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Tel 305-931-2200 HERMAN SEE 3351 NW Boca Raton Blvd, LAW seein we, teat CONTINGENCY FEE RETAINER AGREEMENT 1 , hereby retain and employ Herman Law* as my attorneys to represent me in a claim for damages against BRYAN SINGER, or any other party liable therein resulting from sexual abuse. This employment is based upon a contingent fee basis and, if no recovery is made, I will not be indebted to said attorneys for any sum whatsoever. As compensation for services, T agree to pay said attomeys from the gross proceeds of recovery, the following fee: a, 40% of any recovery from the gross proceeds of recovery. b. _ Ifan appeal is taken, an additional 5% of any recovery after notice of appeal is filed or post-judgment relief or action is required for recovery on the judgment. If the Court awards attorneys’ fees to you, the recovery of any such fees shall be added to the gross proceeds of recovery in calculating the attorneys’ fee under this Agreement. Thereby agree to pay the costs incurred in prosecuting this claim, contingent upon a monetary recovery or settlement. I authorize my attorneys to undertake and incur such costs as deemed necessary from time to time. Said costs may be advanced by said attorneys and shall be deducted from the recovery or settlement after attorney's fees are paid. Costs may include charges for the Firm’s in-house investigator. Client understands that representation by attomeys hereunder may depend on developments in the law with regard to pending appeal(s). Attorneys will promptly advise client of changes in the law substantially affecting his case. Initials © Plereeee Low Fem . PA, dled! Hecren Law Retainer Agreement Page 2 This contract may be canceled by written notification to the attorneys at any time within three business days of the date the ‘contract was signed, as shown below and, if canceled, the client shall not be obligated to pay any fees to the attorneys for the work performed during that time. The undersigned client has, before signing this contract, received and read "The Statement of Client's Rights" and understands each of the rights set forth therein, Agreed to and accepted this “2 day of November, 2014. CLIENT HERMAN LAW By: By: Jeff Herman