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My Life in Garbology

My Life in Garbology

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Published by AJ Weberman
Weberman's classic, My Life In Garbology. Famous people's trash
Weberman's classic, My Life In Garbology. Famous people's trash

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Published by: AJ Weberman on Feb 06, 2010
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Norman Mailer has a reputation for being a highly volatile figure, so I
approached his Brooklyn Heights townhouse with extreme caution. To put it
bluntly I didn't want to get punched out! My worst fears were realized when
he spotted me one night while I was rifling his cans. Mailer looked at me
standing in the rubbish, poking around with a pocket flashlight, and walked

on. From the look on his face he must have thought I was a government
agent and if he assaulted me he would have to face federal charges. Had I
been a federal agent I might have tried to make a case against Mailer for
violating the gambling statutes, since his trash was filled with betting slips.

The trash also contained an itinerary for a college lecture tour, remains of
instant foods, steel wool, a cheese wrapper, empty toilet paper rolls and a
newspaper clipping with a picture of Mailer. I used this newsprint photo as
a model for a garb-art portrait of Mailer that is reproduced here. Click here
this garbart portrait made from Mailer's muck.

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