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When faced w ith marauding alien or heretic hordes, Imperial commanders can call upon Ogryn Rampart Detachments

to hold
the line. Where ordinary Guardsmen w ould falter and fall, the massed ranks of tow ering Ogryns stand as if rooted to the spot.
Made up of tw o units of Bullgryns, the Ogryn Rampart Detachment is tasked w ith holding its ground against any opposition,
forming an impenetrable shield w all. Such is the strength of the formation that it can turn aside almost any enemy infantry,
and it even shields units taking cover behind it from fire. Enemy units have often been deterred just by the sight of an Ogryn
Rampart Detachment more than merely a defensive formation, they also excel at breaking enemy charges, shattering their
strength w ith shield and maul and leaving only broken bodies and bleeding corpses at their feet.

1 Platoon Command Squad
2 Bullgry n squads

Each Bullgry n squad must include at least fiv e models.

Counter-attack, Fear, Fearless.
Im penetrable Shield Wall: Friendly Infantry models that are partially obscured by models from this formation receiv e an
additional +1 to their cov er sav e.