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MINNESOTA REPORT FORM COPY OFFENSE/INCIDENT/ARREST REPORT “ anvorrrouee er. | ‘OCA Nurito”roo2008 | Lewo conouct _____ INCIDENT DATA ow Nomhstar Crossing WN ST PAUL, MN ows72007 naz ox 06-2007 2130 ost2007 10.08 Dko1t—_|Nelson, Noel nwo “PHONE. sa aaa 008 (CD NO RELEASE TO THE MEDIA BEGRUSE Narrative Title: Date Entered: 6/11/2007 3:01:52 PM Suspect arrested, booked, and released pending formal complaint, +3030 bisrunm Peacesns-isonoesty con. |2 ‘sp int airport | gi1)207 12:22:00 Pak RELERSED OW BAL OR OM RECOGNAN ARRESTED rine SCENE Wvee_Llso_| (vee Cn 2080 oISTURD PEACE-GULNTERFERE rn | orn arsnla, Dave | Clee Cao | Elves _ Eso aRTSTAED Hennepin HENNEPIN C| MODUS OPERANDI io ii FRO ORS SASTEATITOW i [nestor our Caco. CJeonmuren Clone =e) AINE LOSRTION REQUIRED FOR BURGLARIES extrons eRe —] waa | — apa ied ee Z | [RTS — area Ree aT i I [ oa onus | Lo — A ab | oa | SH Fiae naira we” naa wa raneied besa Bombo Bass vin wana be Gorn Cine Paver? t f Over Ease Chves Gino Cyes_ Oso | t fasee __ [croraonsn Caen Ceomren Clone Y CRIME ‘CRIME LOCATION REQUIRED FOR BURGLARIES | FACTORS TWLEMENT SURGLARY P= eres | vaste ib one or ain STATUS orFenoeR USED AS MOTIVATION Drcono, Ceawvier Cowes ‘GrNRE LOGAN REGUIRED FOR BURGLARIES Fast ev iia cing a NTT Ges in wT be eae by Come rvenien® Eves Ohm ves PERSONS INVOLVED ronan