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“Bleeding Kansas”• Dred Scott Decision - 1854 1857 • John Brown’s Raid on Harper’s Ferry. Virginia - 1859 • Lincoln elected the first Republican president - 1860 .Events leading to the Civil War • Missouri Compromise • Compromise of 1820 1850 • Kansas-Nebraska Act .

.Industrial North Agricultural South Each section (North and South) had different lifestyles and needs.

. and neither side would compromise.The two ways of life forced the nation apart.

The CSA capitol was established in Richmond. (states’ rights) to justify secession. formed the Confederate States of America. eleven Southern states. Virginia. .After the election of 1860. On February 18. the South used the Tenth Amendment. Jefferson Davis was elected president.

North or South. Some families were split with sons on both sides..People from every walk of life were faced with the choice. V.. .

• Industrial power • More money • More railroads • More farm land for food crops (not cash crops like cotton) . war machinery.a five to two advantage in men who could fight.Northern Advantages • Greater population • Larger military . a navy. etc.

or at least one the majority could understand • Officers were not aggressive enough many failed to press the enemy when they had the advantage • Fighting on unfamiliar territory .most fighting occurred in the South • Not prepared for a long fight .Northern Disadvantages • Weak motivation .not fighting for a cause.

Southern Advantages • Strong motivation .were fighting to defend their homeland and keep their way of life • Outstanding military leadership • Home field advantage .knew the territory • Skilled soldiers .more Southerners were skilled with guns and horses • Fighting a defensive war .

Southern Disadvantages • • • • • Fewer men and supplies Less money Fewer factories Less railroad Weaker government .

5 million were slaves) 71% 29% 85% 15% 92% 8% Population % of nation’s RR % of nation’s Factories % of Industrial Workers .North v South North South 22 million 9 million (3.

Nicknames • • • • • • United States Union North Yankees Blue Billy Yank • • • • • • Confederate States Confederacy South Rebels Grey Johnny Reb .

in order to prevent the transportation of goods and people in or out of the area .plan to smother the South’s economy like a giant anaconda snake squeezing its prey This plan called for a naval blockade of the South’s coastline.Early Union Strategy Anaconda Plan .

Union Strategy Cont… • The plan also called for the Union to gain control of the Mississippi River in order to split the Confederacy in two. .

Early Southern Strategy • At first. the South decided to take a defensive position. hoping that the North would soon tire of the war and accept Southern independence • The South also hoped to use cotton as a tool to lure Britain and France to join their cause .