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Cheekliistii Dookimantii Qorannoo JBAHBiiroolee ittiin Hordofamu

1. Understanding Phase
• Prief Description of the process
• Input Output
• Major activities
• Brief Description of sub processes if any
• Higher level Map
• Internal and External interface better if preseneted as follows
No process Internal and external issue

• Process customers and stakeholders

• Cor problems of customers
• Benchmarked data if any
• Scenario Before Reengineering
• Performance Base line
2. Redesigning Phase
• Brief Description
• Raising the basic Questions
o What do we do?
o Whay do we do?
o Why do we do the way we do?
• Determining the performance baseline
Cr iteria Customers needs Current Performance Gap

• Criteria used to prioritize custemers needs

o Proplems that are repetedly raised by customers
• Setting stretch objectives
o Identify sources of stretch objectives
• Assumption Busting
• Generating New Ideas
o Sources of New Ideas
 Customers needs & expectations
 Redesigning principles
 Stretch objectives
 Broken Assumptions
• Description of superior ideas
• Fittness assessment Adeemsa haarawaa filachuu (use selection matrix)
• Mapping the New design
• Work flow of the new process
• Organizing and Together
• Identification of service delivery versions
• Defining Process Structure
• Comparison of the new and the old process
No Criteria New Design Old process

• Preparation of detailed Implementation Manual)

• Prepartion of implementation plan
• Team Charter Qopheessuu