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Graffiti Removal Authorization

Block by Block provides a free graffiti removal program for property owners within the boundaries stated in the
Downtown Oakland and Lake Merritt Uptown Associations Enhanced Cleaning Services contract. Block by Block
will remove or cover graffiti from the first floor of buildings or other structures whenever the graffiti is visible from
a public right of way. With the permission of the property owner, Block by Block will automatically remove this
graffiti within 24 hours of observing it or within 24 hours of receiving a request from a property owner to remove it
(subject to weather conditions, Sundays and holidays excepted).
If you would like to receive this service, please submit a separate right of entry consent for each building you want
Block by Block to keep free of graffiti. You may, if you wish, complete one right of entry consent form and list or
attach multiple addresses. If you have any questions, please call the Team Leader at (510)898-8592.

Consent to Remove Graffiti

Permission is granted to Block by Block and its agents to remove graffiti from structures at the following street
using the method specified below (initial appropriate line):
_____ Paint over graffiti with paint furnished by the CBD in a flat finish of white, cream, gray,
brown, or red brick *we will do our best to match paint*

Paint over graffiti with paint furnished by the owner *for custom color match*


Pressure wash graffiti


Other (specify) __________________________________________________________

Block by Block and its agents will not cover existing exposed materials, hold harmless to injury to people and/or
property, and use a graffiti removal process that is environmentally friendly. No sandblasting or harsh chemicals
will be used in the graffiti removal process. Block by Block will not damage a structures surface when removing



Printed Name _________________________________________________________



Email Address ____________________





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