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Mental Disorders

Mental disorders have affected more people than cancer and heart disease. A mental
disorder is a disorder than can affect a persons mood, mindset, and behavior. These
disorders affect millions of people each year. In 2014, 61.5 million people were
diagnosed with some form of a mental disorder. Society needs to pay more attention to
mental disorders and help people with these illnesses.
When we started this research paper, I had no idea what I wanted my topic to be.
We searched topics and I found three that interested me. School dress code and if
schools should have them or not, the social media app Twitter and how it affects teens,
and mental disorders. I chose mental disorders because I already had knowledge on
that topic. I knew what a mental disorder was, and that there were many different types
and forms that affected people in different ways. I also decided on this topic because I
wanted to learn more about these illnesses because they interest me so much. I started
my research by gathering all the necessary materials like pens, pencils, note cards, an
accordion folder, and a few other small useful supplies. To find all the information I
needed for my research paper, I logged on to a database website. I was very successful
in finding the information I needed. For the next few days, I wrote note cards including
the information from my sources. I was absent for about two days, so I ended up with
35-40 note cards when I was supposed to have 50. The next step in this process was
writing and typing my final outline. I had no issues with this assignment and finished
with only a few simple, easy to fix mistakes. I had no major setbacks during this part of
my research paper, even when I missed a few days of school.

When I started this step, I was certain I was set on conducting a poll, but I had
trouble coming up with decent questions to ask. So, I turned towards doing an interview.
At first I wanted to talk to an expert on my topic, like a doctor or a therapist. So I began
to contact a doctor at a hospital near my house. Then I stopped myself. If I want to do a
topic where society is involved, I should ask someone who does not know as much as a
doctor, or even me. I wanted to know how much an average middle schooler would
know about this topic. The person I decided to interview was my friend, Caroline Mayne.
The interview was over text because that was the only way we could communicate at
the time. I asked her a series of five questions testing her knowledge about these
disorders knowing her mindset is like most of todays teens. A question I asked her was
if she knew what a mental disorder is and if she could name any. I dont know the exact
definition of a mental disorder, but I know a few. Major depression, Bipolar disorder and
Compulsive disorder. she also added that she knows of people in her life that are
depressed or mental.
Mental disorders have been diagnosed in many people all around the world.
These disorders start to affect people mostly around age 14 and age 24.In a [2005]
report, researchers estimated that more than half of Americans would develop mental
disorders in their lives (Is Mental Illnesses a Serious Problem in the US?) . That year,
more than 50% of Americans were diagnosed with an illness. In 2007, 2.5 million
Americans were diagnosed with a disorder. Americans are not the only ones who
develop these illnesses. In the year 2008, a survey was conducted and researchers

learned that about 30% of American adults had a mental disorder. In 2014, nearly 50%
of Australians had a mental disorder. Each year the rates of mental disorders increase.
There are many different types of mental disorders that have different symptoms
than others. Some include Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Bipolar
disorder, Depression, and many more. ADHD is a disorder that is found mostly in
children. It affects a persons ability to do everyday tasks. Another type of disorder called
Schizophrenia which causes people to hear voices in their heads that are not their own.
These people also become obsessed with danger. Most people affected by this lose
contact with reality and need to be hospitalized. One of the most common mental
disorders is Depression. Symptoms of depressive disorder, also called unipolar
depression, include extreme sadness, diminished interest in activities, weight loss,
fatigue, and recurrent thoughts of death (Mental Disorders 2). Bipolar Disorder is a
disorder where major mood swings occur. People with this illness also can gain the
inability to feel pleasure. Another mental illnesses include Anorexia nervosa, which has
symptoms that include a fear of seeming or appearing fat and a willingness to go
without eating to the extent of losing an extreme amount of weight. A disorder similar to
Anorexia nervosa is called Anorexia bulimia nervosa. People with this illness binge eat,
or eat a large amount of food, followed by self-induced vomiting. Anxiety is another form
of a mental disorder. Anxiety disorders and phobias are types of mental illnesses in
which feelings of fear become so overwhelming that they interfere with a persons life.)
(Mental Disorders 3). Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) causes patients to
experience major obsessions and repetitive behaviors. There are many more types of
mental disorders that impact peoples lives.

Treatments for these disorders can come in two forms. One way is through
medication. Medications are aimed towards certain disorders including depression,
schizophrenia, anxiety, panic disorder, OCD, and bipolar disorder. These allow people to
live a more normal life. Those with extreme cases usually check in to a mental
institution for professional help. Another form of treatment is talk therapy.
Psychotherapy (also called talk therapy) involves regular counseling with a trained
mental health professional; it can be done individually or in a group setting. (Mental
disorders 4). This type of treatment allows those with these disorders to talk about their
emotions and get help on how to treat their mental illness.
In conclusion, many people all around the world are affected by these deadly
diseases. Society should do more to recognize these patients and help them as much
as possible to overcome them. Mental disorders are a serious issue that need to be