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Name: Dani Pena Avila

Group Content Area: Personal/Social

Group Topic: Divorce and/or Separation
Group Sequence: Group #3.
Goals for the Group:
a. Washington State Learning Standards:
The Arts
English Language Arts
b. Unit Objective: Students were asked various questions regarding divorce (i.e. Do you
think children cause divorce?). This session students will understand that divorce is an
adult problem and not something caused by children. Moreover, students at times may
feel as if they were the cause of a divorce, so we used specific questions to challenge
their thoughts.
Group Rationale:
a. Needs Assessment- What does the data suggest in your school that indicates the need for
this group?
b. Research Literature- What does the national research suggest as it relates to the need for
Materials Needed:
1. White board or poster paper to write questions down.
Group Outline: Outline is attached.
Evaluation/Assessment: Group appears to be effective as students feel more comfortable
sharing their feelings around their family separation.
1. Sonnenshein-Schneider, M., & Baird, K. L. (1980). Group Counseling Children of
Divorce in the Elementary Schools: Understanding Process and Technique. Personnel &
Guidance Journal, 59(2), 88.
2. Somody, C., & Hobbs, M. (2006). Paper Bag Books: A Creative Intervention with
Elementary School Children Experiencing High-Conflict Parental Divorce. Journal Of
Creativity In Mental Health, 2(3), 73-87.
3. Roseby, V., & Deutsch, R. (1985). Children of Separation and Divorce: Effects of a
Social Role-Taking Group Intervention on Fourth and Fifth Graders. Journal Of Clinical
Child Psychology, 14(1), 55.

Group Counseling Case Presentation

Group Counseling Session Summary Seattle University
Counselor Information
Counselors Name:
Internship Site:
Group Information
Group Name:

Group Session #:

Group Summary #:

Presenting Problems:

Evaluative Questions
1. What are the goals for this group meeting?

2. What was the major theme/content of this group session?

3. Describe the interpersonal dynamics between you and the group during the session.
Specifically address your reactions to the group, and why?

4. What multicultural factors are playing out in the group?

5. How successful was the group session (explain why)?

6. What are the plans/goals for the next group session?

7. Do you have specific questions the professor could assist you with regarding this or future
group sessions?