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Truth Position Paper

Jocelyn Griffin
Mr. Lindow
British Literature
April 26, 2015

We can only glean truth from our senses and what we have learned therefore it is hard to know if our truth is really true (Dtretske). Alfred Tarski. Because of this truth cannot be taken at surface value. As a result of this. The three philosophers I reviewed. it is something you must define for yourself. and through the Bible which defines truth for all. and Bertrand Russell.2 Truth is never a given. all had unique ideas of what truth is and how it can be defined. You will always have a certain position of what truth is that is unique to you because of your world view. This is a problem because if we never know if something is true based on our own abilities. then truth is even harder to define. a dependable truth can be found. but investigation is required if one really desires to know whether it really is truth or not or if there is to a further truth to be found. Therefore if what we see with our senses matches up with our learning then it is very probable that what we see is true to itself. Our world is not made . belief is a necessary part of truth. We must rely on our own judgement and trust it to be correct. However through Philosophers who seek to define truth for themselves. Another common point among the philosophers was that truth is often not just what we are able to know with our senses or what we have learned. your own view. Fred Dretske. Often one truth leads to a further truth. Through their work I learned that truth is very much in the eye of the beholder. However another philosopher argues that truth is able to be found through its consistency with our view of reality (Tarski). I may know that “Mary is engaged to Billy” but still not know that their wedding is set to be July 23.

It defines the purpose of our existence – to be saved by the Son of God and live forever with him. as well as the truth of Jesus being the Savior of the world. It is something we must do . The latter truth of Jesus being the Savior of the world is the main truth of the Bible. to all who call on him in truth. as a sort of calling. and the truth. and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” John 14:6 (ESV). “Jesus said to him. By believing that Jesus saved us and that he is the Son of God. The truth we use to call on the Lord is the truth that he is our God and we are his children and that it is our duty to spread the truth of this to the world. While the philosophers focused on our need for physical truth. Therefore this truth is the most important truth of all.truthfulness must be a part of us. Faith is needed in all parts of life. “The Lord is near to all who call on him. the Bible defines truth in two ways. almost an action. whether it be physical reality or spiritual reality.3 up of fact – if so truth would not be necessary. “I am the way. thus faith is vital in our perception of reality (Russell). I would interpret this to mean that we must stay honest to ourselves and to what we believe God is calling us to do.” Psalms 145:18 (ESV). I favor this perception of truth because it ties in so deeply with spiritual truth. the Bible satisfies our need for spiritual truth. According to what I’ve seen in scripture. Jesus gives us a path to . The first truth is something God commands of us in the Bible. It is necessary for us to stay connected to the roots of who we are and to act in and share the truth of ourselves in everything we do.

However as to the physical aspect of truth I agreed with Bertrand Russell in that truth must agree with our perception of reality and have an opposite. and for a good reason. proof and faith. It’s rare and you have to work for it. I believe the only dependable truth comes from the Bible. but I think that is why we humans need it so much. True love has more meaning than love alone. Being raised a strong Christian. Truth isn’t straightforward. That is why simple truths such . it is all in your strength of faith. One cannot automatically perceive something as true. to make it true (Russell). We have to work to get to the heart of truth and because of this. you must have background with it. sharing joy and love in all we do. proof that it is what you believe it is. it is a mess of what you think. Jesus was God’s true Son because he had his character and his actions agreed with what the Bible taught. what we find is so much more valuable to us. Further still. You have to trust truth.4 achieve what we were created for – the chance to be forever God’s child. I also believe truth must come from something. a falsehood rather. A true friend will be themselves around you. This spiritual side of truth has been a huge influence in my life. I trust that this is her opinion. I have faith that my sister’s favorite animal is a pig. I believe truth must agree with its nature or character to be true. I know my parent’s love for me is true because I have all evidence of their caring for me and protecting me. but I can’t know for sure – therefore faith is necessary. creating.

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