VJESTERN STAR DAI{CERS MINTITES BOARD DIREqX]RS MEETING OF JANUARY 12, 1988 Called to order 7:53 PM Present: James Ozanich, Anna Damianir Eddie Smith, Denise youngr Russe-ll Kingr Chelsea Baylorr Tom Tripp (ex officio) r David Garrett (ex officio) treasur€f,r Joseph C. Graf (ex present: Gail Chesler (nditor of officio) secretary. Also Western Star News). Paul Scardinar Don Mayou (cJ-ass arch angel), arch angel). Rod Morre1l (class

Absent: . I.

Minutes from December 8th I9B7 read and approved with the following corrections. A. B. C. IV-I-2 add chilc.at beginning of sentence. If-F March 13th to 19th. II-D spelling: Paul Hawes, WalmePaull.

The board acknowledged and approved the minutbs and notes of the General Meeting.


REGULAR REPORTS: A. B. I.A.G.S.D.C.: Tom reported that a newsletter coming from Ric. will be forth

Membership: no new members... renewals are coming in. 1. New membershio forrn introduced. a. Dala base info to be entered by Chelsea. b. Directory info to be entered by Freenran Stamper. Treasurerrs Report: 1. 2. 3. David Garrett: presented. Ba-lance sheet for December 1987 lras accepted as


Dance events P&L statement for Dec. accepted as presented. Ha1l fee at the YMCA increased to g5O,/nro is for Monday & Wednesdayevenings. The fee is negotiable for other evenings. Discussion for deadline for renewal memberships. no report from Denise. to James to go with from Chelsea.

4. D. E. F. G.

Telephone Tree:

Ivlembership: no report

Publicity: Jason will submit article photograph to Phoenix convention. Special Events:

James had nothing to report. Denise will schedule a semi-annual garage sale in April. is fine.

H. I.


Gail reports newsletter

Social Calendar: 1. Feb. 15th: class cancelled. 2. Feb. 13th: Valentine Cance cancelled. 3. May 9th: class ends.

4. 5.

June 25th: Caller Mike Greenr OklahomaCity. Dance in Gay parade will be coordinated by Scott Carey ,€r*d f,ii.l lChiltef,i€ld6. July 23rd confirmed dance and callers. 7. Sept- 12th: Start a nev/ basic class. 1988 1. 2. 3. Anna will coordinate decorations and food. Motion nade and carried to aLlocate $50. for anniversary dance decorations and S50. for food. Motion rnade and carried to buy two L page ads in a . S q u a r ed a n c e W e a r . . . . . $ 2 8 . b. Dancers Diggins. .$15. Club will purchase a sheet cake for the dance. Tom will investigate a place to have Sunday brunch after


Anniversary Dance: March lgth,

4. 5.

6. ;::r::"il':::3

3ilii;,""ry barsandbadses.
group-lravel ar-

Phonix Convention: Anna will investigate ranEements to Phoenix for club members.


Old Business: A. Hungarian Hall: Paul was dwd1rrbut the board is still pursuing " the possibility of using the halI for special events. The building is for sal.e. Motion made and carried that the mediation policy was to be the #1 item at the Feb. meeting with a 45 minute tirne limit for discussion.


Mediation Policy:

C. D.

For emergency expenditure of funds. over 9100. 3/4 of board membersnnrst-be polled.tihS lvWhbru h'*s u*&EE C,1&4f€D* Insurancer general liability poned to Feb. nyeeting. costs $2.50 per member. Decision post-


New Business: A. Newsletter columnist: 1. Feb: Gail. 2. Mar: Paul. 3. Apr: Chel"sea. At Feb. meeting the board wil.l discuss having a retreat this year. Class attendance; Gail reported her concern that there are only 6 people taking the nain stream class at this time. 1. 2. will they all continue class to the plus levelr is an additional charge. because there

B. C.

WilI the enery 1evel be kept up with so few members? The class level and energy has been kept up because rnany club mernbersshow up to ange-l the class. Is it going to be reasonable to pay $50. per Monday night to accolrnnodateso few studentsr and pay a teacher?

3. D.

Anna proposed and it was accepted by the board that the plus part of the class be moved to 140 Montgomery St. with no rent charged for the smce.

Meeting adjourned at 10:45 PI'l WSD MTG Jan. 12, I98B

WesternStar Daacers

58-1 Castro Street Suite 48O fiwloiem, &.' ..''@d&'l$ €an


3 3 9 .00 240.00 L 2 r7 .00 9 9 .75 1 0 .0 0 2 0 .0 0 5.00 220.0a

space caller fees Jan. newSlelter records/tapes advertising 50/50 tickets address stanrp badges TOTAL

450.00 255.00 164.9L 25.85 193.00 9.Il LT.72 53.18 1162.77

garage sale soda fan sales plus class Florida directory badges newsletter bake sale TOTAL CASHOUT DEPOSITS INTEREST BANK FEE REF'IJND ENDINGBAI-ANCE PROFIT FOR },IONII{ subscription fly-in sales

26.00 1.00 4.25 1 8 .0 0 21.45 222L.45 0 2 2 2 1 .45 1 0 .4 0 7.50 3 3 0 1 .60 1 0 7 6 .58







#0f Peopl


1 7" r l

i*rort\ Urre, o { .Js
VI(Kt l';oo l\5
-,ti; U(i

r2 .i cat. ilrc.

0 t 3j

.7 -). (r tt (,.'.ti,{)r',
| {, c't.l


tlrt-t ttr)lzgc

{ t.uo) trlc'F 7-

l-6 sti

f,|ll(€ Lu,il ll

5-t t .TC,

to 31. +

t- rf- BB


5 ,,ti t,t Y
Zqne>ts Srut* L' a.

Js+ 50
IT€ R-6g,GD NJ

[:Zo -r1-8b

o+ s9_

g|.Jr'to t2.fo ; X t .?1. .*lrgO *- jdlsi-;-':-' q(



zs+Q b.so-tI

stro Street San Franci co, Ca. 94tL4

\ lSD 3o*es oF Dra;craesllr*u,l-<-bru*/ q, /1gg o ?oA Sc_cndin,_

I Call+ Cr&'T R"gc^la,R.pon-i--s
A, Min^{e" o{ M"4t _.!n , lZ 3. Tea sDc R.pr.rl+".h*_
C. Nottl Me^b,.slr'ps



\s C. Mentv.lrp _Clu_lsez,.


t -'

F, 54c; oJ- A hn^.

F. Ta+tt - Q,\,ltol*nn*
G . C-orl,o-rlr^,r - Ann^_

D. ?ubl'uLy -Jcrr,^ A n4ec' iofr*, ?ot;".1 (+r^,^*l;^l)
b, I osctan cs-

Ja.^f . N e,^r-vt etlr-r - G";] T AJ".nnr&r^s;^'.u



c. hal[ h.\,*,r, D. dr*b hls/.,rr; *. lsla.pfuLta,f-€,. ol]' or

, A . Ph.lt Ctc,w F.<. l"rA.^ s f ts, 6rad*otu., -

C. ad 4"' futoen; x '?'u-l'ffi D o+|4"r Sold


Ne*l M e-l-,*,. la"r} \)
fiqJ our- rn-e-rf
A r


\r,un?ryfu'f :30prn


WESTERN STAR DANCEFiS HINUTES A€ARS CIF CIT{}.:ECT,t}RSfIESTING F E B R U A R Yg , 1 ' 3 B B t l a l l e d tc, order

at 7l4tJ P.M.


(ex of f icio), tllrelsea Baylor, Fr-.ent: Anna Darniani, David Garrett Joseph Graf (evl of f icin), Russ King, Rad l'lorrel I (archangel ), Jarnes Osanich, Paul Scardina, (e:r of ficio), Eddie Smitlr, Tom Tripp Denise Young. Absent: L IV. nane. of January 1?, 1988 meeting were approved aE written.

Minutes A.

(Maved to top of the aqenda.) Hediation Palicy, gtatement 1. Discussion of the need for a policy for settling disputes. Board felt the need was there. 2, Moved and Passed: POLIIY STATEMENT#1? In regard to disputed-which effect on club have a direct activitiesr a club mernber may request a Bsard rnember to investigate and surgglest a Lo g i , : a I c ' f u r s e ' : f a c t i o n . Ha.jor di sputes ,nay requi r.e consi derat i on by the whale Bc'ard. Reqular comrnittee reports A. IAtSSpg' Torn reported that aI I inf ormation and hotel reservation f orms are available on,:1ub niglrts now. B. New Memberships: David reported no new mernberships. C. Treasurer: David rep,rrted 7? cllrb renewals to date, Dne newsletter st-tbscription. B{'ard/set Renewal cut-off date at March 16. If mernbers do not renew by that date, they wiI1 be rem,:ved frnm newsletter Iist, and wiII not ipnasr in the l.lestern Star Directory. Ten mernbers are signed up for the plus extension of the class, and v seven have pai d the f ee of t$4t), Rod wi I I co1 l ect remai ni ng f ees and turn them over trl David. AIs'r Rod wi1l prepare a final Iist of class memberst narnes and addressbs. Eeer Bust funds frsrn December are now in the treasury: tc,tal is $144. (attached.t Falance Sheet and Profit/Lnss were Statement for January approved as submitted. D. Telephone Tree: Denise plans to call everyone abourt urp*comingt events. t^JiIl aElt first t'r bri-ng rnurnchies for Larry third of list hlard dance. tllrelsea reported E. Membership: of interested she woutld have print-olrts feedback on members f,3F each rrrrrlllllittee so'fn. She aIE,l said she would lilte qurestionaire. F. Pr-tblicity: He Jarnes reported ads to the two rnaqta=ines were submitted. will fnr anniversary rneet with Jas,fn ab':ut publi,:.ity dan,:e. G. Sociall Anna reported: Park in September. 1. Picnic in Tilden Board approved $10(:, far rental of space. to Phoenii for convention: John Smith 2. 6roup air No go':d options. make a donation of Navigat'rr Travel will fr_r every airfare to l.festern Star baoked to Phaenix with him if the clubts n a r f l € ri s m e n t i o n e d , make a trip to the Price 3. Anna will Club for a srlda supply to be !$?C)0 f or thi s. used f or spec i al dances. B,rard approved cDl'f,r 4. Decorati':ns far aII dances until June will have specific t hernes. 5. Mc'ved and Passed: Board wil.l spend 1$35 to gend a flower ar_,rqement t,: F,rggY tlity Dancers for ttteir anniversary dan,:e Saturday, Feb-iuary 13. Denise wiIl handle. Joseplr donated Ei5 toward the $35. plus $25.':hargte fcir lrelium f':r 6. Board approved 13l('JO ash depasit c Ward dance on February 27. balloons for Larry II.

tlhelsea requested person H. Tapes and re':ords: that in ':harge should take volume cnntrnl . care with Sr-tggested we start el iminating tapes and records that are hard fnr dancers to understand. I. Cal endar : I . I'tarch' 2: Fashi c,n Show by HeLen t s Fol k Desi gn. 2. Marth 5: Plug AFD tlnrl'rslr'rp, no,rn to 3, at 140 New I'lontctomery, Fee wi}l be SE. 3. March 9: Tape night. 4. Harch LEz l.like Jacobs, cal l er gchedul ed. 5, March 23: Tape night. 6, Harch 3{): General meeting. Fee is 15t,50. 7. July 30: Eric Hannerlaur ??? ' g, Augurst 31: Lanya Leytnn, ttre Hat Lady. 9. "Hot Ti mes in Jul y" idea approved by Board. Et,rnk of ti c kets to the f,rruF July super events will be sold for $:t). y rlurL 2: Deborah ParneL l. July 13 Ann Ubelaker Jurly n Larry Ward JuI y 3tl Er i c Hanner I au (maybe) Individual fc'r each of these events wil.l be tT7,OO tickets t It).'Anniversary Dan,:e: Foyer wi1l a. be used fnr sada, fond, and cc'Ilecting doar fees. b. Award f rrrFSrrr:rtt llarey since he is a Li f e Member and paid dues anyway: 2 free dartte passErs, and 2 free "H,:t Times in Jltly" bools, c. B':ard apprnved that Russel l cnul d sel. I advance di scount mernbers c'f l.lestern $tar tickets at $5 ta rrLrFr"€flt class and El CaminrJ clubs. 'rther awards at the dance. DigcLrssi,:'n began on offering d. tlontinuted and Li f e Memberships can be given. Eath Eerti f icates c'f $ppte':iatian di s,:ussi'fn wag P,rrstpnned tr: l"lar':h meeting. 11. Surnday af ter Anniversary Dance a brurnch wi 1I probably be held at Y'i .mite Samts at 5th and Fcrlsom. I V. 0 1 d B u r s in e g s A. Medi at i c,n FaL i cy (mc'ved to top of agenda) p':stp'rned again to l'larclr meeting. E. Insuran':e: tl. Sc':tt Carey was appc,i nted CI urb Hi stor i an.


New Business: A. Fluts tllass wi l l rnove to 14tl New M'rntqlDmery Street Thlrrsdays at 7z3Q in Mar':lr. Nr:r fee f,rrF spa':e wil. l. be,:lrarged starting tn cIurb. E. Eraduratic,n: Hay 9. l::. ]'lnved and passed: Eaard will buy a hal f page ad in Fhr:renix ':onvention design it. brl':l< at $E(1. Eddie will D. OutreachI Anna sltggested we cornp'lse a brochutre and an introductory letter t'rr eend t,r gay c'rganisati,sDE offering to dan,:e" niglrts for their "learn f urndrai serg. Approved by Bt'ard. VI. VII. Ney;t meetingr wilL Meeting adjourned be Marrh at 11:15 B at P.l"l. James Osanicfr'8, 277A Fioge St. 6?1-6408.


HTE Feb.



efk^:-/ l*-/24

H@T T[NdItrSM$ JIUTY - / 4e4

712 7l13 71 2 3 7130


$ 125

wED $1oA
SAT sAT $150 $250

34"' JL
e {.-,


TOTAL $625

TOTAL$27 5 .






/4-f - /frtr


protection and accident Every Square Dance orgatization needs general liability medical expense benefits wirile conciucting and sponsoring dance activities. As closeiy as safety n:Jes are fol1owed, accidents can and will happen. Tti-s jlsurance program was especially designed for Square/Ror:nd Dance groups. It nrnrriAoc Fry $1,000,000 Liability and $10r000 Accident/Medical coverage plus other benefits; including Certificates of Addicional Insured ior speciai ciances (or when required by a property owner) at no additional cost. The latter is beconing increasingly
imnayrnnr lJrlP\rJ. Ld.IIL

?q mrlrp rrrv!u

nrrr.lor.e \J! 6€




--iVate .J






proof oi Liabiliry

insurance berore they will

be alloweci to use the facility.

LIABILITY INSURANCE LI)IITS OF PROTECTION: Single LimiE of Liahility for bodily injury 51,000,000 Ccmbined anci property damageper person anci/or accident (subject to a $100 property ciamage
deriucrible Del'eieim) srs&rrl rewirilp

n+ri,eioarins *!u3t/s

in seheriuieci anci srnnsorpri rinneino .activities. *^ct

hlio IS COVERED:The club and its mernbers wirj-le participating
sponsored and supervised dancing activities. ACCIDENI /}EDICAL INS|]RA'\CE

in club or organization

LIMITS 0F COVERAGE: S10.000 S 5,000 ( 7 <nn' J I ,JWv

Accident Medical/Dental. E,<pense Accidental Deach 'cochhands, atlns or Benefit for loss cf Dismemberment eyes.

Benefit for loss of one hanci, arn or eye. $ 3,750 .-- Dismembe:ment NIOIE:Coverage is excess io anl/ other vaij-d and collectibe group insurance covering tne sameaccicienc.
i\r-l{O CCVERED: Ciub menbers :vhiie par::-cipacine IS sponsored danclng ac:i',tiqr, licensed activity. \^IFIAT COVERED: Accidental IS activities
r1-^ J^*^ ^t rL^ ^^^j l^*+

in anv res:1ar"Ly scneduled anci group travel'n aPDroved ccrnnerclaily

rvor-ci I,ride, including

ccnrrpn car:ier


:vhile being Eranspor;ed to and f:cm a covered cianclng sustained r^il-Lileparl:cipating in dancing

bociily injuries

sponsored by a recognized club or organizatLan

ior a period of one year fron

The insurance year is January l, PERIOD COVERAGE: OF
Ii \is inportant e\/ery club take rhe policy

31' 1988. l9B8 through December
che ful1

in Decernber of each year to receive

(This is necessary due to the iarSe 12 nonchs coverage.There is no ?ro rate provision. policy dates) adr,rinj-strative e:<Denseof maintaining different COSTOF PRCERAI'I: $2.50 per menber per year. A11 mernbersof a ciub.
rnrl - f, - . : r j ^-

as of date or

,,1, ii.nJst be enrolLecj.



l. '/. 3. 4, . 5. . 6. 7. B.


Roster of club membersis required at tinre of premir-mpayment. If a club memberbelongs to n'pre than one club they pay only one enrollment fee. Any changes in the club roster. either up or down, will not resuire additicnal reporting. If club rrenbers leave the club and fail to join another participating thirty (30) days, their inzurance coverage ceases. club .,.rithin

Classes sponsored by a club will be covered witlrout additional cost. Minirrrum fee for clubs'.v-ith less than two squares is $30.00. Policy dces not cover the Caller and his/her equiprnent wtrenhe/she is calling. An Honorary Member Caller Meurber a club is covered by this policy v*ren or of attending a dance as a dancer.
Names, aciciresses, telephone runber of each facility the-year wil1 be requireci '"iren taking out a policy. 45 days lead time is required faciiiqr nct on the original for a particular policy. anticipated to be used during of cove:age


10. Approximately

to obtain

a certificate

11. Provides $25,000 legal

fees ut the errent of a fire.

L2. Picnics, campouts, snowtrr-ps and ocher non-dancing activities are not cover:d by 'this insurance. Speciai anci one-event Accident Medical insurance is availabie. \-(30) cia;rs or the acc-:ent 13. Ciajms iirr:st be fileci, iuhene..zer possioie, wi-thirr thirty '.,rith meciical bil-ls attacheci. Send to USDAInsurance Chaillnan. lL. Travel to and frcm a oance is not covered except where such travei is in a ccn'npn scireduled ccrrmercial car:i er. l-5. Tne deathL anci dismeinber:ent :enefit applies regardless of any ctr:er insurar:e the mernber may irave (cieath rusc :esult ircm an accicient zustained at a bonafi-ce club or organl_zaEt_ondancl_ng ac--lvl-ty.

llester n Star Dance r s 584 Castro Street Sulte 480 San Franclsco, Ca 9{114

B A L A N C ES H E E T F O R : F e b r u a r y STARTING BALANCE INCOME door dance passes dues 50/50 fan sales badges Plus class Decestber beer bust soda Florlda raffle subleafe Epace-

1988 $3301.60 EXPENSES

5 6 9. 0 0 90.00 545.00 77.00 9.00 17.50 {{0.00 244.00 85.00 25.00 75.00

sPace caller fees newsletter decorat lons he I lun stanps flovers for Foggy clty ' Dancer3 Annlversary rlbbonE chlps and popcorn paper goods and flatvare soda advertls lng records TOTAL

$475.00 2 6 9. 0 0 133.12 3{.43 25. O0 22.00 35.00 15.00 17.18 ,11.95 L22.73 95.00 4.79 $1291.21

TOTAL 11.nd fron soda trlp A.Danlanl

92178.50 18.13

CASH OUT: stanps Larry lfard DEPOSITS

deposlt on hellun tank

1 0 0. 0 0

22.O0 2 1 9. 0 0 $19ss.63 15.00 L2.97 ${115.86 787.29






fIEEE $0+5c)
$O+5O $t)+59




, -I'TFIER :{FROFTIT r'g rSf INC. <LO55> PEOPLE $15




$24 $50

$37.50 $ 5.50 $26.50

i326.50 $13.50 r812.50

27 18

2/ ro
2/ L7 2/?4 2/27


2,4 73

v. t^,uoDs$50+50

$?1 $438


I 6

$110.57 $131.07

D A N E E L . t,rA R D $ 1 1 9 + 7 5


WsD 3oa*u or D tp.ecrbls Meenna lIlar.h g, IlEz @ Jo-"= Czan.<h

T Cail 1T Crclnr- Jo^.=
lI. Ruqula'R"p"rl-s

'3. f AGsDc?*.pr.L+".f\€ - Tcn
C. New fiAe^bo,.sh'tps David. m-, Co^n,,LJ.. R=qor-{-s t6 A. Tr.o'uru/F;nan@-- huiff B. Tdeph.,rLTn*- D"^r6dV c fVl<mkterd";p<A.lscaE. .*o;J- A,^,,.,r, l-. Taaw-A.ts"^f6* G. CeL^l^r-An",o il Ne^t=l-.tk-&'l

of A ,"llAinr{'= N\c.-hn1- F.t. q.


D. ?ubl;c^:h =t"-"-


crd 8u"",."!-A. Jns+ranc.- - =}.,*r"lr

j-' spe-*a - T-'"""

3. l-Iatl H"Jp-,C. Gract,^..fr'o^lClott
D. Oc-*r.ar-tn I

(a, o*h<rT New B*o^esS A. fA 6sx- all=t,-^J.!

3. o*tr.-T


N"x1l[e..hn3' APr'l 17, tq88@







ffi'14, f ' /L,^
at B:05 P.M.


(ex officio). P"''sent: Anna Damiani, Davld Garrett Joseph Graf (ex officlo), Rr-,s King, James Ozanich, PauI Scardina, Tom Tripp (ex officio), Absent: I. Chelsea Baylor, Rod Morrell (archangel), Eddie Snith, Denise Young.

Minutes of February 9, 1988 neetlng lrrere approved as anended, A. Anendments: punctuatlon frHelensf tr f . item.II.I.l.correct 'textenslon of theft 2. item II.C. delete 3. item I1.I.?. correct spellingItHenerlautl 'rVanyarr 4. item II.I.8. correct spelllng

T l

s' iten rr'r'to.,,i::;::
5l item VI . Correct


and 2" delete s from







Regular reports A. IAGSDC: Tom had no report. B. Nerl Memberships: DavId reported no new membershlps. Committee Reports A. Treasurer : David reported:1. 85 renerrredmemberships as of March 8. 2. Net Incone for the month was 5787.29, The only club night that lost noney vas ruhen Vick i l{oods caIled. 3. Anna vill hold 9100 for deposit on helium tank until no more tanks are needed. 4, Bank balance on 3/L/gg vas 94115.85. 5. Tom Tripp'has volunteered and will be keeping the.club books. 5. Balance Sheet and Profit,/Loss Statement for March vere approved as submitted. B. Telephone Tree: No report. C. Membership: No report. James suggested the name should be changed to tl "outreach committee. D. Publicity: James reported: L . C l - u b a n n i v e r s a r y d a n c e m e n t i o n e d i n r r B . A . R . ' r a n d t fC o m i n g U p . " 2, Ads came out in the two local straight magazines. get press. 3. Garage sale in April will Social: Anna reported: f . i;ying to get Country Carl f or a count;y,/rsestern dance in August. 2. Picnic for September or October is in the works. F. Tapes and records: No report by Chelsea, but James suggested rre revise the purpose of this comnittee. Possible purpose could be to find people to organize and present tape nlghts slmllar to the Foggy City Dancers concept. Anna and Russ are tlred of dolng all the tape nlghts. James v111 do March 23 tape nlght. Jarnes vilI also check wth Chelsea and Eee lf she ls w1l.llng to head thls connlttee under nev deflnltlon. G. Calendar: Anna reported: 1. March 20 brunch around S7. 2. Aprll 23-2{ garage sale at Freenanrs. Old Buslness A. Insurance: Anna wlll check vlth Carmella to see if ue are covered by the Y. M.C. A. B. HalI helpers for Aprll are James and Paul. C. Graduation: No nerr information. 1. Don Mayou reslgned as archangel. Rod has taken on the position alone

D, Outreach: ' 1. Learn to square dance nlghts need to be organized. Street Falr, 2. Easter fller for tlly Get a llst of names there, and them later. can notify V. t{ev Bus lness : A. IAGSDCAlternate needs to be selected soon. B. General Meeting Toplcs: \1. Mediation staternent 2. Insurance 3. IAGSDCAlternate VI. Next meetlng w111 be held at ?:30 P.M. on Aprll 12, 1988 at Tom Trlpp's, 310A t1ly st, 62L-3990. VII. Meetlng adlourned at 10:25 P.M. + " 9f.S.D. MTG Mar. 8, L988


F e b r u aryL 8 , 1 9 8 8

WESTERN STAR c / o D e nse Y o u n g 'i 9 1 3 V a l e n c i aS t r e e t # 1 S a nF r a n c i s c o , A 9 4 1 1 0 C D e a rF r i e n d s : T h a n k s mu chfo r yo u r co nt' inued so suppor t of the Foodbankof the San Fr anc i s c o A I D SF o u n d a t i o na n d f o r y o u r h o f i d a y d o n a t i o n s f $ 8 5 w o r t h o f g r o c e r i e s . , o Y o u r d on a ti o n sh a ve b e e nd j str ibuted to peoplewith AIDSand ARC. I n D e c e m b ew,e s e r v e d4 1 4 d i f f e r e n t p e o p l ew i t h A I D S- a t o t a l o f o v e r 1 , 0 0 0 r b a g so f g r o c e r i e sw e n t o u t t h a t m o n t h oh a n k st o y o u r h e l p . t 0 n b e h a l f o f th e me na n d w om en r e' ly on the FoodBank, thank you agai n who f o r y o u r su p p o rt a n d g o o dw ishes. S in c e r ey , l

C a r y No rsw o rth y F o o dB a n kC o o r d i n a t o r


S o r r y a b o u t t h e d e l a y i n r e s p o n d i n gt o y o u - - I g o t r e a l l y b e h i n d i n my correspondence.


SAN FRANCISCO AIDS FOUNDATION P.o.Box 6182, FmNctsco, cALtFoRNtA sAN e4io1-6182

February25, 1.988

WesternStar Dancers At t n . D e n i seY o u n g 913Valencia S a n F r a n ci sco ,C A9 4 1 1 0 D e a r F r i e n d s: T h a n k s mu chfo r yo u r co n tinuedsuppor t of the FoodBankof the San Fr anc i s c o so AI D SF o u n d a ti o n a n d fo r yo u r m ost r ecent donationof $116.36 , wor th of f ood. Y o u rd o n a t i o n s a v eb e e nd i s t r ' i b u t e dt o p e o p l ew i t h A I D Sa n d A R C . h I n J a n ua rV , € se rve d 4 2 4 d l ffer ent peoplewith AIDS- a total of over 1 .,000 w b a g s o f g ro ce ri e s w e n t o u t thanks to your gener os' ity. 0 n b e h al f o f th e me na n d w o men r ely on the FoodBank,thank you aga i n for who y o u r s up p o rt a n d g o o dw 'i sh e s . S in c e r e l y ,

o rd 'i n a to r


M/-'qH 30- .1988


CALLED TO ORDER 9;3t) mernbers.



James Orani':h

FRESENT; Twenty-two A.

ldegtern Star Dancers were norninated f c ' r a I S A Y C C I M M U N I T YA W A F ] Df r n m t h e G r a n d V'rting tc' take plare Du':al fi,:utnri I f ar the Club La Star f inale. on Saturday 9-4 at Hibernia Eeach crn Castro St. Mediati,rn Fal.i':y as ad,:pted by the b,tard was read t,r the memberg. us for the


C. Twc, letters.were read crsfltributtirf,rls made t,l

from ttre them.

S. F Aids

Faod Bank thankingr

D. James asked fnr nominees fof it',= l.A.E.5,D.E. Apr. 1?, ltBA tr: mal*e nsminati'fns. E. Insuran{e: iabi.lity A distr-tssi on *"= flrd to inguran,:e prfli':y fnr the deterrnine rlub.


l'lembers had until

i f

W .S . D .


tc, obtain


A motion was make and rarried that W.S.D. tatre pal icy ef f e':tive insuran':e immediately. There $3.5{t each. .. .Total. cc'st t524t.50. NEW BUSINESS:

'rut are

a perscrnal Iiability 'J7 mernberg at a rrrfst ,:f

A. 5th Anni versary Dance: A rnember.brougtlrt to DLrr attent i 'rn that she was sapp,:i nted i n r:rur hnspi tal i ty to guests at the anni versary dan':e. AI s'r \-li s ' : t r n eo n e s l r o u r l d h a v e b e e n a t t h e t a b l e tc, serve fcrrld and drinhs. p e r s ' l n r r r c n m r n it t e e SLtggest i,fn ! A separate n e e d s t ' : , b e a p p ' : r in t e d , separate frnm tlre dance rrcrfTrfnittee, to be respnnsible f*r 16freshments at each dan,:e. B. D i s c u t S S i , : n ' : ' n l t , : w t ' r 6 s 1 l : : €W . S . D . a n i m p , 3 y t a n t , : 1 t - t b a g a i n . FrtrrlLrS n impraving o attendance at ':lutb night. Wc,rk 'rn getting in ':rLlr fl€:rit dance,:1ass. mernbers Guestir;rns 1. :. 3. 4. 5. f'rr future dis':ussi'3ns:


t'Jlty i s cl utb ni ght attendance d,:wni' l]:r:rt-tI we r:rr Slf ':rU1d We lr':n,=f and,/'ff d bring tlrem tn the attenti,:n nf tlre Sh,rul d we gi ve Ee'rvi ':e awards'j' 'rther Slr':r-tld we lrave get t*qethers HrtrWdrl We rna[':e ,:1Ub ni tes m':rfe gO': i

f e':':'gni Ie qr':urp? than.jurst a1';,


weel,: t,I'




M E E T I N I SA D J O U F ; N E D O : 1 5 F , M . 1 W S D H T TS / 7 C r / A a


3 -rv-----


.T4FE. 90+50





3/9 3/L6




JACOBS 9100+50





3/L9 3/2 3

D A N C E M A R C U M$ 5 9 8 + 1 4 0 9 1 8 5 . { 3 9 1 5 6 0 ctuB


9 0 0 +5 0 $00+50

iL2 $19.50

$21.50 S?.50

<s1?.50> L2
<$23.00> s655.5? 16

Ilestern Star Dancers 58{ Castro Street Sulte {80 San Franclsco, Ca 9411{ E.'I,NCE SHEET FOR: HARCH1988 S T A R T I N GB A L A N C E INCOME door dance passes dues 50/50 fan Eales badges subscrlptlon to sublet Mldnlght vests soda $1730.50 60.00 273.00 97.00 11.00 92.00 nevE 18.00 Sq. ?5.00 70.00 2L7.L0 S{115.85 EXPENSES space caller fees nevsletter dance annlversary rlbbons decoratlons badges Eoda llfetlne subscrlp. (Natl. Sq. Dance Dlrectory) TOTAL 540.00 698.00 3.30 89 . ?0 27.L9 32.L7 36.00





cash outstandlng: (Anna) deposlt on hellun tank




$ 5 3 3E . i A



SODA INFORMATION: COST 9181.87 32.L7 T__rL PROFIT $2L4.04 INCOME lfard Dance M. Jacobs Dance P. Marcum dance TOTAL S 73.25 25.60 L75.25 $2?5.10 $ 51.05

V\JsD, 3ofle;D_ DrfaFcraRs oF Msen s6 H p4l tz, lq Sg a T,,,-, r t P p t

f - Q"tt 1, Ora*,. - Jau",.,as n - -e*: _ t?,1x,*s A. 14,
C /Je..,

nnh, a{ Me.h *u - l4or.l_ 8/c1ena".! jo &\+qfu{ar.ch jAe sDc_ -p.p.* _\lro,
l_len-^lbvslvp - Dau, cl

f, ?rm,r*a.?p.+D pc,br,_l- Jr,; W Cld Brrsn,*-,n


T-L1.,nu'l-T&* De',,>._ V (t\<*v>*\?S (.
_ Cl..-tle.^-

A. Treas(^^/-Lf F,n),n-_ Da-*,.&

E , So., o-I- frnnu -l-^pF. - Ch4Lkao/ Anna(3 . (,ctl encLan. €^,"^_ H , lu e",4L4t, - 6;g. .T' Spe..^-A - Jr."r-r-1


D o,.1.*5*,""/cua". P'a
T Ne.-3c.s. , zlp-

fn S-ctTat.rc.J Jojrr Hall l-L( r:.^o_' C=raclu- i -

E. I $'o tD a - aJkr n&- oqp:in*tr"-rFcr< F o*l.**r-

A, {rurn 6eru,ral LH4 ' (:' ,Tr, cA !.&"4 (rp..&t eoe^Js) -{iu.h Z.
3 . ffV^ct,n s,+tn1it.ti,v_,

X]' N<xr N1...,++, Ni*, l(,, tct& a

4 ctcVaa--{_oJ r* f rcro q n; h ar_,,

4. -x; p,-.,

fu* /-*t'
I^IESTEFINSTAR DAN|]EF:S 'ES MI : BOAtsD OF DIFfI::TOFIS MEETINIS tlall.ed t,: order Aprit lt' 1988 Present: [helsea Baylor, Dvid ljiarr:ett (e:a af f icic'), (archangel ), James'Orgni,:hr Yr,Lrng, Anna Damiani . Ua4.at 7t'43 P.M.

(e:a of f icio), Joseplr. Eraf ' T'tm Tripp Eddie Smith, ,

F.:uss Kinqt, Rod Hc'rrel1 (ex of f iciu'), Denise

Absent: Paul Scardina, E. minurtes c'f Marclr B, 19gg meetingt I I . F.:eguI ar rrr3lnrlli t ee r epr3v f, g t A. IArjjSDrI:: Tc,m repr'rted that f rfr a,:tivities i f p':'ssible.





F I c ' e n i x p e r : r p le w o L r id

1i tle advan,:ed

si gn-utps

three new membersr B. New Memberslrips: David reported Smit-trrEtil.l h,hitefield. AtI approved by the board.



t:. Treasltrer: a Bal ance slreet and a prnf D a v i d s u t b m it t e d the David suggested frrrl'l"lar':h 1998. A,:':epted and apprrf,vpd. over f c'r The baard vnted t,r, rq'I1 the savings ttre t$1()0(l C. D. D a v i d a l s c , r e ' : ' : ' r n r n e d e d ' : ' p e n i n g a n , : ' t h e r l : : ,D . f r s F a n a d d i t i n n a l in several as this meeting wourld regult felt it was prematnre ' The anniversary dan,:e pr,rf it was $7I7.1l7. t l : Ia s g m e r n b e r b a d q t e s w e r e r : ' r d e r e d , a n d a I I d e p a s i t s w i wfren tltey retrtrn temp,3t'611'y adges. b D. Teleph,:ne Tree: Denise rep':'rtFcl slre wc,Lrld call Banner Dna,:€r and wi 11 set Lrp a pr':'per phone tree E. l'lembership:
Ou'b f eA': h

i t /Lc,ss gtatement of reinvestment anotlrer year. $':{)()(). Tlre b':ard expenditltreg. I I be retutrned

abl,r-tt ttre



tl:helsea had no reprrt.

Jarnes sutgtgested renarning


rt rtrfilfili t t ee

he r:c,Li1d F. Furbli,:ity: Jarneg read a letter fr,=m Milt,rn Marl':s regretting r3Lrr anniversary dan,:e. tltat 'f,Ltr qaragle sale was firr,t attend James als':,repr:rrf,sd He annc'Lrn':eda ph,rt':'qrapher fr':,rn the Sentinal advertiged in tlre Advertiser. W r t r L t l dt a l l e p h ' : ' t ' : ' g r : r n r f , n e , : l u t b n i g h t in April. \ ti, S,:,:iaI: A n n a r e p r ; r r ! s f , t ^ l D $h a s r e s e r v e d a spa':e in Ti lden Fark f ar an \ Or:tr:rber pir:nir:. Tlre brtraFd apprrf,V€d the fee. Tlre rr,trgt ig $175 f,t,F tlre spa':e. \ The b,:ard alg': appraved e:,lpending added fnnds as needed, H. Tapes and re,:rfrds: The Br:rard dis':urssed why we are 1'f,sing rn':'ney every The tape niglrt. Fic,dsaid ':tlrer plans are be*ing made tc, get rlr-rb ':a1lersr in Jutne. tlre tape niqltts t,:' get twr:, r:a11ers trrr repla':e brtrdl'd ash:ed Anna t': try tl:arey. S F E t : : I A L F j E F O F : T :t l i a y D a y F a r a d e c n - r h a i r p e r s ' : r n , 5rr'tt ll:aty is the EI llamin':' rep., MaryAnn is the t]:apit':'1 l::ity Squares r€p. is a 1c't,ff there Twenty pe':'ple have vr:r!snf,eered tc' w':'r[i, and 5,]rftt feelg in.---rest. : tc, be *730. The rr,trst is estimated 5c,:tt a s l : : e d t h e b c , a r d t c . m a [ :e s u r g g e s t i r t r f l s r : r [ 1h , : ' w t , : , r a i g e tlte rn,:,ney. A mr:rtir:rn was rnade and passed t':,

t$ltlt0 to c':,ntributte t,l lend the Farade

the F'arade f,c,mmittee. A gec,rnd tlommittee $I00, tn be repaid by

mati,rn was made and passed O,:tober 15, 1989, c'r Eooner.

I' Newsletter: job. The bc'ard gave Gail. rave reviews on a great It was suggtested that in fut*re the newsletter might inclutde rn':re chatty, newsy, rcrlc'r futl cnl.umns. The bc,ard aFproved a trBasLrrers rep':rrt appearing in the nt letter eacl't m*ntlr t,: in':lutde: i n , : ' : , r n e r- e x p e n F e s a n d c u r r r e n t a r r r t r t r u f i t b a I a n , : e tlal.endar: Anna rep':,rted slre has canceled J, l'lay ?5 club nigtrt, Bi 11 Harris,:n tnay be maved frarn Jutne 16 tn Jurne t5 club nigtrt. Anna said slre w,-ruld try t$ Ltse clttb rallers ingtead c,f tapes. JuIy B will be a Learn t':' Dance tlanteled Night. Jurly 6 and !0, JurIy 27 wi I I be tapes. Aurgurst :6 ,:,r Septemnber 10 h/e wi 1l have a coutntry./western dance futndraiser at 34t-t 6616*r't r3atE at a cnst 't,f $3O() f'tr the Fpa':e. 0 1 d E t u r sn e s s i A. Insutran':el Joseplr. rep{'rted we are waiting fnr tlre applic.rtinn fr,lrn Ar kansas. B . H a l l t t t e tp e r s ' : J a r n e s i s f o l l a w i n g L r p ' l n g e t t i n q v n L u r n t e e r s , | ] . t fr a d u t a t i r : r n : R , : ' d n e e d s a n g e l b a d g e s . T]re er,;pEnses wi 1 I be $1I(:]. The brrrard appr'rved the er:piditurre. D. Outtreaclr: Jarnes wantg a special, Sr-rnday b,rard meetinqt ,tn Jnne 1? at 11 A.M' t,: dis':utss '*rays rlf in,:reasinq interest in ']Lrr new ':1ass, tlre fees and ttrs caller. E. A mtr'tinn was made and passed tr' rnal:: James Ozanirlr r:,Lrr hJestern Star e al ternate f rrF 1'388-8'3 F. Otlrer: A rn':tir,n was made and passed tr' pay Br'b EeIlvi1le $Stlr) fc,r his inStrLtr:t,:rrtg fee f'trl. the,':1Ags'. New Bnsiness: A. Sc'cial: A rnotic'n was made and passed t,: send a t$t5 flc'wer arrangernent f , r ; r . . - , 1 ,B e 1 1 v i 1 1 e i n t t r e h , : r s F i t a I . [ B. Fr:rr:rd t dan,:e5: a tlre bnard will l r a v e a f c r ' 1 f l r r c r r T l r n i t t e et , r t r a n d l . e ref reshments at aI I f utture dan,:eg and I arge eventg. l::. Miss Sutnshine: Jarnes said lre wc,Llld as[': Fatty t^llrite if she wnuld v'llutnteer lrer servi':es. D. Shahti: Denise wants t,r, se'b Lrp a meetinq at a memberts hc,rnetn inform ':rLtr rnembers abr:rutt AIDS. VI. Nev;t meetinq wi 1I 7 rst:t. Phr:rne 8':4-1768. VII. Meetinq be l'reld f'lay 1rl, 1'3gE at Denise Y , : ' L r n gs ' 3 1 3 V a l e n c i a t #1 at V. I V.

a d . j ' : , 1 1 v n s 6a t 1I, i'3EB



t^,S. D. .




Westeln Star Danrers 584 llastrs Street Sui te 4Btll San Francisca, *a 94114

EALANCE S H E E T F 0 R r A F R I L 1 9 B B STARTINIS BALANCE I Nrl0l,lE; dear dance passeg dues dirett,:rieg qarage sale


963?.ottr l Btl. tlCt 63.00 7. otl 615. tltlt

BAD |]HEI::I{S EIAD I]HEI::},:: SEFJT/FEES I:3) 5P a': e ':aI I€r f ees nellsl et t er {re,:,rrds

ti334. rlr.r 15. 00 ?73.Crc) 310. 0(l tt7. 34 8€.29
-). tJ$

garage sale advert. st'emps f rrrFdirec tlyy mailing tlas:; instruct'=r fee plurs qrad. party diptrsmas dcr6;qti,3t't to t3ay Day Farade flnat f I ,:wer s f c,r rnernber g inguran':e de,:o. fr,r banner dance bannir danre danatiens: -. IA'3SDE 19BB rlONV. COl"lM. *1r'an tn gay day parade TOTAL: I]ASH OUT: garage stamps DEPOSITS: INTEREST ENDN'! BALANT:E NET LCI55 FOF: THE MONTH 1 5 1 4 9 7 .0 0

33..19 500.0() l ltl, 0r:

a !

t${l, tlO 55. 92 t45. (lo 54. ?g 49.50 48.5CI loo. (rCI $t766" 96




9.,30 33.49 $1443.61 39.'98 $408i. g3 '::$1079.'36;,

OUTSTAND NI3: I hel ium deposit 100. tlt)

drtr€S n{'t

i n,: l ude

I oan









HANZEL r$60+50 LUNA TAFE $5(l+50

$5t $68 t?7 $55 $32CI






DANEE N. BLISS l3tcxl+75



FANNE:FJ DANEE INFO APRIL 30,1998 PFIESENT: El pertrple at $7. Otf Ear:l.r

INEOME: $4!7. rlttr EXF'ENSES: cal ler . spat:e de,: c,rat i c,ns T0TAL PF:OF T: I l]HEr::t:t 1::7 # l::HEt::l{: 1:18 #

100. O0 75.0(:) 34. 3g 319.:8 97 . er-t

IAr35p115gg rl:c,nvenbi ,:n rl:,:moit t ee

$48.5r) $48. 50

Western Star Dancers 584 Castro Street Suite 48O San Francis':o, Ca 94114


THEAsURE[;"r3:igA3t REP0RT


EXFENBES !st305, 1 1 1810.44 4€0, o0 tt62.77 1391.21 1416.36

PROFIT/LT]SS ls 122. 51 505. BO 555.85 1058.68


2316. ?4 1061.65 3?31.45 2178. 5tl ?643.6C1 1 4 8 7 . r l tt

1.7L7.24 +.€t3o-f,6 >

,?6 2706


< /o71./c7

ttay 10, 1988
D-BAEi BOARD: P L E A S E C L A R I F Y T H E T R E A S U R E R I SP O S I T I O N F O R M E : FACTS: 1. The Board voted -1.00 for opera!ing

to spend up to schedule Anna Y nonthly the by the

to glve Janes and ne (together) the rlght expenses vlthout prlor Board knonledge. rne to me to pay the rent to the for

2. The Board dlrected prepares. 3. The Board dlrected





4. The Board gave Anna the rlght to schddule callers, regardless of fee charged. She v111 report same back to the Board as soon as posslble, and I pay the fees on the nlght of the scheduled event. vlll 5. AII polllng other expendltures nere to be approved at Board meetlngs of 3/4 of the elected Board prlgr- to the expendlture. or requlred

OUESTIONS: 1. Does the Board dlrect me to pay for-records and tapes to an unllnlted amount? Presently Anna has unllmited spendlng prlvileges on records and tapes? To date I have vrltten checks for 9115.92 for reco.rds. 2. nlthout my knovledge, has the Board authorlzed Anna (or anyone else) to spend money on decorations for dances vlthout dlscusslon and Board approval? Is sor I need to know vhlch people, uhlch dances, and the amountE? (only thlng I flnd ln past nlnutes ls that Anna was authorlzed to spend up to 950 on decoratlons for the annlversary dance. Also the Board dld "ot€ to let Anna hold the $100 deposlt on the helium tank for future balloon . _ rflatlons. ) . To date I have reimbursed Anna 9381.38 for decorations as follows: 977.97 for HaIloween dance 959.43 f or Larry l{ard dance 989.70 for Annlversary Dance (950 approved) 954.28 for Banner Dance S100 deposit for helium tank 3. Does the Board authorlze ne to relmburse anyone vlth a recelpt for a glft and,/or floral arrangement for other nembers (slck or not) wlthout prlor Board approval? If sor who? And vlth vhat llmltatlons? (The only thlng I find ln past minutes ls that Denlse yas dlrected to buy an arrangenent for Bob Bellville.) I recently reimbursed Patty lfhite for a balloon arrangement for Darrell Anderson that had no Board authorizatlon. James and I agreed to use our 9100 linit to relmburse Patty, slnce she said she had been asked to buy the arrangement by Anna. James had asked Denise to buy an arrangemnent for DarrelI. Fortunately, James was able to stop Denlse fron orderlng the arrangement he had asked her to get. C O N C L UIS N: O I do NOT see the funds in our treasury as MY money, but I do feel a responsibility to all the Board and all the club members to make a fair accounting. As treasurer, I feel I an ln the middle. I disburse all club funds, and vant to be sure the Board ls fully the auare of ryho is authorizing expenditures. ttespectfully submitted, A 6


W S 0 3oe.o

oF Dref,crocslv\..J.,"+

Ma1 lo., {188 o* ?a^,1. Sca.rcl;na.

J. AU 1o ordcr - Jo,-.."


R.q ulo+ R'+"-t" a5 A. Y4in,.{., Soord M.-h'n1- Ap.;t fZ
3 D.

C f AasDL --To,-.,
Nla,^l Me,^brsh;ps-

Min'}.. ^ &rsG!


u Mc,r.h 3o

E. 3ocioQArno-


b^^r11e"e€"A= A. Treasur"rFir*"n'-- hr;d f E' 14!'{,*:T^*--,br;s..O. NV-'-n.-X;pCJ..^i/,--


D. P*ttatr-


FO Cale^dar - Annc l+. Na,".rs Wkl - ooJ T qrzz,i*!J,a".ea


Old 3qs/ness ) tt' A. fns"rrrarr ..- - $trc^ b. Gad-*t--, f Ctass-?od C. f!tacto.-, ns-l-rjnr-- Ja^* 5,t ?. ?a'"r,1^g- C,r-,,r-r:tf<<€. o*h..r-



gu-(incss "w

/nc€.*' TL Ne,,.*
A. .,?..r.m.*a* locc.rh'o., # dis.r.rs Scf+.C luo?lcu,"- &n.i.*rrJ* tg &z"ris"Qtz t"V;*+t. /oLr,*, e lZ,,,l:ooApl

3' Q.1t^wMe.,lin3, Turr J,r^.-"iq nss @ -





Present: Chelsea Bay1or, Anna Damlanl, Joseph Graf (ex offlclo, secretary), Russ KIng, James Ozanlch, Paul Scardlna, Eddle Smlth, Den1se young. Also present: Absent: rep. ) r. II. Rod Morrell (ex officio, treasurer), TourTripp (ex officio, IAGSDC

David Garrett

Meetlng uas called Regular reports



by James ozanich


7 z3z p.m.

A. Mlnutes of Aprll L2' 1988 vere approved vlth 1. GalI raE present

the followlng


2. IV. C. Total graduatlon expense vlll be $120. 3. V. B. The club vlII have a food conmlttee. B. Mlnutes of general meetlng of March 30 were approved as submltted.

C. IAGSDC: Ton had no report. D. Nen mernbershlps: tvo III. Conmlttee reports A. Treasurer/Flnance: 1. Treasurerrs to speak vlth Davld Garrett report read and as subnrltted. .approved the cost of the nevsletter and was dlrected renevarsr oo new membershlps*

a. Denlse questloned GalI or Davld.

2. A Letter of financial clarification from David vas read to the board by Joseph. The polnts vere dlscussed by the board, and the followlng clarifications were made and motions passed uy trre board: ' a. Tape,/record expendltures: The board voted an allocatlon of $150 for tapes and records through october 31r 1988. Inclusive of the tape revlev servlce I $14.95 per tape revles and nonles not to exceed g35 per ilonth. b. Decoratlon expenditures: Denlse suggested settlng up a budget. The board dlscussed hon nruch should be spent on decoratlons and the posslblllty of settlng a llmlt on dance decoratlons. Declslon for decoratlon costs for pre-parade and other dances vas postponed untll June meeting. c. Tom vlll have a spreadsheet for the board to much and uhere the board ls spendlng nonles to date. lndlcate how

d. Frovers sent to nembers: After dlscusslon, lt vas declded --'chat at least a card would be sent to any tll nember. Flovers would be sent olll by personal donation, unless the bolrd approved sending .an arrangement at club expense.

e. Graduatlon dance: the board acknovledged they vere renlss ln no! staylng on top of the plannlng for the graduation. It yas suggested we make a check-llst fox each dance. The board dlscussed Rodrs extra expenses o v e r b u d g e t t o t h e a m o u n t o f $ 4 0 . 2 G. T h e b o a r d v o t e d n o t t o r e l m b u r s e Rod for the unauthorized expenditure. f. door fee for board. that only approval. all Dance charges: Motion made and passed that there will saturday daces ln the future unl6ss directed otheryise be a $ 7 by the

9. Expenditures vithout board approval: The board reafflrmed the treasurer has a $100 spendlng priiflege wlthout prlor board Denlse. No report.

B. Telephone Tree: C

Membershlp: Chelsea. 1. She sald she vill try to get the questionaire tlme or shortly thereafter. 2. Denise will donate brochure printing. No report. out before


D. Publiclty: E. Soclal:

James. Anna.

1. She is looking January or February. -the Aprll 2. Plcnlc space at board meetlng.


a veekend retreat Park ls set for

at Marin headlands in of $125 as approved at dance as yet. by


SL25 lnstead

3. No date or reservations Denise.


4. Board approved the
Tape/Record: Chelsea Anna.

rrsquare dance vidonrt badge as designed No report.

and Anna.

G. Calendar:

1. 2 3. 4. 5.
H. I.

June June June June June

1 Bltl tNhitefield, tapes. 8 Jlm Head, tapes. L5 and 22 dark 29 general meeting 16, Bill Harrison. Board approved $? door fee. Gail. No report. Janes. directors will for brlng Club La Star are Jlm Head, a proposal to
Bob Mann, and

Nerrsletter: Speclal


1. Posslble E d di e S n i t h . ,

2. Eddle snlth.

the June board meetlng.


Old Business A. Insurance: JosePh. 1. Joseph reported the club ln non lnsured the blg turnout. found as yet. through Decenber 1988.


B. Graduatlon/Class 1. Everyone was happy about C. MadamSunshlne: D. Parade conmlttee still


No volunteer

be a social,/parade meetlng for ideas for the 1. June 5 there will The neetlng v111 be held at 11:00 ln the rec parade and to sollclt volunteers. roon at 15th and Guerrero. V. New Buslness A. Dlscusslon Board hopes to get of hov and nhen the lnfo from questlonalre lt out by June 1 and returned ln 2 veeks. dance: a t of proceeds to go to w1ll be used.

B. June 25th pre-parade to defer cost of the parade. vI.

parade commlttee

Next meetlngs: A. Speclal nreetlng to dlscuss plans for nev Septenber class: 913 Valencla Apt. 11. L2, 11 A.M., at Denlse Youngts. B. Regular board rneeting on June 14 at Joseph and Davidrs

Sunday, June

2OG Anber Dr.

vII. vlv,s.D.

Meetlng adJourned at MTGMay 10, 1988

11:20 P.M.

WS D Soord ..€ Dircctors c.Aeelina Jun. lS, 1488 o DcruidCtcvrre#/-8*pl^rC^Q

T. Calt +D Ord-u- Ja-<s T Rgulo-r
3. I A o$ Dc Itr
inc^{e.so{ A. lV\ ""f"-t€,'-To,-, mee\rAf rclocrs Mol lO

g. New lAen,rtetsh,peDav;d

Co^-,:iir <-R"!p"*E

-(i /..t*vzt t /41.nn


e. 5oc;crl- Nnna!, d<rn.n+;on.> a)ffep^L- V)ryrr^l L % doo,{.- ht'W."t- u,,.J:fFu-

A. Ti-eas"^.. | F;nancr-- David B. frt\r.rz.vaulh;p - Chd:zr.

I eurv rcea+s- Chcl*l6 n (. Telepnl,..-T*. -Pz-ni*k7 9 . ?' u(;c- - Ja,n.g e. News l^1{€/- Oc;l R Syoicrl - Ja-.1 Club La *ar
2. Madar"-t Ocrr,rehinn-

l+. Cctl<ndx - A"',iT . Tapes^ Ch el*a- I hr"ln lvra lc^te,l lus' n ;3h+= p

3 r<{r.srt^..Jr=' tf Jrrly dancr. ?ft3



Cld 3,usi',ess
A. ?ororV Coo-,,n#. N.^oe, B - R.'h-a+ Pla, s

C. e+e^.
T. Brrs,''.=,s Nernt
A. Rcvi"^^r 5r'p+ k)s;<Ctass Plcrno

3. 9ot^"d elui7ru--,|-*erl+

_ C. appoinf n ^ f AaSDc R4> z- :t'."/ t'" (Jun. 2q) D. !;rw-r'-!. e\afencla


6. 6+l''r

$l S-

Ne*t Mec-fin3: Tucsdoy, W Adjourn,',r-'.*

12, lgSBo

1:7o pn'

There were 121 separate suggestions for in I'Iestern Star


or re-involving

more people - I didn'E have

After I finish reviewing my sheet, I will be happy t o s h a r b i t the opportunity to copy it before I came t o n i g h t . In order of preference: Social (non-dance) events Pot-lucks ' (Like Claire I s) Theater parties (group discount Eickets) Russian River camping weekend Better organizatior^ of record nights Problens with breakdowns Inprove sound Walk throughs Use sfunpler records for high energy Need for another location

13 5 2 I 2
3 I I I

8 8 7 5 ) 4 4 4 I 4 3 3 3 3 3
2 2 2 2 I I I I I I I I

Leadership nonopoly More live callers "big name" prefered Cornbined activiLies Develop club callers (and pay them) Need to inprove floor 1evel Teaching of Western line dancing Combining classes wiEh other clubs Al r,t/ Midnight Squares Use of phone tree for next class Increased publiclty publiclty for club Increased dance levels Increased awareness of different F1y-In Another retreat (ltighlands) Invite Gay Chorus & others to perforrn for Glant reunion dances Welcome newcomers with sincerity Bad attltudes WSD with other clubs

too little dancing Too much socialization, Set standards for class 1eve1'competence Praise for July series Praise for newsletter Separate review nights Preset squares to even floor level A night of APD Plus (with tlidnight Squares) and records in same night Alternate callers

Intro to.... nights Performance team for convention Buddy sysEem Plus APD workshop Monthly review with club callers Review workshops Return to mainstream Combine class and club night Create umbrella organization for al1 SF clubs Night at the Rawhide Build up club nights rather than special evencs Club dress needs iurproving No more drag and gay political activities Al-2 class Spreading ourselves. too thln Less obsession with floor level No more Al tips until plus is OK SEay away from one-upping and club outfits



0f Ehe straighcforward


Would you like Would you like I,Iould you like Would you like Would you like Would you like Would you like rnore live callers?

No 8 6l 35 23 33 42 22

Dont E Know

# Resp. 5l 49 51 52 52 52 5l

76 8 57 63 46 42

more record nights? more review nights? more workshopping? dancing between tips? another location? an earlier starting

3i l6 13 2t



Suggestions for oEher locations included specific locations such as llarvey M i l k C e n t e r , W o m e n t sB u i l d i n g , L i v e O a k S c h o o l a n d S E . B o n i f a c e , g e n e r a l l o c a tions such as near Castro, and descriptions such as near transportation, good parking, good (less bad) neighborhood. Earlier starting tiures rnost frequently included listed were 7 - 7230. dancing, with some

Dancing between tips teaching.

2 sEep and Western line

Specific suggestions for callers Marcum, Jacobs and Whitefield.

included Hnerlau, Bliss,

Desisto, preston,

Responses: . To ieed for new location and need for earller hours,

someone to speak to Y adnin re moving class task force to investigate other locations back? -

name members of force, To apparent desire for more live

when report


fewer record nights nights

improve organlzation look for more callers To desire for more review consult with callers

of record

on specific with

calls club callers

Ery to schedule review night Leadership rnonopoly lists of interested

members from membership forms members

existing committees should neet with all lnterested to select chair (nay or may not be new) no member can chair Combined club activities

more than one conrmittee

to consider and report back by next month


Western Star Dancers 58"1 Castro Street Suite 4BO San Francisco, Ca 94114


r$409?. Bg EXPENSES

STARTING EALANCE INCOI'IE donr dance dues 5CI,/5Ct vegts soda return of helium returned dep'rsit r :k F . passes

111. OO 3CI.OO 35.00 74.oCI

sFace caI ler records year t s rental badges vest trim 'rn PO box fees

s 1 0 0 .o o 9 0 .o o
33.70 135.60 64r 96 15, 14 ?5. O{) 93.36 557.16

1 r l ,0 0

oo 10c),
96. OO ?0. 0c,
$546. OO $546. OC) 1'3.64 $4091.31 {$11. 16,'.

IAGSDC dues newgl et t er TOTAL

redepnsi t Hut

Jr-rly tickets









rso.- - $o
$109 TOTAL

$33 4B







coRp. |#EAnt A urc pRopERryANDcAsuALTy rNsuRANcE &t#EA" g Arc LrFE rNsuRANcE coMpANy




D I'.#EA*"


cLS 00 25 97

4/27 /88

oL/oL/89 $ 1,000,



WoRKERS' COtPEil8ATlor{ Alto


sRG 8703652

4/27 /88




(1 usDA-2ss/88)

AUrHoRlzEDREpREsENrArrv, fupfu
(/ vrce presrcent


tl:helgea Fn-;ent: E:t-tss ll.ing, Jarnes Baylc'r, O:ani,:lrr Davld Fautl

F:c,d l"lc,rrel l . Y,rung James Ozani,:h at 7: 5f F.l"l.


(.eyl of f i,:i,:,:', rSarrett t3raf tey; nf f ici,:,) I Jnseph t :e : { , : f f i r : i r : r . } . Srrardina, Eddie Srnittr, T':rn Tripp

A] s,: present Absent : I. I I.


tliai I

tl:lresl er, Den i se _

Anna Dami an i r

Meeti ng was ':al l ed !'1i ';'yfrg1 by F.egutlar rep':'rts A. Minurtes ,:f

t"lay 1(-)r were -1988

apprcrved as written.

B . I A l S S D li: : T r r r mr € p r r r v ! s i t h a t t l r e r n e e t i n g i n F ' f r , : , e n 1 yw a s a v e r y n , = , o O : gi've" a rep':'rt at tlre general r:,n Jurne I9, meetinq. He will rneetinq and will ,:lurb dutes alE,:' write an arti,:Ie frrrr the JurIy newsletter. Tltey raised retrr:ractive tc' Janltary t,l:S!5.t)tl . The agsaciatic,n i s l c r r : r li : : q t , l i n c , l r p n r a t e . n T'lrfllwas eIe,:ted 5e':retary a n d r : a n n r : r I r r r f l { J E Fr e p r e s e n t l,Jestefn Star as r:rLrr r€presentatj.ve. Tlreref':'rer a new IAlSSDl:: epresentative r must be eIe,:ted. l:: New I'lemberslrips: David rep':'rted tlrree . r $ [ 1 i r s l ' 1 ; 1 [ : ; s 1 -n d J c , h n [ ' 1 a r [ : : e r t . A I 1 A p p l i ' : a t i ' ] r n S a , appli':ati,IrFlS: T ' r n y l - r t r l - ] r t i r ; f i ,F a t were ApprCrved.

D. Treasutrer: Davidts rep':'rt was a':,:epted as gutbrnitted. D.qvid rnentirt,F€d ti.-'t t"lay 'ras bfre first m c r n t f r , : ' f t l r i s y e a r t l r a t I ' r a d s l ' I , : , w na 1 r r , E E . H e a l s , : ' r.. ry.F,=r{ ,-. .FrtF b,:,ard that + p l e i s e l w , : , L r I db e a , : t i n g rlIaire : treasurrer LrntiI Aurqust 1 , 1 ' : r t 3 8w i r i 1 e i r e w a s , : , r ' l h c ' l i d a y . 'bime lre lrad n,:,ne ,r,f blre r r r L r tt l r a t ; t David alllr:r pr,inted bhe present ti':!,: ets f'r,l' "H,:,t Times in Jut1y." bfr,:se I t i s a s d u r r n e dA n n a D * e r n i a n i i s t r a n d l i n g gales, a n d ' 1i 1 1 e v e n t l r a l 1 y t u t r n , : , v e r r e ' : e i p t s tr:r ther treagutrer with an a,:r:,:,Ltn'brng. Ttie br:rard feI'b that a t t f r e d r r r r r r l ' g l r , : , t - t l dr a v e t i , : ! , ; e ' h E l the treasurrer pla':e fc'r butvers tc' gf,'. tr:r se11 alsr:rr BS it was the lc'qical I .l I . llir:rrnrn t ee i t r eF ':'r 'bg Denise was ab,sent, butt Jamee 1'gp';'rted blta'b f^lednesday, Jutne 15, waE dar l,: and
lre ,:a1l ed Thutr sdav,

A. Teleplr,:'ne Tree: i:verY,l'nrs t,::' rernind tIem
w#t$ trtr be a t:;peJ':ial




tl:herlgea repr:rrlgfl t :S e e the B. ilemberelrj.p; the regults,r,f FLrrvey, t-:lrel:;ea and F.altI prepared ;it'ba,:lred..i FFSpr;rngps, t,t, s':rrne,I'f the,:r:rnr:Frng Funrcre.qprl hv rnemberg, r:rn tlfe qLtegtirlrflaiy'eg,. Tlte r€Spr;rnggg will be pregented
b r r H , e

'l:fre gener.al
t:. D.



(.see atta':lted..r
nr:r rFpr;ryf,.

Futblr':ity: 5 r : r r :i r a I :




7 srrr Jarneg

r F l f , , : ' F ' lr:: d .

1. De,:,:,r€ttirlrftS: Dute t,:r 'blte f a':t tlrab blre ,:al1erts fee f,:r tlre dan':e wilI be '$338 and tlre rent $75, bfre b,rrdFd a1lr:rr:ated frr:r funds tfr--tf,arade f "- pre-trarade dan,:e slgrlr;rvBtirtrrrt3. j p,t,t tr:r De,: ,:,f 6f, i rIrFtS f ,:,r ':'t }tef danc eg: f l r 1 r f ,r ; r n w a s made and -pasg3ed : e I I r : r ra t i : f u n d E f r l r l ' d L . r :' : r r a t i , r r f 1 5 f ' t r r a n y ' I rf ' b f r e d a n , : e s 1 n t l t e H ' : r t T i r n e s i n J u I y , ,:'nIy'brtr Lrse eyiisting afid/'r'r' free !/eg r$Ltqeg:{st ed $Llpplies. I t LJE r: ctnt: en t r at e ,:rn


fr:rr:rdf,rrr these


:. r r d r f i l f l ltit e e parade Jarneg rep':'rted tlrat the lras rai sed en':rLrqh f urnds, and wi 1l fi'rrt need a per':entaqe rrrf tlre drrrrrrl' f ee f r,:rn 'btre pre-parade dan,:e. Tlrer€?frrrrEr a m,3ti':'n was made and passed t-',7.,:,f drrrcrl" fee be 31 1r:rcated t,:, tlre tlrat rr,lrnlfiittee, parade F:urssell Fepr;ryf,sf, that Anna sLlgqe:;bed tlrat any pr':fit fr,:,m tl. dan,:e might be utsed t,:ward n e w E r r r t - t f i de q u r i p m e n t . T l r e b , ; ' a r c l - ' b r : r r : r | . : :c , a , : t i , : , n n ,:'nvtl'lE gL(qqFgt i ':'n. 3. liief reslrrnents; f ,rrl' Tl'rltrsday dance June 16, ll:lrelsea was app':'inted ':hair Jutly: rtrf a sper:ia1 a':tinq refresfrments fc'r tlrese, svents. 1'3SB and Hr,t Ti mes in ,:,:,fnfnit'bee t't, st-rpp1y

E. Tapes and re':r:'rds: Eddie Smittr wi 11 cfrair a neuJ rrrrmfllittee wi'blr li:,:,cl l v l r r r l ' ' r ell t s l r e l p ,:a11ers t,:, get urnpaid I ive t,r, f i 1I a€ rnany tape niqtrts as pf'ssibie. Tlre,:rr,fTlmitteetg q':'41 is'b,:,el iminate aIt tape nights. James mentirtrt-l€d we ':,Ltqitt t,rr lrave s,:l'reduled hard F ' 1 r - r : sn i g t r t s level. ann':,Lrn':ed in ad van,: e . l]l,:rutntry,/t^Jestern dan':e is sti 11- ltns,:lredutled at presen'b. David $Lrgqtested tfrat the qeneral r n e r n b e r s f r i p 5 h , ; r ; 16 b e a S l ; : d ' b ' : ' v , : r t e , : , n s p e n d i n g ] e $::(l(l plLrs',:,n a n':'n-sqLtare dan':e a,:tivity at tlre general ':n meetinq. Jarnes aqreed tr:r plar:e it the aqenda. t ] : a 1e n d . r r : F : u s s e l 1 r e p , 3 r . t e d . t :E l t l : ; 1 6 i n , 1 r w i l l ALtgt-tst 77= Eri,: rrlrurge dc,wn ancj ,:t:,rne Lrp and Henerlaut t:aIler witfr Lrs blra'b niglrt. ) fee t,r, be $'3(:). Aurglr-rsb : Edclie Smitlr. 3 Jurly J7; F:,:'d l'1,:,rrel1. ( .l l l r : r s p ' : r n s ' : , l " e d w i t l r ApriI 19r 1'38'3: J':,|'tnny Frest':'n. Fee $5S(l El l l l a r n i n r : rF l e e l e r s , HaIl t,:, be deterrnined..r F. . dan':e A rnr:rticrn was rnade ancl passecl tlrat the sc,r:ia1 rrrtrfntllitteeawill be r&refined as a rrrtrrtfilibbes bhat dt:aIs wibtr nr:,n*sqLrare dance 6rrrr:icI ervenbs. l The l : : al .e n d a r rtrtrfTtlllittee will r t r l r f i t i n u t e h , t r b e i n , : i t a r q te r : r ' r 5 r : l . r e d r - t 1 i n q a l . t p a l . d $ q L r a r e f d . a n ' : - ' F, : a I I e r l ; . AtI d * L t * t * ' b , : , b e , : I e a r r ' : t l b f r r , : , u t g l ' rt f r e a d m i n i g b ) . a b r t r r ' . A f f i r r r t i , l r l - lw a g r n a d e s n c J p a s = e d rtrtrrntrtibteu.s Efr"r.Ll rneet tfrait .:11 e:,;is'binq ':1t-tb rnember€ b,:, sglr=':l;.t wifh..*I1 ':hairFErsr:rt-l , interested N,t,,:1r-tb rnember rnav ':haif fnr:rre tlfaff r:rn€l':r:rfnfnit'bee. In f::eep:inql wi'bh the ffirlrf,irlrn, ll:lre*lsea resiqned frer F'r,s,itirrrfi ;ts,:,:,,:lrair ':,f bhi: t*pe niqi].b rrrrrrllfititbee. I V. Ol cJ Fr-rsi ness A. Farade rtrtrffrllittee lrad n,:r j.€Drt,1"b.

F. Fietrea'b plans: finan':ia1 1rtr9.15,t'flast be br,:,ltqirt befr:rre tlte J a r n e : : a q lr e e d [:':, plcir:€ V. irlew ELrsi n ess ! A.

n,:r rEp':'rtr Davirl suqqt*s'becj bl.ret tlt-re b,t, bhe frntle yeart:; retreat, blrat fhe rdeat,t,f I'raving a retreat l;h,:'utIcl general mi:mber';hip e'b l:he qr*n{::r,*1 meetrnq c,f Jr-rne .]t, t:,r] ltr-,:; ,:irqenda f,tr]- cJiiJ':Lt::gi':in nt l:[re get-]Hrc11 mge'binq" it

E:evierw ':rf SepbHrnber l. t^le iirl: planninq


,:1i,is!:; i.:i,"ins, r l t : ! + ,r t I * r i l r 3 s t . * r L r n t l llep'br*mbi.:r'L'.i, 1'3EB et



Yf'1r::4. :'.


---t ,I,f


arE* free,trf

nrlr'b it'f,:Ir-tding
--.L i..--1

. . , - i ll :: -rFci r. -b r r - -5 -1 -3 .5- 5. i. -r l r f l


.+.t,r ^^ ., l. .J €t F -f : :. E i: ,i -: . 5 4 U "



f ree



tc, end



+. It is ':rLrr intenti,:n tr:r AS[:i E,:b Bellville tr], tea,:h t]re r:lat;s \rith ,:rr't reqltlar assigtan,:e a basis frc'rn HarIan l':.err. Fc'r ttris we ,:f fer the instrLt':t':'r t55tl per evening. Tlre first'bwn free ':ladrses we will pay b,:tlr r l ; r 1l s v s $ 5 t - , e a t f r . ,:Iass ':,n we wi 1I pay r:'nly ,:,ne ral ler Ff '=rnthe tlrird f ee. \5 . A d v a n ' : e r n a r [ ,e t i n q s t r a t e q y : i s bei n6l prepared. T]re q'ral i g t* have a rni n i murm ':rf 45 ': 1 agg rnernb s. er €,. Tlre sttb.ject was tlr':,r{'Lrqhly disrlr:;ged at a t;pe':ial bc,ard meetinq,:rn in':lutding evipenses ':'f 15 6{)r) and pr,:'je':ted in,:':,rne,r,f at least 1 $1Gt)t:l 7. Fi,rd M,:rrel 1 ",':rLLtflteered tc' act ag arclranqel ':f the new ':1asg,



B. Tfte need f'rr1'new s':'Ltnd equipment was dis,:urssed. Tlre F'r,ssibi1ity,t,f b u t y i n q l t p e a [ ! : e r s 1 i [ : :e F ' : , 8 e y t ] : i ' b y t s ! : , r b u t y i n g p l a n s a n d h r u r i l d i r r g a p a i r 1 i l . 'e N a t e : Elissts w a s m e n t i r t r t - l F d , I t w a s s u r q q e s t e d w e s l r , : , t - r I r Jr y r t r L r t F , : , g g y r : i:' b y t g t Epeal::ers Igfr]rr€ investinq ':'ners. - James said he t[r':'r-rg]rttfre qurality in sirnilar ,:r'f r:rLtr present speal:er systern was adequtate, and bhat a pers':t'l wf'r': l:irlrtrwgt'lw t,l l frandler the eqltipment gets err,rl,deslrlts, r f,fr exarnple Bilt L'Jhitefieldts re':ent SLrr:,:essfutl'bape evening. l:: . App:'intment ,:f a n e w I A r : j S D r :r e p r e s e n t a t j . v e : aqenda

wa$ pc,stp,:,necj.

D. t3eneral
1. ':. 3. 4, 5.




tl:hel :;eat g

Br:'ardt i3 gtrqqested F't'ssibilit:f F'trg13ibiIiby


tr:r stated



, . t r ' f, , r r e { : r e a t . 't'f ,.* rtrtrLrfibry,/WeStern dan':e. l.'l'3i r r r r r r ' ' r V € t r ' t b i r lt a r l: a t i r : r n rr debate"


-fripp E. T'lrfll requtes'bed permis€i'rrr-r br:r print a sqLrfirt: d"rnce T slrirt b,:, EeIl ai; tlte pre-paracler dan,:e ancl at blre parade as a 'furnd raiger. l v l r t r t i r r r t -m a d e a n d l S 4 ( l ( l h ' : ' ' $ 5 ( : i ( l b r i t rT ' t ' t T l b ' : , ' : ' r d e r ' b l r r : pr':'dr-r':tirtrt-l rtrl' l(l(l f slrrrbis 1:assi:d alttllr:'ri::.nq befr:'re the pre-parade I^JSD. dan,:e" F ' 1 . r . : r r l e e d g, t , b e r r e ' f i t t I'ri. l r j e : . ; Lm e e t i n q t]:,:rr et t Ave . *li b f'lt*etrng wilI be held 86 1-568'3 . Tr-resday, July 1i, 1'388 at James D:.,:ni,:frts. 43'3


654 ad.jr;r1-1y11 .*t 14" 1.368]


F.fl .

i ^ JS . D . .

MTri Jurne

Western Star June 1988

General to

Meeting order at 9:30 by James Ozanich

Meeting was called

There was a g/eneral discussion of the IAGSDC matters and th# Phoenix conventlon. Mention was made that the Pheonix convention committee made a profit of some $5000.00. Tom Tripp, Western Star's IAGSDC rep has tasken the position of Secretary of the Executive Board and the positlon of rep is now open. There was a presentation of the results of the questionnaire 57 people responded out of the 118 which were sent. General informatlon was persented by Chelsea Bailor: Decisevely, more people wished more live callers Requested were more social non-dance events Board responses included: - w111 check on earller start times at the YMCA - will continue to look at alternate dance locations - wll1 make more effort to book llve callers - $ocial committee wlll work on additional non-dance events - no club members w111 chalr more tha one eommittee Discussion: Some concern was expressed that we might be cutting ofpour resources by llmltlng the number of commlttees that a person can chair. The survey group acquiesced that some additional scrutiny might be necessary on the commlttee-chair issue. Many individuals felt that if people feel left out from club events it is essentially thier own fault. A list of the current standing events was reviewed. A discussion was held regarding Western Star's annual retreat. The general feeling was that the retreat is a vitatr part of the club's eharacter and that a monetary loss on the event should not necessarily be considered a disaster. A motion was made and seconded to "find someone to chair a committee to make all dlligent efforts to find a slte for a retreat for September of 1988." The motion carried 19 to 3. Richard Simonelli volunteered to chair .this committee. A discussion was held regarding a country held for the non-square dance community. contlnue to make plans for thls event. western dance to be The consensus was to

A motion was made to table the dlscussion regarding the Albuquerque,/Atlanta contention for the 1992 convention until the General Meetlng just prior to the New York convention. The feeling was that there was not enough information to curuently make any klnd of a sound decision. The motion carried. A discussion was held regarding club convention, however, little interest The final conversation of the evening "outfits" for the was expressed. was around New York

sound equipment.

The general consensus was that there was a distinct need for new and upgraded sound equipment for club events and the upcoming class. Several attempts were made to make motions on this matter, however the flnal motion read "The board shall buy new speakers by August 1" . The motion was seconded and caruied unanimousLy. There was a motion to adjourn at 11:50.

I?: ll l I
E(' \-, Nt-lE SHEET F0R: JUNE 1988 r34r191.31



\l \



Western Star

Dancers =*o*liil'l*3*'"**

San Fr anc i sr c,, rlia 94 I 14

STAFITINIS EALANI::E IN':Ol"lE door Hnt Ti mes t i :,r

EXFENSES 1$1350.OCt 160,0C1 . 00 .6C,. 48.0(! 106. C)(l 76.Ctrr 10.00 70.0t:) rent bad che':kS bad chec l"; f ee5 fees

175. (1(] 60,00 1 Q .r l 0 588. tlCI 9t. t3 6(1,00 15. rl0 L7.A?
f ee 1:5. CIo

dance passeg dues Ec,da 50./50 badqtes vests r epay repay I c'an bad che,:k


newsl etter snda vestmislregs recnrds Ti I den Par k

10C,.00 10().Q0 1$=18O.00



rF 1143 . 05

IASH OUT soda l"liI're tireen DEFOSITS

$€,0. {)(:, 1O0.0(l St0I0.00




$5(]45.86 '336.'35



6\-, CLUE









rFCt+5tl $r)+5(:)

-r$45 1F36

$9 $t4 $11 $t1

&/A 6/ t6
6/23 €,/29



HAF"'F:ISoN r$lc,r1+50
rjF:EEN .9388+75

s7$7 r$65 -ri407 <$ t 3 : I '
TOTAL $616

DAN|::E M. t3EN MT'3.

$805 $37

I 15 18

W S DB o a r d M l n u t e s


Parade Committee - A motlon was made to donate the proceeds from a 5A/54 drawing at the Anne Ubelacker dance to asslst with the parade committee loss. Upon later consideration the board also decided to make an additional $50.00 cash donation to this e a u s e . A r o u n d o f t h a n k s t o a l l W S Dm e m b e r s w h o a s s l s t e d in the Great Parade Weekend. September Class Plans - Bob Bel1vl1le will teach the September beginning c1ass. No other person will be paid for introductory classes. T-Shirts There are many shirts now open to general sales. still for sale. The shirts are

Election Committee - Jason Fontain is willing to chair this commlttee again. Gail Chesler expressed an interest in serving on this committee. It was decided that nomlnations will open on August 17 with a cutoff on September 7. The ballots wlll be mailed out by September 12 with a final ballot return date of September 28 at the General Membership meeting. Sound Equipment - At the present time, the best avallable speakers are the Yack Stacks and the Supremes. They are in the to $500.00 range. Both will be tested soon and a $450.00 declslon will be made. Consultants on thls declsion maklng process w111 lnclude 8111 Whltefield, Bob Bellvil1e, Anna Damianl and Harlan Kerr. The next meeting w111 be held Tripp at 7:30 pm. The meetlng was adjourned Respectfully Tom Trlpp submitted, at on August 10:15. I at the home of Tom

WESTERN STAR BOARDOF DIRECTORS JULY 12, 1988 M e e ti n g w a s ca rr-e d to or der by Jam es ozani- ch at z: 50. r n a tte n d a n ce : D e n i se young, Anna Damiani, cher sea Bair or ,, J a m e s Oza n l ch , p a u l Scar dini, UaJi.- diitfr , Gail Chesler and T on Tripp. The minutes of the prevLous meeting were approved as submitted. - No Report IAGSDC New Membership - Harr-an Kerr was accepted unanimousry. T r e a su re r - N o re p o rt, ther wtll be two next ttm e. Telephone Tree shall we carl again, perhaps prlor to the July 23 dance. - The commltteePubllclty ls to p a u l re ad a r eiter revlew the names of organlzatlons t o co n ta ct. ;;' ;;""*ed for contact and communlty outreach to other organlzatlons. A malllng wlIr. go out soon to re-contact the peopre from the parade who expressed l n t e re st i n sq u a re d anclne.- *""- "oee."tld that beglnni ng the first w e e k o f l u g u st r "- = fr our dIi. beJi"- ;; alr - out br ltz of the e n t lre cl ty to p ro mo te the new class. N e wsl e tte r - N o re p o rt, ar though we for a n e w e d l to r to a ssu m e the posltlon shour d begin solicitin€ In October . Refreshments - Mary pat power has been a n d h e r h e l p l s. g re a tfy appr "ciated- uy herping with the sodas -tr r * boar d. cher sea w i l l head this commltte. tfii.ouiir Juit. Speclal No report S o c i a l - A n n a ch e cke d out Asylomar for under $S0.00 per per s on p e r n i g h t a s a p o te n ti al r etr eat locatlon for lggg and/or 1ggo. W e al so h a ve a te n ta ti ve booklng at s e p t e rn b e r 2 4 l s sch e d uled for tt"- "r uuCam p Cazader o in 1ggg . far r picnr c. l{ e are l o o k ln g fo r a n e w ch a lr for thls eomm lttee. calendar - september 14 w111 be dark for l{sD with the lntention to encourage nosDdanc*"" io attend an 'n Paro Alto with .lor,n-syb"r"$,--_rJ"tIp" El camino Reelers dance c o o r d i n a te th i s e ve n t witfr a Cal_Tr in"- t"ainwe wirl be able to tr ip to and fr om the danee. T a p e s - T a p e s a n d re co r ds wilL be since there are a raree number_;i elim lnated as much as po s s l bl e out there who are ;;;i; ready, willing and able to cal]. Membership - No report

W5D 3oo.d c f Ac,Sust q,lqgr

D rrec{6,61- il\<. tr ncl

rc) lcml,',pp

t .. L c i -

it .

-l?.,'! {,1,,r'F.",-6.,:, t-,.
f \ . i i i r r r , i r . r . f / , . v . , i . r , sr t e c : h , , 1 { ) e . l y I 2) i 7 , 1 i i , . ' r c .,- 1 ,f. , ( , ( " r t l / . a r l l U c r1 , , , 3(. J u i n( - z.r) .


t^<p,,I , !) i.,.,r.,l\,\.,,r,l,,r.l.. i),1).a
'i , t r,.sr {\,i ':> i -P.,, "r. , l-

r.; _f f\ [ i,_, i.


t', W,,Atv rtruJ'o"




, i(1
( lt.t\<,


, , , l \ . * {..
\ :) i.)
t" i'1


! .,'



I:.. t'








Board of Directors Western Star Dancers

FRoM: Eddie.s^ta1//@




La Star

As an audience member or as a cast member, I have been involved with the last three Ctub La Star productions. From year to year I have witnessed a great deal of growth in the show and would like to assist with the continuing development in this yearrs show. I am interested in directing CIub La Star r88 and have prepared this production proposal information on my theatre background and a brief for your consideration. Irm sure most of you donrt know ny background in theatre and at this point have no information on which to base a decision as to rny ability to undertake the direction and rnanagement of CIub La Star. I have been involved in theatre endeavors from the performance and production sides most of rny 1ife. I have a bachelorrs degree in Speech & Theatre with an emphasis in choreography, directing and costume design. While in college, I co-founded an outdoor summer permanent community theatre which later developed into the first theatre in my hometown and was an influencing factor in the funding and building of a million dollar fine arts center there. For six years f was a member of the cast, of rrThe Campers, A Gay Burlesguerr in Los Angelds. This 6-member ensemble cast presented variety-style, camp drag revues; each show consisting of numbers pulled from our repertoire of over 350 original comedy sketches and dance routines. Every Sunday we performed two entirely different shows. f have a tendency to become conpletely immersed in aII facets any theatrical undertaking I become involved with. I have the interest in doing the same thing with Club La Star this year. of

public Although we know this not to be the case, the general associates square dancing strictly with the country/western world. Since Western Star Dancers, a square dance club, produces the show, ny thought is for us to capitalize on this rnental association by using a Western theme for Club La Star r88 and attempt to have the appeal of this yearrs production reach out to more of the community. The following are Western theme concept. some of my thoughts and ideas using the

My idea is to centralize the entire show within a setting easi-Iy identified with the West; the town saloon -- the rrsilver La Star quickly Saloonrr to be precise. Using this type location will bring rrMiss Kitty t s: to mind many images the boys from the wagon , trains, the rniners in town on a Saturday night, barroom brawls, the rtladiesrr upstairs, the gamblers, the rustlers, the town drunk, and much more. The tine period is also non-restrictive; sonqts and music from traditional, around-the-campfire to country music of today woul-d egually blend in with this setting. The way I arn envisioning the saloon-setting idea has an additional, extremely positive aspect. The entire show would need one set -- the interior of the saloon. This keeps the technical end of the production simple but, more importantly, it keeps the costs down. By simply moving a couple of chairs and tables, the stage can be free for a large cast number or become the setting for an intimate bal1ad. My thought is the show will have a continuous flow with short action/dialogues bridging the various songs and skits. This is not to say the show would have a rrconcreterr script, but more a progressing concept. La Star has developed from a general variety show to a themed variety format and I believe this is the next logical step in the growth cycle. A najor addition to this yearrs production will be a smal1 -group which will basically function as a chorus for the production the customers in the bar, the dancers at the saloon, the girls upstairs, the posse, whatever. This will not elirninate these people from doing feature numbers and will enhance the overall saloon atmosphere. This chorus wilt also greatly assist in speedy, orderly set changes. A western theme opens up the possibility for a variety of musical, dance and comedy numbers and the sources of materiaL that are applicable to the Western theme are virtually endless. For music there are the o1d cowboy songs -- the ones we learned in school, those sung by Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, oy Andy Devine -- the country music werre dancing to at the Rawhide -- Randy Travis, the Judds, K.D. Lang, and DoIIy Parton, just to name a few -- or any number of western stage or rnovie musicals -- Paint Your Wagon,

Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, or Annie Get Your Gun. Therers the old rrFair Maiden-Cruel Villain-My Herorr melodrama scenario. And most comedy skits can be easily adapted to have a western flavor. A stylized barroom fight would be a unique number, could be fun to do, and would be an exciting surprise for the audience. I believe there is really entertainment that people will There am doing no linit to the come up with. variety of


is one idea I r v e had for CIub La Star in the show or n o t , that I feel is extremely

general, whether important.

I strongly believe the tirne is past due to reach beyond our square dance comrnunity for support of this event. I not only feel that the entertainment value of the show has reached an appeal level beyond just square dancers, but also that the talent and hard work that has gone into the productions the last few years and will continue to go into the future shows deserves a larger audience. On the materialistic side of the coin, I feel monetarily we (the square dance community) have greatly supported rnany groups within the general community while being basically self-sufficient. Granted, very few of our functions can have any appeal to the general community; CIub La Star is one that can. With the possible location for this yearrs show being virtually rent free and the low production costs I believe are feasible, Club La Star r88 has the potential of being an irnportant fund raiser for us. I believe we should grab this potential and run with it. An idea I have to partially accomplish a general community outreach of this sort wiII be to do rrliverr promotions at various locations around the city. As soon as possible I would like to select and polish 2 or 3 feature numbers and, using some of the chorus people I spoke about, put together a L0 to L5 minute presentation that could be rrbookedrt into various bars or at some of the numerous functions around town as advertisement 3 to 4 weeks before the show. A live promo which is also entertaining is more guickly remembered than a generic announcement on the mike or a flyer from a stack on the cigarette nachine -- everyone loves to be entertained. I rm sure each of you has many questions about any number of details concerning this proposal. If I tried to address every detail that has entered my nind about this concept, the proposed production date, November 12 Irve been told, would be long past. AII I can say is that I have discussed many of my thoughts and ideas people and have received positive with various support reactions, and offers of assistance from many.

Nothing I have presented is in anyway rretched in stone. produced by a committee if it person in charge coordinating

here or that is in the thinking stages rr Conversely, a production cannot be there must be one is to be a success; production. aII aspects of the overall

I realize that the board of directors as its membership stands now will not necessarily be the board in office at the tine of the production; however, to allow sufficient time for all facets of preparation of the production, I feel this board must start the ball rolling. Selection of the theme, a director and final selection of the date are the first 3 steps in accomplishing this.

Thank you for taking this information contained herein.




my ideas

and the







. \-

P r e s e n t . ' c h e l s e a B a y T o r, A n n a D a r n i a n i , D a v i d G a r r e t t (ex of f icio), Joseph Grat (ex of ticio), Russerr King, Jarnes Ozanich, .Eddje Smith, Tom Tripp (ex of f icio). Also Present: Absent: I. II. Denise Gail Chesler, Rod lforrell. Scardina. 7:45 p.M.

Young, paul to

tteetinq Regular

L/as called Reports of of

order at

A. I'linutes wri tten . B. lfinutes

JuTy 1,2, 7988 meeting vere approved as June 29, 1,988 General lfeeting had no report. vere rev;eved.

C . I A G S D Cr e p r e s e n t a t i v e

D. No nev rnemberships vere reported. The membership ot Harl,an Kerr Lras discussed, but David reported that na money ar application had passed through his hands for Harl,an. E. freasurerts report approved as presented. and JuTy Profit and loss Statement are attached. F. Shanti Bal,ance Sheet

C aL e n d a r : S e p t e m b e r 7 , I 4 e L L i t e r $ B0 ($25 donation September 21, Bab BeLlvill,e Proiect as caller' papent. ) September I4, dark Septenber 28, general rneeting October 19; dark October 2A, Dave Stevens 5200 Actober 26, Bill Harrison $2A0 Qctober 12, Gold Rush hosting October 29 cancel.Led. Novembe.r 72, Club La Star




Old Business

A. .September Class Pl'ans l-. B.A.R. social cal.endar needs to be updated. Nevspaper releases wil7 come from Jason. 2 . S e v e r a l r e s p o n s e s f o r f u t u r e c l u b r n e r n b e r sc a t n e trom Bay Area Career l9omen.

3. We need to distribute signs for store vindovs. 4. Eddie Smith developed a poster yith tear:ofts to be put on poles, and a list of areas to be blitzed. 5. Advertising in gay papers: IiOTION made and passed to allocate 5250 toutard adveit-ising far a 3 column inch in the B.A.R, and Sentinal cl.assif ied sect ion, tva ads in each and one in .'Coming Up". Eddie Smith to design copy and handle financial aspects of the ads. 5. Rod lforrell vas elected archangel for the neul cl.ass to be assisted by Yvonne lfong and Alma Payne. Rod becornes an ex af tici'o mernber af the Board. 7. The Board decided to provide $25 for free refreshments for each of the tvo free nights. Rod vi77 coordinate the purchase. B. Sound Eguipment. It yas proposed that the club spend i2409.A3 for nev sound eguipnent to go aTong with the neul speakers just purchased. Proposal attached. James appointed a connittee comprised of Anna, Chel.sea, and ?om to bring back'i sinplified version of the proposal to be approved by the board on tsednesday, September 75. The Board voted to mail the approved proposal Eo each club mernber: or a "yestt or ttnott to f this expendi ture. C . J - 9 B BR e t r e a t . Sj n c e a l l d i l i q e n t e f f o r t s m a d e t o t i n d a place vete unsuccessful, the Board voted not to have a ret.reat in 1988.
D. action. Elections

T h e n e r { /c o m m i t t e e h a s p u t





Nev Business

A. Club La Star. A proposaL yas submjtted to the Board regarding Cl ub La Star by Eddie. Smith. A motion b'as made to accept Eddie. 's proposal. and appoint hirn chairman of Club La S t a r f o r J - 9 8 8 . T h e D a t e i s s e t f o r N o v e r n b e r 7 2 , L 9 B B . Pl a c e poss ibly the ?elephone wiLL be determined in the future, Company theater. James uri77 ask Eddie. to presenL a financial. propasal. to the September Board meeting. B. F7y-In. ?he Board voted not to opp()se the idea of ,: San F r a n c j s c o f 1 y - i n o n A p ri 7 2 9 , J , 9 8 9 r y h i c h m a y b e h o s t e d b y a conrnittee of interested Bay Area sguare dancers. Al.7 profits qo to a non-profit from th" F7y-In vill arganization in the Bay Area other than a dance club or the IAGSDC. In the future the cornmittee may ask fhe Board bo release cal-l.er iohnny Preston to

E 'L 'I rr z - 7 n





a Z

C . I A G S D CR e p . ?he Board voted Gail Chesler to be the cl.ub's new IAGSDCrepresentative to replace Tom Tripp, Gail becomes an ex otf ici o rnember of the Board. Jarnes Ozanich continues as a-lternate. D. Other. Anna announced she and Bill l{hitefield ui11 conduct a nev Pl.us class in Hartford House qarage starting Saturday, August 13, J,9BB. V. Committee Reports A. ?elephone Tree. B. Publicity. No report.

No report.

C. Newsletter. Gail. reminded the Board that the October vill newsletter be her last, and asked for- suggestion-s of nanes of members vho night be interested in beconing editor for the Hollis next year. Greenvood, Freemeh"stamper, and Jim Head vere suggested, Gail vill speak to each of them. D, Refreshments , Joseph offered to speak to Yvonne Wong and Itary Pat Pover to see if they wouTd co-chair this comnittee. ?he Board voted to purchase another ice chest. E. Special for Events. No report. T h e B o a r d c o m m e n d e dE d d i e a n d R o d

F. Club Caller Nights. doing a great iob. G, Outreach. No report.

H. Social. Anna reported that the Picnjc wiLl be at ?iLden Park on September 24. The Boarr) allocated $250 to Anna tor refreshments. A n n a w i l l r n a k c .f o o d p u r c i r a s e s a n d c o o r d i n a t e the selling. Anna reported she plans to organize a )itney service irom BAR? to the park. Tom suggqsted poll inq .nernbers at club nights in order to determine the amount of food to buy, VI. Next meeting to be Tuesday, September 73, and Joseph's 246 Amber Drive, 285-7076, t./II. I " l e e t i n g r { / a sa d j o u r n e d at 70:45 P.l1. 7988 at David


Here Decisions and recornrnendations of the Eoard o{ Directors presented chair Chris Andersonto the mernbership by meeting agreernents were reached: the following After discussion, the proposal 1. HSC to accept conversion necessary to effect l'lai-nstream,/Fl us c I ub. to arnend the tdSD bylaws where frorn a Flainstrearn to a

wag of dance pass indef initely 2. l"lotion to extend validity year Eoard recornmendation that currect defeated; egr the year was atrtrepte,d. l"larch 31 of f ollowing dance passes expire Agreernent that to implernent the 3. (By congensus) will consist of concept, Club nights Hainstream/Flus dancing {rom B:15 - 9:.lO; a Plus worl<shop tip l{ainstrearn BS time 9: f,Oi f oI leuled by two or more f uI I plus tipsr permi ts. Agreernent to feature club callers 4. (By consensus) per month, as an etronorny rneasure and to give night callers an opportunity to cal1.


sne Club apprentice

(By consensus) Agreernent to extend cla=ses, 5. corninencing with the clags currently in session, through PIus level , r.lith graduation cerernonies continuing to be held upon ccrnpletion o{ l'lai nstream. (Ey consensus) Agreernent to sponsor 6. one {uIl PIus dance per month, pref erably the second Friday of the rnonth. F.loted Dancers is expected that Foggy City to sponsor a {ull Flus dance once each month, in the second half o{ the month. 7. Schedule approved. of highlight events o{ L9AT r{as reviewed and

ulere Eolicited 8. Volunteers by ltjo rvolunteers EventE Cornrnittee. {or 9. The nece=sity 's o{ the Cl ub current taere sol icited.

{or the 3peciaL Tom Tripp were imrnedis.telv co=erved.
I n Vl. etAJ

Club fundraisers was discus=ed., ' f i nanci aI cri si s, and rnember=

i dea=

privileges 10. The iggue o{ Board voting {or ex oficio Board gt length. rnembers Has debaterj A complicated serieg o{ moti ons, amendrnents, and counter-rnoti ons was f i nal 1y reEol ved (1)the with an agreernent that Board would obtain legal privilege= opinion as to whether e:<tensisn o{ voting to o{{icios in any way jeopardized the Club's legal =tatus; (2)the Board would continue to al1ow ex o{ficios tc vote unless and until there was legal reason to do other+rr.se. The rneeti ng was ad j ourned at appro:< i rnatel y 1 1 : 15 F1"1.

art' t-:


hjestern Star Dan':ers 584 tlastr': Street Suti te 4Bt-t San Fr an': i s,:,:, ll:a 94 I 14


Bi \N[E SHEET FOF] JULY 1,388 \/ STAFJT NI:i EIALANT::E I 5045. 86 I Nr::0t"lE
d r:rr:rl.

848. r)0
gp a': e ,:aIlEr fees

40r).00 588. tlt) 37.73
F ar ade ll,trfDfll.


T i m e s t i , :k e t s

46{1. (10 60, 0(l 10. (l() 49. 0(:t

dan,:e passeg dures 5t) / 5t) sr:rda EubI et T shirts l at e pmt . t::arnp Swi g t c ' t " l id n i g h t Sq.

newgl etter dr:rnatiCrn st amps

(:)(:, 5r:)-. 50. 00 33. tl4

r18, 45 75,00
171 . O(l 6,Q. (l(l

Surnslri ne T ehirts


50. o0 5l{1. 84 470.00 t3.7'3 :r:3.4t

Ya|::5t a,: l:: speal::ers
l. er: l:'r dg

Navi eAtr:rr TraveI

d r : r n A ti r l r f l . 5 8 . t ) ( l




I::A5H OUT pnstaee




; 4{ t:r.Jl

Surnslrine lJuteen Larry l.Jartl TOTAL

5(:).00 163. (:'(:) 166.31 1743. 1,+
':,fl ?a




485:. ':7


( rr: .ez>




l.lestern Star Danrers 584 tlastrn Street
Slti te 48tl San Fr anr i sc n, tla ?41 14 September 31, 19BB

. Freeman Stamper 135 Sancher Street S a n F r a n c i s ' : o r t l a l i f n r n i a ' 3 4 11 4 Dear Freernar, 'The letters rights. ':ffi':ir:r qeneral '\-,

B n a r d a f W e s t e r n S t a r D a n c e r s a { [ : :n ' : ' w l e d g e s t i r e r e c e i p t *f yeLrr tw,: 'ab':urt y'rur feel inqs regarding ey; nf f ici,: Brfard rnernbers and tlreir voting ,rf al lnwing T h e B c , a r d w n u t l d 1 i h : e t , : r e m i n d y ' : ' L rt h a t the pra':tice era rnembergi'b'3 vr3te was flrrrt granted by the present Brs,hrdr but by the rirembership at tlre general meeting,:f De,:ernber l(llr 1986, rnernbers, 'ieels that discc'ntinlred. l^Jhe'blrer it is rnr:rrfr11y

Ther present in,:lutding Bnard, bhe present rr:/i rrffir:ir: er:bending v,:ting rigfltts t,:' n':'n-e1ec'bed perE':'ns r;lt':'urld be r:tr flrlrt r:rne r:rtrfisiderg'bl'te let;lality i s s u t e , ' b h e B ' : t r a F df e e l s in,:':,rrett t,:, rttrrntinUe'bltiS FrrR':'biCe

rtf evi,:ffir:irl B u t ' bi ' b i s a f a , : t b h a t t t r e v ' f b : i n g r i g h t r ; Errrard members mutst be eIiminated by a v':'te ,r,f bhe qeneral rnemberslrip. The Baard d('er; rr{''b irave bhe p pra':ti,:e rigftt L'l,dr:r gr:r wibh,:'t-t'b r,:ving'bfte i1Legal . The Brrrard h':'pi:t; i1: will b e p r , s s i b i e t ' : ' : { ' n v i n ' : e b l ' r ' : , s ei n a t ' b e n d a n ' : e a t t h e l n e y ; t q e n e r a l m e e ' b ir r q t h a t ' : f a 1 l r : ' w i n g n r r r t - l - t * 1 x r ' : t E tp e r ' s ' : ' n s ' b r : v ' : t e r : r n t l r e E r : a r d i s r n , : r * l L y tlre pra':ti'le j ':rf s Lawyer tc' re-qear':h the issure'rdrr.rld be a wts':'ng. The Baard feels tlie l'tiring si:eabIi.s elipense '3Lrr ';:Ir-tb,:srl i.Ii. ,:tf'frtrril'11: bfrj.s; time. Tlte Bc'ard requtest's yt:'Lr i:e iJrreserrt ab i;iri.:r ineetin,l ,:rn Sep'berni:er iB, . * n C g \ d t J y , : ' L t r - 4 3 L r p p ' : , r 'tb: b h e d i ' s , : ' 3 n ' b i n L r a n r : E t : ' f b h e e:/ipregg y'3Ltr ft*eLings ' pra':tirI€ drf al 1'rwinq ety:,:rf'[i,:ir]r bc,ard inefnberg'brt' v'rte. 5 i n , :e r e 1 y , -/-) / l^Jegtern Star ./ 1'38€ l;r'

,,/ t-/ fnr Dan':ers Fr]'ard




Expense Auditoriuur $

La Star L987 38O.98

L988 Proposed* -0-

Cornments Bell charge for the Pacific There is no rentat Included (L50 Montgomery, 26th Floor). facility Kitchen for audience needs. & tables all chairs for. food and beverage service facilities are




36s. 38

$ 4 O O .0 0

available supplies has some haII decoration Facility we choose to use them --. plants, free of charge if be for actual Major expense wiII etc. tableclothes, pro_lection equipnent, in place Video saloon setting. - no charge. and at our disposal good stage lighting; they will has fairly Facility provide May need supplemental bulbs we need. Spotlight once set design finalized. Iighting reguired. rental with in-house WSD sound system used in conjunction system should be more then adeguate for our needs. In-house can be run from two different.Iocations 4-nike and cassette (back of haII and backstage), - no rental fee involved tape capability



$ r - 0 0o 0 .



Programs/Tickets ,/ Cosffning Food & Beverage Caricaturist Miscellaneous TotaI
'tAIl figures rrbest

e bgo

No information


Lg87r townspeople, saloon workers, -- buffer estiroate only. by beverage sales etc.

$t_so.0Q $ L 5 0 .0 o -o-

rrChorusr needs plans No definite



be covered This expense will performance. during


$ e 4 0 .o o


guessrr estimates.


SILVER IA STAR SAIOON PRELnIINARY BUDGET - 9/1_3/88 untir together virtually following we get into the actual activity of putting fn the needs, the show it is

and can then irnpossible working

identify production specific to trsettr an expense budget. proposal

I have attempteit to estimate the costs of potential needs based on past rrl,a Starrr activity and my own production experiences. One important impact use of suitable free! on the the to Pacific our windfall BeII has occurred outcone which of this will is


have a najor show: very is right the

oveqall needs

financial and,


auditorium. with

The facility BiIl,

more iurportantry, the in

Anna Damiani

and I net they itens

the price the pacBell the hall. use; for our


who handles

management of the the with budget

He gave r have

us an overview of what 'detailed many of these On BiIIts reserved November costs to us) present donate time. that if the for L4.

have avairable

cornments. has already through been tine overtime back must be he wilr weekend for again at for space he

reconmendation, our use from This regular provides business hin

auditoriurn November ll, the thus



set-up/tear-down eliminating to Bilr us that have be charged

needs during



be incurred actual that

(and would but

everything during the overtirne rehearsals

was done on the event, he would us that

weekend. inforrned

nonnally when it

receive use the

He also


we could

additional no charge.

or meetings

was available,

When I have a better abirity costs. detailed, of the people production, r wilr





of with

talent this

and year,s


in working infornatiorr,

be abre to


particurar I will

needs and cornpile a nore

As soon as I have this more specific budget.





,1 *doE;t po


ur- hli 'd



' -ranal p6:upryrl .U ru,r)p
'.olzl,lt:nL @N tr -o',.rv _T2"8 tl -u=e\) -+ntpq .q .r:ppf - rz<Ie1 j sau/?f -fD""dg .! -zolK


-*"1 uornb? pwnry.{_ suu[{wDf).aq% V l\nzr"rrrrq plo .tr;f



Y24, t, lztD - sf_uo q*)lL

.) 1.ry ftas_cn2N !"*pC -)o:lryd


z''roqdzlal- .U




ry,edft+-,"d.?LJ-rpuxyD 'l I
+r.d-d_ s-t-?)nsne)J_ :.J'q=-a4w>W WN
' o ' 0 , i , 1 ) ' ,t . i r i ' , ! u 1 ' ; , -


?es "VT

.D .L

, 11 , : , , 2 J ; n f U l 4 F

; ) -,cI o-. ,rit,E"g tlq)

li I

rzV-r.*) "'. +
F'n'/ l:",:
.Yuyyae',1 tvJ+)ilt(T -'l--

(i, ?G c , 'q.i q*trwa#.6



4o t .\..:- Ttvot J



llestern Star Dancers 584 Castro Street Suite 480 San Francisco, Cd 94114

\-. S T A R T I N GB A L A N C E INCOME door dance passes dues 50/50 soda d i rectory

BALANCE SHEET F O R : s4852.27

A U G U S T1 9 8 8


320.00 120.00 8.00 . 18.00 " "t7.28 1.00

space caller records ne\d class nerr class food for nevs letter refreshments ads plcnlc . fees

s250.00 190.00
4.44 50.00 243.00 250.00 5 9. 1 0 2 2. 3 7 25.00 5E.88
cash box ( 950)

50/50 tickets stamps f.ox e lect i on soda increase

10.00 LL72.79




CASH OUT s oda

33.88 s450.40 . 2 3..2 8 $4185.04 <s557.23>





I{estern Star Dancers 584 Castro Street Suite 480 San Francisco, C E I9 4 L l - 4











50+50 $0+50



c1R >I


8/L7 8/24 8/3L


s30 s1-48 s24

$r.8 s45 91s

} T E N E R L A U S 9O + 5 0 CLUB -S0+50








I4estern 5*ar l)ar:,:ers 584 Ca-rtr': gfreet S z z :f e + 8 0 Sa;r Fra,ucjsco, Ca ?4114 Il_y "i *n:.p F .j,'t,tl,: :,r.J R,: ir,:r t f ,sr tl:e 0r*o,*,erj?fi7 *o F.tu.eu._/ggB qt
rT [.M


I [J/. ,']llt F

I .Jrl

PROFT / LO55 i
+7 E :/ ':!7

, ' q

- j







W' -.

. 307 .08



sh :;^ts



.t ,v,.-r








;!o? .18

.::- /+.03.:l




{ 225 Sanchez St San Francisco, CA August L2, 1988


The Elected Members of the Board of Directors Western Star Dancers, Inc. Dear Board l,lembers:

T h i s l e t t e r i s b e i n g s e n t t o e a c h o f y o u a t your home address because I want you to be aware immediately of its contents.
As you know, I have been concerned since the matter became public knowledge about a year and a half ago that our Club is operating illegally under the laws of California. I have once again discussed the matter with a senior associate who specializes in corporate law at the firm where I work. It was hdr opinion, based upon the issues I presented to her, and remains her opinion that Western Star Dancers is engaged in management practices not allowed by the State. This is my formal request that the Board of Directors of Western Star Dancers, Inc., immediately cease the current policy of excluding the administrator, a duly elected Board member, from voting on issues before the Board and of allowing ex-officio members of the Board, who are not ef,ilted by the general membership in accordance with the By-Laws, a'voting voice in decisions of the Board. These are the facts I. the election officers. that I presented:

The By-Laws of Western Star originally ca11ed for of seven board members. There were no desiqnated

II. When the CIub decided to incorporate and to become non-profit, tax exempt organization, the By-Laws had to be in order to conform to State 1aw. The major points amended were 3 number of Board members A. Elimination of a floating because of resignations during the term of office. There could no longer be "five to sevenr" but there must be a specific number at all times. The number r.rasretained as seven elected Board members.

The Elected Members of August J-2, 1988 Page 2

the Board of Directors


B. oeslgriation of the three officers required by State Iaw: namelyr pr€sident, secretdrlr and treasurer. We were sucrather cessful in requesting the use of the word "administrator" than f'president" because the Club did noL wish to have the semantics of the word "president" overshadowing the original intent of the By:Laws. I t r . r a sd e c i d e d t h a t a l l t h r e e p o s i t i o n s would be appointed by the elected Board, that the administrator must be a Board member elected by the general membership, and Sat tne secretary and treasurer-could-be appointed from any qualified members of the club. fn order to give them a designation to indicate their expected attendance at Board meetings, t h e s e c r e ' - a r i r e n d r - : 3 3 s u r e r ' . g ' e r er e € e r r e d r - o a s e ' v - c f F i e i o members. C. The Board does from time to time designate other positions as ex-officio ministerial because of the need for knowledge of Board decithose individuals to have first-hand sions. Twp such positions carrying that designation are the former position of'HaI1 lr{anagerand the current position of I A G S D CR e p r e s e n t a t i v e During the tenure of a previous Board, a Board III. member, upon reading Roberts Rules of Order convinced that Board that the Administrator could not (was not permitted to) vote exmember further convinced cept in the case of a tLe.l-'IntBoard the Board that the designation of "ex-officio" bestowed upon the powers of a Board member as though elected by recipient the full went into the general membership. That philosophy, or policy, effect and has been passed on to succeeding Boards. I brought this matter to the attention of a previous IV. Board and the issue went before the general membership. Because legal opinions between the corof confusion as to the specific porate attorney I had contacted and a worker's compensation attorney another member had contacted, the general membership policy. decided that it would sanction the illegal Based upon the above facts, there is a strong opinion outside governing SLate that the policy of the Board is entirely Since law. No parliamentary procedures can override the law. is an elected Board member, (s)he must vote on the administrator No nomenclature assignilo Board all issues before the Board. not elected by the general membership can give them lEsonnel on the Board other bhan to attend the Board meetany authority and perform the ministerial ings, discuss issues as appropriate, to which they are appointed. duties of the position If challenged by anyone, all actions of the Board of poficy would be voided and Directors taken under this illegal judicial A case in point remedies would be allowed. appropriate would be an insurance claim under our insurance policy which the insurance company did not wish to pay could be declined because

The Elected Members of August L2, 1988 Page 3

the Board of Directors

{ the policy llas obtained by inappropriate This case authority. may seem irrelevantr but the fact remains that the Board of Directors is not acting in accordance with the By-Laws nor State jeopardizing law and is' therefore, the corporate legal status of the Club by alEering the voting por.rer of the seven Board members designated by the general members to create legally binding decisions and contracts on behalf of the Club. The Board nor the Club has the authority to extend the voting power of the Board of Directors beyond those seven persons elected by the general membership. Again, i r=quec'r th?,t the 9oard i::uneCialely cease policy. €unctioning under this ilIegaI Please let -nre know by August 31, 1988, that the Board has ceased such policy or I feel lhat I must bring this matter to the attention of appropriate Cal.ifornia regulatory authorities. Respectfully,



Fr eem an Stanper

{ 225 Sanchez Street San Francisco, CA


September I,


Ms. Kathy Lowe California Lawyers for the Arts ATTN: Arts Arbitration & Mediation Buildinq B, Room 300 Fort Mason Center San Francisco, CA 94123 RE: D e a r 1 , 1 s .L o w e : Western.star


Dancers, Inc.

Pursuant to our Eelephone conversation today, enclosed is a copy of my letter to the Board of Directors of WSD, dated August L2, 1988; and a.copy of the By-La$rs, as revised on January 23, 1985. The only subsequent change to the By-Lavrs vras changing the focus of the dance level from mainstream only to mainstream and plus, which is not at issue in this dispute. Please proceed to arrange for issues. mediation of these

Very truly


Freeman Stamper Enclosures cc: wlthout encLosures ,{lestern Star Dancers, Inc. ATTN: James Ozanich, Administrator 584 Castro St, Suite 480 San Francisco, CA 941I4 Board Members

add'1 cc's to aII elected at home addresses





Present: Gall Chesler (ex officio), Anna Damiani; Dayid Garrett (ex officio), RusselT King, Jarnes Joseph Graf (ex officio), .Ozanich, Eddie Snith, Denise Young "'' ' Absent: Chelsea BayTor, Paul Scardina.
f '

I. LI.

l{eetinq Regular

was called Reports




7:48 P.t4.

A, lfinutes amrnended:

of August 9, 7. f tem IV.B.

7988 rneeting vere approved_ as strike t'or the fAGSDC. "

B . f A G S D Cr e p i e s e n t a t i v e

had no report.

fhe nembership C. l.Iev Hembers: Hovard Neckel vas approved. of Harl.an Kerr vas clarified and added as so recorded in JuIy minutes. D. ?reasurer's repott approved as presented. Ealance Sheet and August Protit and Loss Statenent are attached. 7. Results of mernbership polTinq on new sound eguipnent vas YES-43 NO-L3 ABS?AfN-1. TotaZ 57 returns. ?he eguiprnent was purchased FOR 52294.73 on September 7, J-988, leaving a check ing account baLance as of th.at date of 5J,484.4J,, .i.oss started 2. September vi77 in Ju7y. continue the trend af a monthly so for

3, David suggested that since the bal,ance is Iov, the Board needs to keep a cLose vatch on expenditures the rest of the year, E. Cal.endar: October 5 Ben Goldberq III. Committee Reports A. ?elephone ?ree. B. Publicity. No report. 5J,00.

No report.

C. Nevsletter. G aj l s a j . d s h e w o u l . d a s k F r e e r n a n S t a r n p e r i t he vas interested in axting as editor. She offered i.i to Galen llorkman and he refused. She vi77 ask Harry Koga it he vill

h a n d l e : u s t a r n o n t h l y m ai T i n g o f c a l . e n d a r a n d f L i e r s someone steps farvard to be editor. D. Refreshrnents. unsettled. Anna yill for soda and chest. E. 9pecial Events.

unt j l

Joseph reported soda person L/as stjll check vith Carmel.la for a staraqe place No report. Gold Rush ryil.l be on October 12.

F. .Club Caller G. Outreach.

Nights. No renott.

H. Social. Anna reported that tlre Pjcnic vill be at ?ilden Park on September 24. ft is nov a bring your ovn faod event. There yill be sa.le of beverages on7y. Anna ryill return 5250 all.otted by Board Less the cost of the beverages. Anna vilI harrdl.e sal.es at the picnic, Anna r.rill vork out the Togistics of transportation from BART, Iv. Old Business A. September cLass pJans. J.. Approxirnatefy order Si cl.ass mernbers and L5 an gels. class rnembers registered in

2. We need 44 payjng to break even.

3. GaiL otfered to make separate maiJing Labels for cl.ass members in order to rnake neysl.etter mail ings available to them so they vill feel more a part of the cLub from the beginning. B. Sound eguipment 1. Nev eguipment is the YI'ICA. 2. stored The old eguiprnent is record stored at Annars. house. is working veTl and is. stored at

3. hrestern Starrs at Anna rs al,so.

and tape collection

4. The l"Iorantz tape deck is stored at.Har.lan's nov, but Gail vants to use it, so she ryill then store it unti soneone needs it. C. Club La Star 1.. ?he Board discussed the cost proposal


presented \--

by Eddie.Smith. The Board directed Eddie to eliminate costunes $IASA

as- a budg+t *3^ 3. A rnotion vas made afd passed to allocate to the 1"988Club La Star directed by Eddie.Smith with no aLloyance far cost overrun.

4. Due to the present bank bal,ance of $7484, the Board decided to have a garage sale headed by. Denise Young on October L5 and 75 to defray same of the cost af Club La Star. D. Fly-In. f 7y-in on April from his . The Board reiterated that the San Francisco 29, 3-989is. not q f unction of tsestern Star.

7. A motion Lras passed to ref ease Johnny preston previous contract "reith l{estern Star for that date.

Business -Net+l A. Club dance level: Eddie Smith plans to present the proposal at the general rneeting: All l{estern Star f olloving dances and club nights shall be aJ,ternating mainstrearn and plus .l.evel.s (red l ight . green Tiqht) . t{hen the current class has plus level instruction, t/estern Star shall become a finished plus leyel club again. A motion was passed that the Board ryill support Eddie's proposal. B. Agenda fox General lfeeting L. Feedback on sound system. 2. Report on response to po77 on sound system.

3. Eddie Smith's C. Ex ofticlo concern:


I . ? h e r e r r r a sa d i s c u s s i o n of Freeman Starnper's letters to the Board concerning the voting rights of ex officio mernbers. ?he Board decided to include these letters in the minutes of this meeting. They are attached. 2. ?he Board decided (including the ex officio n e m b e r s p r e s e n t ) t h a t i t r . r d sr n o r a l T y v r a r y g , r e g a r d l e s s o f t h e lega 7ity, f or non-e.lected members to vote on Board issues. ?he Board decided to ask the rnembership at the next general meeting to rescind the policy of aTToving such voting privilegres passed at the generaL meeting of December 10, L9B6,


3. The secretary ttas directed by the Board to vrlte a letter to Freernan Stamper acknoutledging his letters, the Board's position, and reguesting his attendance at the September general neeting. 4. The adrninistrator suggested he ask the general mernbership f or suggesti ons on hour to sol.ve the problern of tilling positjons the secretary and treasurer rr'jthout voting rights if they are not elected Board rnernbers. One possibility is the concept of a by-lavs cornmittee, Another ppssibility is that the treasarer be another elected positjon. VI. Next meeting to be Tuesday, October 11, 79BB at 7:30 at Anna Damiani's, 132 Hartford St. ?his rvill be a iaint neeting of the ctld Board and the nevTy elected Board. VII. l4eeting vas adjourned at J-J.:25P.t4.


g;t* 41"Qne

l,.legte,rn Star Dance*rs 58,,{ tllal:;f,y r;, St r egt $nite "{8O 13an F-r *n '::i :i,: c' , tlta '34 I I 4 liiep:tember ;:1, l.'1BS Fr t*eimair 13'L *rmper !ii5 liian':he: $treet t ] : e r lj . f , : l r n j . * San Fran,:ig;,:':'" D**rr Frc*ern*'ln,

'34 11,{

Tlre [1c,ard ':'f l,.Jet;tern $t;lr Dancers n c f : :n c ' w 1 e . l c i q e l ; t ] r e r r e c e i p t c,f yr,Ltr.Lw,:l lettr:rs rtegfrrdirrq y':'Ltr feelipgs,nb't,r-rt * l : . . ;r : r f f i r : i r : r F r : * r d rnetrnber:i ancJ their.V,:tingl 'flre rJ.ghts;. l i i t c , a r c l k , ' : ' L . r l . cL i [ ' : e ' h , : : ' i " e m i n d y , t , L r t t i a . b t l r * l F ] r r r , :t:j . r : q l r i t r . f a l 1 , : w : i . n q l f f i y ; ,:,f fir:ir:r rn#rnberli; 'b'i:rv':lt$ r*rat$ r"lritt qrantt*d hy {:lre prc**ri*nt B,-,*rrrJ, br-rt by .Lhcl qeneraL membe*r'sl'ri.p at 'l,lrt* q*lneral mnertj.ng ,urf I)e':::emlrer J.(-lr l.gS6, v T h s ' r ; : r t * * e n ' b E l r r r # r r d yi n , : l l r d i . n q ' b l r * pre*ent elli,:rffirtir-r melmber*, .feelg.bliat e:,:tendinqV':'.Lj'n!Jrif}ttfiitr]]rfr:1|..l-.f].s'::.hHtJ[}g}r.!s':'rl$g:ilt,:'utlc|betc|ig':,::,nti,ntc.'ld r:rr t'trtrt r::'t-lr* rrtrfisider.::l .Lh(p lpr;lal.ity r j.I' fn,:,ri*I1y : i . r ; t : ' r - r r . t uh m F t , : t r < i r ' { Jm f , | l l ; i i t t f rtrtrfitjnlre tlris . in,:,trre':t'LC' Frfi{.b:i,:e.r" But'b it:is <n l'a,:t tlrat tlre v':,.Ling riqht*,t,f ey; r3ffir;ir;, Brsard rnernbers rnr-r,st be el imj.naterj h y * V r t r ' b € , t ' f ' b l r e i l g e n e * r a L r n e m h c l r ' * f rj . p , T l r e H ' r a r c J d , : t E l s rn r , . b l r a v e t h e * 'Tfrct 'Lttt'* pr+itrrtirurr ilI+:lga1.. rigltt t c , d r i l $ ' : ' e ; ; [ ' f [ 1 , ; r u t ' [L r , : r v i n f l B':,$rd I'r,::pr:* it will ] 'thel ne:,:t qeneraL ':jc'nVin':e tlrC'Se in .rt'Lerrclan':s .',rt he pn*isj.hle'b,:' meertinq ttt,n.[: t l r e p r S r r t i r : s . t ' : ' f a 1 1 c ' w : i n q f i , t r f ' l * t l 1 s . l ' : ' L e dp E r l ; ' : ' t ' l s t r : r v r : r t e r : t T l ' b h e E t r : r s r d i g f n { , r a l 1 y r,/r':'rlqJ" The El'lrard feels ':,f a l.awyer tlre [riring tc' r'gt:eerrrh tf're i$$r-r{* r:{rr.rld be a gi;:*.rb1tJ rF { 3 } i l f { . J t - t 1 3 : : r L t r, : : L t - t b ' : A n i 1 . 1 , t f f r : : r r r l { : i t t t r i i ; ; t i r n e .

Tl'te Bc,ard rerqlte**tu, y,:'r-.r b*r';:r'*rs*rrt ;.irb th:i* mee{:j.n6l ,:tn $e;:teml:elr ;jSr e : / j p r e : ; s y ' : . : ' L t L f e t * l . i . n q s a n d a d d y ' : . , L r rt ; L r l J l r ' : ' r t t n t h s : d i r : , : : r t , f i t i n L t a n ' : e d , f t t r e . pra{tire c ' f * r l 1 ' : w i n g l € t . . / r : r f' f i { i r : r b c ' a r d r n e r n b e ? r g L r : rv c , t e . i S i n , :e r e l y ,

l'3SlfJ .b,:,


Llan,:ers. $r:,ard

WESTEF:NSTAR DANI:ERs IYIINUTES GENEF]AL I,IET,IEEF;SHIP T'IEETIN'3 tl:al1ed tc' nrder September. 38, 1989 \_-'sent: tg member;




\ &

James Oranich

I ' Annc,uncement: headed by Denise II. Agrenda Iterns:

A Western Yr:rLtng.






f {,r Oct,:ber

15 and


A. Freernan Stamperts letters tr, the Er*ard. Jarnes rJpnrteO that Freeman Stamper had wr!tten tw'l letters tr: ttre B,rard regarding the legal.ity c,f aII':wine e:,i crffir:icr b,rard rnembers tc' vc'te. Jarneg rerninded tlre mernbers ttrat the ex rrrffir:ir: v*ting right **s qranted byntlre general mernbersfrip ':'n De,:ernber 1Or 1985r and therefc're, tlre qeneral rnernberslrip lrad t,:''resr:ind tlre pc'J.icy. Ttre present B*ard, in,:lutding tlre present e:': r:ffir:icr rnernbers ELlppc'rt the r:'n fittrrAl qr{'Ltndg, afid" a Jtr:rtir:rfi r.Jag reqUested. digcr:'ntinLranr:€ rlrf tlre pra':tire 1 , A d i s , : L t s s i ' 3 n f , : , 1I ' r r ^ r e d . T h e l e g a l s t a t u t e s wl'ri,:lr had been noted earlier a t a B c ' a t r d- r n e e t i n g - w e r e researrlred by tl:lrelsea and dis,:nvered nc.t ta. pertain. Freernan rer:aFped tlre lrist':'ry rrf the issure. S':'me rnernbers whc' llad s':'utqlrt legal ,3n tlre issr-r6. advice fc,urnd tfrat dif ferent lawyers disagreed t, A rnr:rtir:n was made tr: maintain t h e s t a t u r g q u r , : 'u r n t i l we re':eivs a leqal reas':rn in writinqt tc' dis,:c,ntinure tlre practice. l"lc,tion defeated.

r: r:tnr: f gt


3. A.rn,:,ti,:rn wat; made tr:r dire,:t tlre BrlrAFdt,r apF,rint a By-Iaws i 1 - r m it t e e tc, resear':h a n d m a l :e s u t g g e s t i ' : r r - r E i ' t , a m m e n d t l r e ' : I u r b b y - 1 a w s t : ' n t h i s : t i ssure and r:rn any ':tirer iss3utgs r:rr F,:'ints tlrey deern ne':egsary. l"lr:rti':'n passed. 4. A rni:tic,n was rnade tc' dire':t tlre Br:rard tc' discr:rntinure'blre FFdr:ti,:e 'l'f all':'tlinql r'trtrfi-€1er:tedBr:rard rnemberg t,l vr:rtE at tlre next Ertral.d'meetinq and aIl futtutre F':'ard meetinqts rtnder tfre ':Lrrrent by*1aL,s, M r r r t i r t r np a s s e d . A F'r':p':sal t,: a1'ber dan,:e levels by Eddie Smith:

1 . [ : r , : , r nt h e e n c J ' ] , f t l r e r m a i n s t r e a r n ' : 1 a s $ e s t h r , : ' l r q l h t h e F l u r s c l a s s e $ , a 'lf l^lestern Star dan,:es ancl ':1r-rbniqfrts shal1 be mainstrearn and pluts rna.jr:,vify level dances t:e.g. rerj iiqh'b./qreen t ^ J h e nt h e r : L r r r e n t c l a g s ligtrt.t. fras f inished ,1 ':1urb aqain. tlte pluts Ievel se':ti,:nr l^Jestern 5tar s f r a l f S 5 s r; r s 1 p p l n l ; l e v e I a p y ' ; r p r ; r g ; 1 1p a = s e d L t n a n i m ' : , t - r gy 1" III. New Er-rsin*sg

A . t l . la s s ' b e a , , : h e r . T h e i a ' : L b l r a r t E t , : , bF e 1 1 v i 1 1 e i s i . 1 1 ' : a L r s e d t l r e n e e d f n r ,a sutbt;ti'bt-tte. TirerE was a dis':l-tl3si':rn 't,f h':,w t': t;,:'1ve tlre pr':'blern, gin,:e the ':'f a re':Ltrrs*n':e e:.:is'bg. p':r:isibility The mernberslrip dire,:'bed the BrtraFd tc, s':'1ve bl'rit; pr':,b1em. B. T h e e 1 e , : t i ' : ' n { ' : ' m m it t e e 1. tl:helsea Bayl':'r ':. Sr:rrrtt t::arey 3 . J r r r s c 3 P ft f r x f 4. F.:c'cl ["]':'rrel1 a . n n ' : ' L t n ' : e dt F r e n e w l y e l e c t e d 5. Jarnes O:ani,:|r 6. Eddie Smitlr 7. Fatty t^Jhite F,rard members:

l"le*e'L :lng ad.j,:rurrnsr:l *t

1t-t:5tj F, l"l.

df Pt/c'cr(vs rt-/re*-J lN 5 D Turr/ //, /q tg @ te-.- ,1r,,7Cc*,






/ new


baarc/< )

f , C'a//

72 Crrlen-' Ja,<


Kegc,/ar K-/o.4s : 4. 2/,n",/.5 4 &tinu 6oo-or'/t (*fl.
,7 y'/nu y'<s y' Acrrrera/ ,*/a3 ( *pl 0. .TAGsDc R<po,y' - C,c.,/ D. fl/zt, l7Jernftzrs;h./',s - Dan d "?5)


f , Treasurers f.po.ls* )au c/ 4n"a' f (aknr/d. /{V/a-fu' ru h-or, He. XeVo./s:
4. 7e/.ptto/)e 7re* - De.t )t< e. -SVea,"a/Ja.,,-o

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hJestern Star Dancers 584 l:astr':' Street Sni te 480 San Fr an,: i sc 'r. lla 94 I 14


DATE '1/7






F'UNI::HES OTI.IEF: FROFIT .'I 5S::. I NI::. Lif : S1 : 1i15 .,::-$96.r ',:. -$!'3:l

# OT FEOFLE 16 1rl .




$31 ls 6

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T-51-1i F:T gALES

if U T'I-AY

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Gr-.ef', Fnrit.h, Rr-Jsse|| H :i n B , F,.=tt;,., t,Jhite, R,:,J


t l :h e I s e . = Ft-e:5'ant: F.a1,.,|61-, sCC'tt r -. e r - e 1 . , , - l , : s e F h 1 .-l arn'=E tlt .Eni':h, f'lnr-t-'=ll' . = F . E r - r l : i ;c . a r - , l i n . e , E,J,Ji,= 1rr,3r-tFr.3. ft en i se | " .lls n .F,r-E|s*nt t:lnn.: l tl .ai l' t : l - r r = . =e r l: , : l. t r l G : i n t : : i ,

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Western Star Da,nrers 584 Castrg Street Sui te +B{t San Francisco, Ca 94114

CII]TOBER 1 9 8 9 !sI 463. 04 EXFENSES

$ 167. t:t0 1 1 . r-rr)
q{! ':,E;

r ent ca1 Ier fees Oueen

450. O0 500. 00 33.oCI 79.30 100, o('t 3r,60

$urnslri ne

':lass dures return dante


1 ( 1 8 4 .( 1 0 B. (10

newgl et t er r I ass badges
Cl asS bad bad

surbgt i t t-tt e

'f,f pir:nir: passeE


17S.(13 30, Cl{l

34. 6CI 4 { 1 .o o

E t a ra g e s a l e repay ,:f bad tftetl:

,:lte,: k clrec l: f ee

1 6 , .r ) O r$::54.18

5. OO $ I t73. 50

r--:ASHOUT Surnslri ne Oureen


$33, rl(l


d.-.r.:r.:, ry4itI.


.t o IU






$ '39{). 68

Wegtern Star Dancerg :"584 tlastrc' Street S u r it e 4 9 0 San Franrisro, Ea 94114

l rll5 CLUE



$tE $':7 $50 $56


OTHEFJ F . R O F I T I Nt:. {LOSs} .i -tS'38,r


|S0LDBEFj|S 15100+5(l

$t4 $15

10,/ lt

.r::LUEr '30LD F:USI{ lFrl+5rl STEVENS
HAF:F;ISON iF3(l(l+50 !il0()+50

{:-1s I }'
* i- 1 7 9 l r $11 TOTAL ':.- 147 i. *l -rS433 i.

17 22 t8

1rl/10 -rlLUB
TC, /,}& I:LUE



U E S T E R N T A RD A N C E R S S B O A R D F D I R E C T O RN E E T I N G S O T U E S D A YD E C E N B E1 3 , 1 9 8 8 , R p B o a nd m e m b e n s n e s e n t : S c o t t C a n e y , J o s e p h G n a f ' J a m e E0 z a n i c h , Eddie Smith, and Patty Uhite. B o a nd m e m b e n s b s e n t : C h e ls e a B a y l o r a n d R o d f " l o n n eIl . a 0thens pnesentr Ed Conley and David Gannett.
I. Cal 1 to 0nden The meeting uas cal I ed to onden by administnaton Eddie Smith at pm on Tuesday, 7t40 Decemben 13, 1988, at the home of Joseph Gnaf, 206 Amber Dnive, San Francisco. R e g uI a n R e p o r t s II. A. l"linutes of the pnevious special boand meeting (Novemben 13) a n d t h e p n e v i o u s n e g uI a n b o a n d m e e t i n g ( N o v e m b e r 1 5 ) L J e n e n o t available fon nevieu. B. 1 > E d d i e S m i t h i n t r o d u c e d c l u b m e r n b e nE d C o n l e y a n d a n n o u n c e d that he had agneed to accept the position of club tneasunen, 2> presented the Novemben 1988 treasuner, 0utgoing David Gannett, financial nepont shouing a cunnent bal ance of $1854.45. 3> David noted that thene uas one unpaid invsice to date fon 5L4,9t fnorn BRS Squane Dance RecondE David uas hesitant to pay the invoice i as the changeE uene incunned by a USD memben uho uas not authonized by the boand to make Euch changeg. A motion by Patty, seconded by Scott, to pay the invoice uas rnade and passed. Eddie ui I I speak uith the membenin quest ion and cl anify oun financial spending policv uith him so that simiian incidents do not neoccun noted in the future. 4> Eddie that Bi I I Uhitef iel d u,ag posseEion of oun music collectioni cunnently urill in Eddie discuss the need to punchase music r,ri.thBi I I and the boand agreed not to spend any funds on music until a neu suideline and needs schedule could be uonked out. 5> A motion by Joesph' seconded by Scott, to accept the tneasunes nepont passed unanimousl y. C . N o n e u m e m b e n s h i p a p p l i c a t i o n s L J e n ep r e s e n t e d . D. 1 > T h e n e r . , a s n o n e p o n t f n o m o u n I A G S D Cn e p n e s e n t a t i v e , Gai I C h e sI e n . 2 > J a m e s n o t e d t h a t 1 9 8 9 c o n v e n t i o n i n f o r m a t i o n h a d b e e n neceived f nom Neu York and in Gai I's absence he r,.roul pass the d pentinent information onto the neusletten editon fon desirnination to oun club memb€FS, 3> The Neu York committee asked for a specific contact penson fon mail ings etc., the boand agneed that it Ehoul d be oun dul y el ected nepnesentat ives to the IAGSDC, n a m e ly G a i I a n d J a m e s . E. Thene Lrae no nepont from the bylaus revision committee.

F. 1> Scott nevieud the calendan fon the msnths af Decemben i988 and Januany 1989. No neu dates at this time.2) Scott has spoken uith our contact at the YNCA, Canmela, and has resenved eveny fionday and UedneEday thr ough June 1989, pl us sevenal special

I,JSD N BOA R D E E T IN G OE CENBER , 1988 13 , d a t e s p r e v i o u sI y a g n e e d u p o n b y t h e b o a n d . 3 > T h e n e u i I I b e n o nent increase f on YI1CA facil ities at this tirne. 4> Joseph g€conded by Patty, motionedr that ue al locate $77.00 fon deconations at the annivensany dance, llanch 19. llotion cannied. I I I . C o m m it e e R e p o n t t s A. No Tel ephone Tnee Repont. B. No 0utneach Repont. C. Nn Publicity Repont. 0 . N o N e u r se t t e r R e p o n t . T h e b o a n d d i d a c k n o u l e d g e t h e n i c e j o b l Patty did uith the Decemben eusletten. n IV. 0ld Business y A . P l a n s f o n g n a d u a ti o n o f t h e l l a i n s t n e a m c I a s s , J a n u a n 2 3 , L , e n e revieued. R o d u i l l m a k e a r n a n g e r n e n t sf o n d i p l o m a s a n d c a n o n d e r fnom BRS Squane Dance Reconds i f neceseary, cost uoul d be m i n i m a l . U i t h a s s i E t a n c e f n o m R o d , J a m e s r , . r iIl o n d e n b a d g e s f o r t h e n e u rg n a d u a t e s / c l u b m e m b € p s . S c o t t s e c o n d e d a r n o t i o n b y P a t t y that the cl ubr hot the neu gnaduates uoul d pay fon thein neL, b a d g e s. l l o t i o n p a s s e d . B. Scott nou has al I t-shint inventony in his contol. Scott r'eguested that all shir tE be sol d f on $5.00 aE a uay to I iquidate t h e i n v e n t o n y a n d . n e c o u p s o m e o f t h e i n v e s t m e n t. L,as It suggested t hat the ned "Hip to be Squane" shints be sol d fon $8.00 as original I y intented, and the other shints, fonm vanious nuns, could be sold fon $5.00. This uas agneed upon on the basis that f i g u n e s c o u l d b e a d j u s t e d d o u n u a n d i f s a l e s d o n o t g o u l e ' Il initial ly. It uas also noted that 28 shints uene unaccounted foni l J a m e E k n e u o f s e v e n a l a n d r . l o ud u o n k o u t s p e c i f i c s r ^ r i t h S c o t t . V . N e u B u si n e s s A. The boand appcoved a pnoposal by Bill Uhitefield and Bob Bel I evi I 1e to have a netneat on the rleekend of Januany 2I and 22 in the flanin Headlands. All club membens ne uelcorne to attend a but the focus of this event uill be fon oun cunnent llainstnearn c l a . s s , P l u s l e v e l t i p s ' * , i 1 1 b e o f f e r e d . A m i n i m u mo f 2 0 p e o p l e i s requined. The cost uil I be $35.00 per penson and include thnee meals, checks are to be made payable to Bill l^lhitefield dinectly b u t t h i s i s a I J S Ds p o n . s o n e d v e n t . e B . E d d i e d i s c u s s e d t h e n e e d f o n a n e L rf n o n t d e s k p o l i c y / f o n m a t t o be init iated on r,lonkEhop nd cl ub nights. a Sevenal suggestions u r e n e m a d e b u t i t u a s d e c i d e d t o I e t t h e n e L Jt n e a s u n e n g e t a f e e l fon the j ob befone any changes uene implemented. C. 1> Scott pnesented a pnoposal to neorganize oun cl ub and class nishts as follous: Effective uith the ueek of January 8, 1989r Lro s u l o u l d m o v e o u n t n a d i t i o n a l c l u b n i s h t f r ^ o ml a l e d n e s d a y t o l l o n d a y g . This usul d allor,l us to f ocus oun traditional club night a c t i v i t i e s o n l " l o n d a y s h e r e u e c u n n e n tl y h a v e m o n e b o d i . e s d a n c i n g u o n a n e g u l a n b a s i g . T h e n e f o n e u e c a n b e g i n a n e L JB a s i c / f l a i n s t n e a m (The instructons fon the neu c I ass o n U e d n e s d a y , J a n u a n y l . 1.

I , J S D O A R O E E T I N G ,D E C E I 1 B E R , 1 9 8 8 M 13 B c l a s s a n e a g r e e a b le t o t o t h i s d a y o f t h e u e e k c h a n g e a s u e l I , i. €. Uednesday nathen than Tuesday as pneviousl y discussed. ) Curnent club mernbenuho cone on the llondays in January uill s be tneated to sevenal ful I Pl us I evel tips and uil I have the oopontunity to revier,l al I cal ls alons uith those taking the class fon the finst time. In FebnuanyL,e uil'l besin to teach the Plus Iist on llondays and offen sevenal fulI plus tips. 0ne honday per month ule uill hine a live callen urho can nevier^r calls as n e c e s E a n yb u t t h e n i g h t s a n e i n t e n d e d t o b e f o n f u n d a n c i n g o n l y . The fees uril1 be $3.00 on the nishts Bob and Bill ane teaching p r fon those membens*rho nefen to use and $4.00 fon a live callen; pass' only one punch urill be taken. Bob and Bill r.rill the dance not be changing USDfon thein calling senvices. 2> Scott also p n o p o s e d a p n o g n a mf o n g e t t i n g t h e n e t ^ l e d n e s d a yc l a s E o f f U the gnound. Fon detai I E pl ease see attachrnent A to these ninutes. Aften discussion, these tuo proposals uene agneed upon by al I o rnembens f the boand in attendence.3> Thene uas a consensug that Scott could spend up to $75.00 on pnomstion of the neL,class, 4> Eddie agreed to contact the I ocal press and give them detail s of the neu class fon thein neepective cal endan sections. D. A motion uas made by Patti and seconded by Scott that ure not change class membenso attend the special club night r.rith cal len t E n i c H e n e n la u o n D e c e m b e n 4 , a n d t h a t r ^ , ec h a n g e a n e d u c e d f e e o f I $ 2 . 0 0 f o n t h e c l a s s m e m b e r sr " r h o t t e n d t h e c l u b n i g h t u i t h Anne a Uebelacher on Januany 4. llotion failed. E. A motion Lrasmade and sec0nded that the dance pasEes be sold at a neduced nate sf $25.00 betueen Decemben 14, 1988, and Januany 25, L989' at uhich tirne it urould nevent back to $30.00. f l o t i o n p a s s e d u n a ni m o u sl y . F . E d d i e m e n ti o n e d t h a t F n e e m a nS t a m p e r u a s n o I o n g e n i n t e n e s t e d i n m a i n t a i n g t h e m e n b e n s h i pd a t a b a s e a n d t h a t a n e u ,p e n s o n u a s being sousht. Ed Conley voluntened to maintain the infonmation. Scott and Patty both offened assistance, espical I y in the p n o d u c t i o n o f t h e a n n u a l m e m b e n s h i pd i n e c t o n y . G. Eddie has been in contact uith the San Fnancisco Dance Committeer producens of the fly-in in April 1989. The event ulil l happen. Some events ane planned fon the San Fnanciscan Hotel. Thene uill be tuo callers. Thene is no need fon moneyfnom lr,SD. H. The next meeting uill be held on Tuesday, Januany 3' 1989, 7:30 pm at the homeof Eddie Srnith, 115 Haisht Stneet *3' San F n a n ci s c o .
lleeting adjounned by motisn at 10t45 pln.

R e s p e c t i v e I y S u b m it t e d , James R 0zanich, Secnetany Uest enn. Stan Dancens


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BALANI::E S H E E T F O F :: STAF]T N6 B A L A N T : : E I I Nr:Ol"lE

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m e m b , p n p f e s e n t i S c o t t C a r e yr J o s e p h G r a f , " R o d } l o n f e l l , ,s J a n e s O i . a " i i i c h., E d d i r i l ; , S n i t h , a n d P a t t y [ , . l h i t e . , i. j B o a n d n e r n b b . r 'a b s e n t I C h e s e a B a yI o n , s I ...: r ""j' :,.: ii ... E x - o f f i c i j o ' m e m L ' e n i s l e i s g 6 1 IE d C o n l e y . ,p ' ' , ' . i ^ i i ' r , . . ..,rt''' E x - o f f i c i o m e m b e n s , C b s '. d h i t " i ' 6 aCI h € 5 1 n . i e F ,r i 0thens pregdlits nBne. , i ';;i'"'


'' 1,:1,.ji.. .: ' :"' I. Call to Onden .').1lir ..r,'it t T h e m e e ti n . g L r a s c a l I e d t o o r d e r b y a d m i n ' i s t n a t o n ' E d d l t . r i l * " ' ' ' m . ah ' T u q s d a v , ' ' . J a n u a n v3 , 1 9 8 9 r 3 t t h e r h o r f r # f ' E d d : i e , s m i , . t , h , 7:51 pm on o . , , i115 Haight Stf pet #3, San Fnancisco. 1 'l' , '',,' II. Regulan Reponts A. 1> The''fninutes of the special b0end df di"rectons''iireetins held N o v e m b e r 1 3 , 1 9 8 8 ; L r € r - e p p n o v e d b y m o ti , , o n . . u i t h , . . L h ef, o l l : o u i n g a . c o n n e c t i " o h s : N o c o m p u t e n c o m m i t t e e u a s f o F m e d , r n e n . e l ys u g g : , e F ! e d ( p a g e i l a n d i t u a E n e i t e n a t e d n a t h e n . t , , h d ns t i , p u l a t e d i t h a { t : i s l u b : nights r..rould e ned I ight,/gneen l ight (page Z,n last ,pan'agnahh). b 2 > T h e m i n u t e s o f ' ' t h e r ^ e g u l a n b o a n d m B e t - i " n g e l d N o v e r h b e r.-' 1 5 r : h 1 9 8 8 , u e n e a p p n o v ' b d b y m o t i o n u i t h , t r h ei " o i . l o u i n b c 0 n ' n " e c t i o n s i R u s s K i n s a n d E d C o n le y a n e n o t t h e , c o : c h a i n s o f , , ' . ' . t h e , : . , , s o c i a l committee but ndthen ane r.rilling to consider takii,ng"spec.ific social cornmittee tasks as they anise (paEe 1, Ili; E J t ) . r g3 ) r l i n u t e g ' b f t h e D e c e m b e n g 8 8 b o a n d m e e ti n g u e n e n o t ' ; a v d ! l s - l g 1 fon nevieu.
t: ' :! ''' : r ""': ,.. 1..,.-;,;,;r.,

': B. Eddie ment,ioned that oun cunnent centificatel bf deposjt.r,.rould matune again in Fbbnuary. Aften some discussion James mqtione.d, seconded by Rod;'i that ue let the.:certificate t se f ' l Jn etn , e L , ',:p ta s sl e d C automat icl y ' making no changes at . ,this time;., ion

ia:, : C. llotion uag made to accept the application of. Doug Eldridge as a m e m b e ro f U e s t e n n S t a n D a n c e n s . f l o t i o n ' p a s s e d g f r a : n i i n a i u f Jiy. D. No IAGSDC epont. r E . N o b 1 I a u s c o m mti t e e n e p o r t . F. 1> The onlv item to add to the calendan at this time uas that B e n t S u e r e n u r o u dl b e c a l l i n g f o n u s o n l " l o n d a . y , J a n . u a r y 3 0 , 1 g 8 9 , ' fon a feeof $75.00. 2> Eddienequestedthatscott,''look into hining a callen and Echeduling a dance for';satunday, "0ctober Zg, 1 9 8 9 . 3 > S c o t t a l s o m o t i o n . e d t h a t B e n t , a n d R f r o n d aS w e n . e r ' b em a d e h o n o r a n v m e m b e n s o f U e s t e n n S t a n D a n c e r n so n , , ! , h g i n ' , . c , o 1 r t i n u e d f by " ]'passed senvice to the club. ['lotioned seco,ned, R o d . . a n dr ^ r 1 i i j 'l be unanimously. James i"ri l onden special badges ,andthey l ' , p n e E e n t e d t o B e r t a n d R h o n d as n J a n u a n y 3 0 . " .,;,.,, ,. , G. 1> Ed Canley pnesented a pneliminany tneasunen,s ".oo.t fon


4 , . . ' ' . ' l



I , J S D OA R D E E T IN G,JA NUARY T989 N B 3, D e c e m b e n 1 9 8 8 . S c o t t m o ti o n e d a n d P a t . t y s e c o n d e d t h a t the pnelimany repont be accepted. llotion passed. A final nepont uill be available for the next meeting. 2> Ed clanified that the neL, s i g n a t u r e s f o n t h e c h e c ki n g a c c o u n t u o uI d b e : S c o t t Caney, Ed C o n le y ' J a m e s O z a n i c h , a n d E d d i e S m i t h . 3 > U n i t e d S q u a n e D a n c e n s o f A m e n i c a h a v e n e c e i v e d o u n c h e c k f o n i n g u n a n c e p n e m i u mb u t a n e a ' ls o r e q u e s t i n g a n o s t e n o f m e m b e F E . D u e t o t h e c u n r e n t A I D S health cnlsis, it uas suggested that ue rnaynot uant an insurance c o m p a n yt o h a v e a l i s t o f o u n m e m b e n s 6 r n o E . J o s e p h G n a f u i l l b e D a s k e d t o c o n t a c t U S D Aa n d c l a n i f y t h e n e e d f o n t h e m t o h a v e t h e I ist and al so to inquine exact I y uho might see such a I ist. 4> Scott has located a possible bookkeepen, Beverly. She is a former t , . l S Dc l a s s m e m b e n a n d i E u r i l l i n g t o l o o k a t oun books and negotiate a f ee. She is based in Sacnanento. Scott uil l r,lork uith Ed to nound up oun nel ated financial books and papens and m e e t u i t h t h e m t o s e € u h a t a n r a n g e m e n t sc a n b e m a d e . III. Comnittee Reponts A. No telephone tnee nepont. B. No outneach nepont. C. Eddie has sent information on our cunrent activities to l o c a l n e r ^ r s p a p e na s a u a y o f p u b l i c i z i n g o u n u p c o m i n g c l a g s . s D . N o N e u sI e t t e n n e p o n t.


I V . 0 ' ld B u s i n e s s A. 1> Scott seconded a motion by James that ure not charge class membens to attend the Anne Uebelachen club night on Januany 4, llotion passed. 2> Rod nequested that ue update the infonmation and make an appnopniate amount of copies of the packetts to be h a n d e d t o t h e g r " a d u a t e sa t t h e g n a d u a t i o n c e n i m o n y , J a n u a n y 2 3 , The packet uill I^JSD,a include a letten uelcoming them to join questionaine on their feelings about hou the class L,as taught, and thein individual dipl oma. 0then pentainent infonmation can be added as uel l. B. Scott noted that ue had sold some of the t-shint inventony but that sal es urere not brisk. James suggested ure keep the prices as stated at least thnough the month of Januany and also put a plug in the neusletten that the shirts uril I be available at club nishts and special events. C . P l a n s f o r t h e J a n u a n y n e t r e a t a r e r . . r e l lu n d e n L , a y . A l t h o u g h t h e t u e n t y p e o p le n e g u i r e d h a v e n o t p a i d i n f u l I a s y e t , mone than t u e n t y p e o p le h a v e e x p n e s s e d a d e s i n e t o a t t e n d . D . S c o t t n e v i e u d u p c o r n i n gd a t e s a n d s p e c i a l e v e n t s i n n e g a n d s t o He also subnitted P n o m o t i n s o u n n e L rc l a s s . neceipts total ins $78.00 fon the prom0tion of the class. A s S c o t t r . l a so n l y a l l o t e d $ 7 5 . 0 0 , P a t t y m o ti o n e d , s e c o n d e d b y J a m e s , t h a t p a y S c o t t t he full amount, llotion passed. E. 1> Eddie read a letter from i.he San Francisco Fly-In Committee giving some detai ls of the event and al so nequesting .to use oun 2


U S D B O A R DI E E T I N G ,J A N U R A Y , 1 9 8 9 I 3 s o u n d e q u i p m e n t . R o d r n o ti o n e d t h a t L r e a l I o r ^ r s e o f t h e e q u i p m e n t u unden the control of Hanlan Kenn. Scott seconded the motion. J a m e s o f f e n e d a f r i e n d l y a n r e n d m e ntth a t u e n o t a s k e s p e c i f i c individual to be in contnol due to impnactibi I ity of onl y one p e n s o n b e n e s p o n E i b le f o n a n e n t i n e u e e k e n d . R o d a n d S c o t t a c c e p t e d t h e f n i e n dI y a n e n d m e n.t J o s e p h e x p n e s s e d n e s e n v a ti o n s o f not having eomeone be nesponsible for oun equipment, flot ion passed 5 to 1. 2> Scott rnotioned that ue offer a contnibution of S100.00 to the fl y-in committee. Seconded by James. Aften d i s c u s si o n , m o ti o n p a E s e d u n a ni m o u sI y . V. Neu Business A . N o n e u Jc o m m i t t e e h e a d s a n n o u n c e d . B . h f u n d n a i s i n g s u g g e s t i o n r ^ , a st o h a v e a t u p p e n u e n e p a n t y . A t u p p e n u , a n en e p n e s e n t a t i v e m a y b e a v a i l a b l e t o c l u b t o o n e o n t u l o upcoming club nightE. C, 0ther neu,business included: 1> Joseph r.rill bning soda and ice fon the club nisht uith Anne Uebelachen, Januany 4,2> Scott ulas c o n c e n n e d o v e n I a c k o f a t t e n d a n c e a t b o a r d m e e ti n g s b y e I e c t e d a n d n o n - e l e c t e d b o a n d m e m b e p 5 . A s n o p n o c e d u n e sa n e i n p l a c e t o deal uith this issue Eddie uil I speak to those involved. James suggested that ideas could be pnesented to the bylaus committee. 3> Rod noted that cl asg membenE nl y coul d neceive a special o negiEtnat ion discount if they uene pl anning to attend the Neu Y o n k c o n v e n t i s n i n J u n e . / J u ly a n d n e g i s t e d b y t h e e n d o f J a n u a n y . 4 > R o d u i l l b e t h e a n c h a n g e l f s n t h e u R c o m i n gc l a s s t h a t stants Januany 11, cl ub membens vonne lrJong nd Al ma Payne ui I I assist. Y a 5 > I t u a s n o t e d t h a t t h e p a r k i n g l o t b e h i n d t h e Y N C Ai s n o u r b e i n g locked pnion to our ending time. uas suggested that ue It announce thiE at the next couple of club and class nights as urell as mention this in the neueletten so that dancers do not get Jr:cked out of thein cans ovennight. Scott uas asked if he could E p e a k u i t h Y | l C Am a n a g e m e n a b o u t k e e p i n g t h e I o f o p e n I a t e n o n a t n e g uI a n b a si s o r I e a s t u h e n L J eh a v e s p e ci a l e v e n t s . D T h e n e x t m e e ti n g t r i I I b e h e l d o n T u e s d a y , F e b n u a n y 1 4 , 1 9 8 9 , 7:30 pn at the hone of JamesOzanich, 439 Conbett Avenue *2, San F n a n ci s c o .
lleeting adjounned by motion at 10120 pfi.

Respect ivel y Subnri ted, t Jarnes R 0zanich, Secnetany Uestenn Stan Dancens

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