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Art Integration Unit Plan Template

Art Integration Unit Plan Template

LTC Art for Children

Unit Title & Big Idea: (Define the BIG IDEA?) What is the big idea that is being investigated in
this lesson? How will you connect the big ideas about art and artists work with the art making part of
this lesson?
-Creating a My Missouri Stamp
-Blending physical and figurative aspects of Missouri with the student creating the
- The culture of the student and that of Missouri will be connected and shared
within the class community.
-Using Keith Harings style will also be a requirement in the students piece
Unit Overview/Summary: Why is this important to teach? What do you hope to accomplish?
-Extending the 50 States unit, students will each design their own (postage)
stamp for their state in which they live in, Missouri. The postage stamps will be
completed on and appear to look like large-scale stamps. They will need to cover
most of the space on the map. There should be six objects on the piece: Name of
State, Price of stamp (limit under $5), Important date for the state (i.e. 1803 LA
Purchase or Missouri Compromise), 3 objects that represent the culture of school,
home, town, city, or state. Its important to know about the state in which we
reside and appreciate the tradition and background of it. In addition it doesnt
necessarily have to be historic, it could entail something recent that has
reinforced our state as a whole.

Key Concepts (3-4)

What will students learn and KNOW about art and art making from
this lesson?
List as facts about art and artists and works of art. What will

Grade Level/Class Periods Required:

2nd -5th grade level
2-60 min class periods

Materials/Equipment/Etc: MATERIALS,
(Teacher and Childrens), posters, articles, websites)
and PREPARATION REQUIRED- what materials,
tools, and resources do you need for this class? What
do you need to practice and prepare for this lesson?
What did you learn from creating your teaching
-stamp shaped paper (available online)or
just use large blank paper depending on
Stamp history intro 5 minute video
Essential Questions (3-4) What questions guide the investigation in this lesson?
What will students discover and investigate both about art and art making?
What will you ask that will guide the purposeful exploration of materials and ideas
that will produce meaningful content to the creative production?

Art Integration Unit Plan Template

they learn from an art, art history, and art criticism discussion? What
will they learn from the art production part of the lesson? What key
concepts from other core subjects will they uncover?
-Keith Haring Pop Shop style and its impact of raising
- Study the piece TV and SEE NO EVIL, HEAR NO
- Construct a piece with the similar Pop Shop style on the
- Using social studies, address a serious topic through Pop Shop
in that image on the stamp.

What do Harings pieces tell you about detail vs. simplicity?

How do Harings use of annotated vibrations affect the art?
What other type of messages can you express through Pop
How can you connect Pop Shop to Missouri?

Unit Objectives: (Excellent resource at

What learners will DO? List beginning with the student will
*(NOTE: Evidence of the objectives and concepts attained make up your assessment criteria below)
- The students will investigate two things before starting any physical art making
- Students will dive into Keith Harings work and the message that it sends with colors and annotated vibrations.
-Students will have prior knowledge of Missouris history, although will engage in a brief clip of postage stamp history.
- Students will then pencil the outline of their stamp and once that is done, the sharpie comes next to thicken the exterior of
the postage stamp
Grade Level Expectations (GLEs)


National Core Art Standards

Anchor Standard #1. Generate and conceptualize artistic
ideas and work.
Anchor Standard #2. Organize and develop artistic ideas
and work.
Anchor Standard #6. Convey meaning through the
presentation of artistic work.
Anchor Standard #8. Interpret intent and meaning in
artistic work.

Core Academic Standards (Common Core State Standards)


SS3 1.6, 1.8

SS5 1.5, 1.4
SS5 1.4, 1.5
SS3 1.10
SS 3 1.9


Art Integration Unit Plan Template

Anchor Standard #11. Relate artistic ideas and works
with societal, cultural and historical context to deepen
Content Areas Integrated:
1. Visual Art
2. Social Studies

Lesson Titles in Sequence/Order with TIME and

MATERIALS needed for each portion
1. 20 minutes-materials (collage or group of Keith
Harings Pop shop) Observe and Reflect on Keith Harings
Pop Shop style
If time permits, have students create their own since
theyll have opportunity in the stamp to create one.
2. 10 minutes
Have students engage in this video of history of postal
stamps and the importance of them. Short class
Discussion after the video.

Identify & define common vocabulary/concepts that connect the

art form with the other identified subject area(s):
Pop Shop- Rhythmic line (I call them annotated vibrations)- lines
annotated to show expression for figures in art. Keith Haring is a
prime example in his work.
Brief Lesson Descriptions

(2-3 sentences each)

Students will enter Keith Harings perspectives on art and its ability
to use simplicity as an awareness raiser. Students will create their
large scale stamps with materials and on the stamp will include 6
objects that are important to the student (Name of State, Price of
stamp (limit under $5), Important date for the state (i.e. 1803 LA
Purchase or Missouri Compromise), 3 objects that represent the
culture of school, home, town, city, or state). Have students
attempt to use Harings style to their culture piece.

3. Remaining time of class periods have students begin

and complete their work with
-large white blank paper
What student prior knowledge will this unit require/draw upon?

Art Integration Unit Plan Template

-History of Missouri
- Changes in Missouri since the Civil War in education, transportation and communication
- Outline issues of Missouri statehood, such as the Missouri Compromise)
What activities will you use to engage students in imagining, exploring, and/or experimenting in this unit?
Describe, specifically, how you will allow the students to engage with the media, the concepts, and other objectives in a
playful manner before they are excepted to produce the final work. This section should accentuate how the PROCESS
informs the product

In Keith Harings work he expresses social themes, problems, blessings. I want students to be able to do the same thing
in their stamp. The Pop Shop is the form that simplistic enough for students to realize what is really going on in the
I want kids to be at play while they make their own Pop Shop
In addition I want the students to be at play with the postage stamp, although there are 3 required objects to be on the
stamp there will be room for students to create their own culture with their own imagination and prior knowledge.

How will this unit permit/encourage students to solve problems in divergent ways?
- Recognizing their visual reminders from Harings pieces worldwide will encourage students to believe in their hallway
displays as a way to set cultures in school.
- The Pop Shops are an innovative to bring up and discuss issues that through collaboration can be minimized.
Deeply describe how this lesson allows for students to solve problems, aesthetically as well as scholastically? What about this
lesson allows for divergent outcomes?
The various ways to incorporate Pop shop in addition to the three culture objects that will be diversified throughout the
classroom. Students have potential to share with others and engage in meaningful conversation.
How will you engage students in routinely reflecting on their learning/learning processes?
What art talk questions can you engage your students in that will help them in reflecting not only on the product, but also
the product? What reflective practices can you think of that will help them in transitioning from start to stop?
-Students will emphasize the culture of their state and transmit it into a Pop Shop
- How can your piece tell me what is right or wrong with Missouri?
-How is your art expressing what is important to you about Missouri?
-What other ways can you express what youre trying to draw?

Art Integration Unit Plan Template

How will this unit engage students in assessing their own work?
What opportunities will you allow your students to display, describe, or evidence their learning?
(Describe what student success looks like and what evidence you have that learning has taken place). You should include formative and summative
assessments. (See Beattie and Stewart/Walker texts)
-I advise students to display their work in the hallways at school to set the tone for students as a reminder of what culture they encourage.
-Think Pair Share with students in the classroom will allow them to translate back and forth each meaning for their art.
What opportunities/activities will students be given to revise and improve their understandings and their work?
-For students who finish early will have the opportunity to choose a different state and create their own preferred culture
through the images theyll create.
What happens when revision is needed? How will you handle that in this situation?
- Having students explain to the teacher what is happening in the image verbally or using writing will spark questions for
the teacher to implement for him/her.
- If revision is needed, the first thing a teacher needs to do is show that theyre proud of the effort but in art effort is just
the beginning of an endless journey with art. I say this because you can pour your effort into various ways in drawing.
How could you show me the importance of this object in a different way?
What opportunities/activities will you provide for students to share their learning/understanding/work in this unit?
Think, Pair, Share and Twitter Talk will be engaged during this activity. These are two ways that students can bounce ideas and
displays off of each other with positive feedback.
Presenting the work in a meaningful way. How will this be accomplished?
As a teacher, I will create a large enough poster that can fit each students Missouri inside of my Missouri poster. Well present
or display for a period of time in the hallway or classroom!

How will you adapt the various aspects of this lesson to differently-abled students?
How will you differentiate for your diverse classroom population? How will you keep students engaged? What will you do to challenge students who are
highly talented? What have you planned for those who finish early?
For students who are highly talented, I will challenge them to create a new state (different) stamp with the same objectives
and guidelines as the last one so they wont be idle when others are still working.

Art Integration Unit Plan Template

TEACHER REFLECTION: How will you know that this lesson is successful and meaningful? List indicators.
-Evidence in the six required objects within the art piece and the effort in them will show success. Ill have students explain in a
few sentences when theyre done to explain which pieces of Missouri were most important to them and why.
- To find out if a lesson is successful I believe it starts with presenting the lesson to students and adjusting accordingly.
- the more Experiences with this lesson will result in the lesson have its fat trimmed more and more.

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Art Integration Unit Plan Template