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I'm Dr. Gary Brodsky, This book is The Art and Science of life using theACT AS I
F method. By knowing how to Act As if you can say goodbyeto phobias, fears and p
roblems. You ll discover that things that plaguedyou, bothered you, stymied you no
long affect you, no longer preventyou form getting out of life what you want. N
ow your life will be joy,money, good relationships, great business and everythin
g you everdreamed of. You can custom make your life. All you have to do is knowh
ow to ACT AS IF. Follow these methods and you will have the worldany way you wan
t, guaranteed. It is foolproof, it is fail proof. And now,ACT AS IF.I have devel
oped a program for those who suffer from, and that s manyof you, lack of love, lac
k of money, poor health, not having a feeling of power, and personal expression,
and most of all low self esteem. Withthe ACT AS IF method I will illustrate a w
ay for you to live your lifewith joy, love, lots of money, total health, power a
nd freedom.With The ACT AS IF method you will make your life better than youcoul
d have ever imagined. And I will explain in detail how to ACT ASIF and make it a
ll happen. And when I mean all, I mean all. I mean joy,love, money, freedom, suc
cess in any endeavor you may have dreamedof. Your dreams will come true. And I w
ill show you how to ACT ASIF step by step.
When you ACT AS IF, you turn away from any bad or unpleasantsituation, Something
could have happened a year ago, or maybe 20years ago that caused you to create
a belief, a belief about yourself. Aslong as you still have that belief, look at
it as true, you will notovercome it. By continuing this belief and give it life
of thought, youperpetuate it and cause it to grow so that ultimately it will be
true.ACTING AS IF is the science of inducing within mind, the concepts of peace
, joy, wealth, health, love, and self expression-or whatever yourneed might be