht is separa into cade and hay: Alow to col then pour spit milk into the ender add ‘dational ingredients, and blend at medium sped, TRINITY RICE , Areal tet Tish i ni fo bn neil god people boar sicker fering rm bal posooe 2onions chopped coves parle peeled and aliced 4 inch ginger root, peled and grated ‘ep basmati rice 12H cup ghee 1 tomato, peed “Scapa sorted chopped vegetables Rinse basmati rice thoroughly. Saute spices in ghee until sen brown, Add onion, gale and ginger Cnty foot) and ‘ir lowly until onions begin falling apart. Then add tomato, sorted vegetables and rice, slong with 4 cups of water, Covey sd let simmer on a low heat, checking frequently, Add water oe ‘srcessry, Conk until vegetables are soft and cele done Servee 4 125 TRINITY SAFFRON NUT SPREAD. ‘his food is said to give a man endurance, strengiben his ‘nerves and enrich his semen, Spread on bread or cracker. Eat no ‘mote than oncea week, and be sure to have it with lk 40pecledatmonds Strands dried saffron 2 cup milk led Wet cuphoney 1 argeonion Selover gare inches peeled ginger rat ‘50 raw unsalted pistachio, sh Sonk pistachios, almonds and aaron overnight in milk, Chop and steam onions, galicand ginger untl soit. Ben with aires ‘ut milk adding honey and ite water. Blend thoroughly wl 'Rformsa smeath paste Yields about 12x, WEIGHT-GAIN PIE This unique betapple pie is a favorite for any meal and a sore way topaton weight, medium beet Sappes, peed an thinstied Deupscottoge cheese 4 Tbsp. ghee 12eupalmonds, peeled and chopped 2 Tbp, finely chopped ginger 14 tp. ground cinnamon 1 /2eups whole whet flour I atck butter tsp alt Lightly steam beets and allow tocol. Rive under cold water ‘oalipoff outer eke “Mic sat and flour. Chop butter int our sod addin ice cold 126 water mixing uni flour i aiff Roll ut and shape ato ightly oiled pi pan Lightly saute ginger and cinnamon in ghee. Str in sid spplesand simmer for 10 minutes, Layer hots and apples in pe cel, Cove with cottage chease and sprinkle with chopped slmonds. Bake at 380 degrees fr 43 ‘minutes Allow 10 mines ta cool before serving Serves WEIGHT-LOSS TEA (lala Sera) ‘This tes has be used by men ar women to dissolve fatty tise ‘om their bodies, Fortis purpose, drink 23 glasses pet day Te tlso improves the beauty of the akin, giving 1 youthful appearance, For the skin, dink 2 glases er day. clean the ‘mucous membrane of the colon and ie an excelent sour of Vitamin. 2914 cup freh or dried mint lecves 1b cumin seeds 4s fresh or rosen tamarind 12 top, bic salt also clled sulfur alt, Use ony ttle fasastrng emell) lemons, quartered 1 Thap bet pepper Sgt ster Potingredints ina pot Bring to bol Lower the Mame and ‘ok at Tow bol for 45 hours. This tach time it required to raw the extract from the cumin seeds. Strain sd sere hot or Cold You can rene the ingredient to make more ten Jot adds lit more each time you bal Be ure to remove the enon pec Between bolings. Tea can be stored up tov week i the refrigerator na YoGIMuSH ‘This food, when eaten vegularly, will eens the intestines, ‘lear the ski, and help you lve weight, When taken ae « tons det, eat as muchas you like, bot only three meals per day, Yow can drink og ten with thine, ler salhs 1 sprig mint bunch prey 112tsp. ground black pepper #Smediumzucchinis exp cotage chee Steam cslery, parsley, zucchinis and mint for about 45 mints unl sft. Pare with back pepper. Serve with coiage eee Makes about 2 servings, YOGI TEA Make atleast 4 cope of Yogi Tet atu time. (One is never ‘nought For ech cup se: 1008. water cloves A gren cardamon pods ‘Suhole black peppers W2utick cinnamon 1 slice ginger oot Wasp Blac ew eeup mile Boil pies for 1015 minutes. Add black tea and steep for 2 ‘init Add milk, then reheat to the boiling point, renee ‘immediately rom the stove, and stain Add honey to taste Tomake more than 1 gt you can ve less pions For 2 at, ‘te 20 cardamon pods, 20 peppercorns, 15 cloves, 3 cnnaten sticks and 1th black tes, Bol t lest 90 minuto. ld Tae sal 128 Spices can be esd to make moe te, but this takes ithe ‘aperience since some ofthe spies lose the potency faster than ters and must be replenished. For the begoner. it is best to ‘make fresh pot everytime to insure the prope alae Yogi tex spices arv now avaiable premixed. in sal pockages orn bulk See Appendis yocurT curry ‘To sothe and strengthen the nervous system, and to please late, ry this deiciouscury, Beups chopped mised vegetables 2elovesgarlia mineed mall anions finely chopped 1eap ghee 72s. rushed yo te spices 1 Thyp turmeric 1143p. oregano seeds 112sp. urn sed 1V4 (ap. ground black pepper Isp garam masala {up homemade yogurt 1a eup garbanzo four Rinse the rice chen add 9 cups water and bring it toa boi Sinmer for shout 45 minutes, Steam chopped mited vegetables ‘unt firm but tender. Blend sourt and gurbanzo our with cap ‘ter until smooth, Saute spices in ge unl golden brown, Add ‘hopped onion, garlic and ginger. Cok slowly unl onons ae almost fling apart. Stein yogutfieur mature, Since ant ‘sauce thickens. Serveover ice and seared vegetable Server 4 20 Appendix A: Sources for Sp For referrals Foods may use the lowing * lease contact your lca 310 center by consulting the yellow pages in your tlephone Alicctony cme items are available through the Ancient Healing Ways Catalog. For fe eteloe Tet 800-359-2940 inside the US Tot 5057472860 outside the US Fax 508-747. 2868 190 Appendix B: The 3HO Healing Network and Kundalini Yoga Teaching Centers ss who employ The 3HO Foundation fas more tha centers woridwide oflering Kenda fone unde Yoga, health, and For eer information om both ofthe above, you may conac any ofthe flowing International Kundalins Yoga Teachers Associaton) Tel: 50575313 * Ancient Healing Ways Cala Tel 800358.2940 nse the US Tel 508-747-2860 out the US Fox 5057472868 11 Appendix C: Books on Related Topics {THE GOLDEN TEMPLE VEGETARIAN COOKBOOK. by Yox ion. Food [pesigh anal your ind, bay and pit Many eke esas seo TASTE OF INDIA "by Ht Inder Kaur An Indon cookbook fr he heath {ico goumet Hex epee ewe fe Rath i Those athe espe are nai and Ja pocante w Secth a Bee toy pepe FROM VEGETABLES WITHLLOVE by Sid Ka Kala. Vein New atid casing, Cotnin over 260 rips incusing Secon tothe ees Be Rlcher" devoted orecipesscrng #60 pene SADHANA GUIDELINES "Kendal Yoga is hc est power nd efecive feof yoga ugh nda his epeciy ned oe rato ay sees ER Gel ins yor aay MEN bk went opt by Yon Bhd HE MaND 15 PROVECHONS AND MULTIPLE FACETS by Yop! Bh MD and Gurucharin FD Yop Ban deena oe ha ee Miran hsv nd» more apy Sad ae? MASTER'S TOUCH by og Shp Acomplion of Techngsy You Bhajan [ten dating Mae's ouch cour in pha and Ass a ee ee {gin in paola ovr op such ax" Wht appease eae Com, Teveher and Student, “Projecting at Fecha Re ee Communication The Cale ofa Teshe® The heen Ast a Exo teh csp ef of ec Cal selenite unucmner ehe Sreeeea aneand “ace The Dok als indus YogsEneeacs snd Meehan, td Kanda Ye prods cnt Ani Hatig sn Oro et css, Outside US 87472960 Ea sstamaden INDEX ry