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Questions 2

Hello, I will be free on weekdays beginning 6p.m till 9p.m. In addition, I would
really be much interested in badminton, archery and polo.

Questions 3
Well, I have joined this club because I believe that I have grown older and I
wanted to exercise a good and healthy living. Therefore, I am confident that by
enrolling to this club I would have chances to improve my health and boost up a
good life.

Personally , the club has been very well and provides very good facilities and
services as well. I am very happy to have been part of the club.

The closing of the swimming pool had been devastated. By right, the authority
involved should have taken quick actions to solve the matter so that it would be
able for the members of the club to benefit the pool.

Questions 4
Dear Darren,
Whats cooking? I hope you are fine and enjoying life as usual. The risen of the
membership fees lately had been very unpleasant. The authority involve should
not have been making such a decision because they should have asked for the
other of the members agreement towards this issue. Anyway, the increment of
15 % is very high and I couldn’t have afford it.
In my view, the club management should control the use of electricity and water
by reducing the operational hours.

Dear Sir,
It is very regretful that the club has been closed for a month. I understand about
the maintenance need to be done for the improvement of facilities and services
for the club members. On the other hand, this had led to the rising of the
membership fees which is 15 per cent. Personally, it is expensive and I am afraid
I could not afford it any longer. Lastly, please be considerate about the increment
of the membership fees.
Thank you.
Yours Faithfully,