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Advocacy Project: Part IT Advocacy Project: Part II Data Dissemination, Evaluation, and Identification of Issue. Dani Pena Avila Seattle University Adoveety Project: Part II Introduction: My vision for this needs assessment is correlated with my first needs assessment survey conducted to understand the relational dynamies of student's friendships as well as understanding how relatable student felt in the school environment. From that first survey, data showed that most students felt generally safe at school, some students needed clear social skills ‘when dealing with conflict. I then put together a second survey specifically focused on issues that maybe be affeeting the students social adaptability in this particular school. My second survey was more specifically geared for these populations of students: # Students facing homelessness © Students facing family separation © Students facing family divorce © Students facing family incarceration * Ang, students facing family or self deportation. From the deciphered data, I decided to facilitate a support group specifically with students facing or have anxiety of family or self-deportation. Disseminate: ‘The ideal number of students for the needs assessment was determined to be 100 students, However, I was able to get back a little more than half of that amount from various srades - since issues of deportation is a theme students in various grades presented with. Through our data my supervisor and myself were able to formulate a next step in providing support for certain populations in our school. Evaluate: Undocumented students in our school appear to have a misunderstanding of information regarding their status in the states. We, my supervisor and I, have decided to make a roster of students for each group. Students will be receive information regarding the group as well as be given consent forms during the first day of group. Parents have be contacted and they are all supportive of this type of group. Identify: From our survey, students were asked to write their names as well as classroom teacher in order for us to fully identify the specific need from students in each class. Parent calls were conducted in order for parents to be fully aware as well as to understand more information on this topic from parent’s perspective: is this topic being spoken of at home, do you feel this would benefit your student, etc?