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Guy Redding

English 1102-068
Professor Hughes
May 27, 2015
Controlled Gun Control
The topic of gun control in the United States serves as a battlefield for a heated debate
over the laws that govern the American citizens right the bear arms. On one side of the debate
(a very much larger and powerful side) stands a very eclectic group of people consisting mostly
of right wing conservative republicans, gun-enthusiasts, sportsman, and your stereotypical “flagwaving”, 4x4 truck driving, fun-loving Americans. Together many of them comprise the
5,000,000+ members of the NRA or National Rifle Association. On the other side you have a list
of over 280 “anti-gun celebrities”, various democratic politicians and corporate icon (Wilkie) and
a mob of angry mothers terrified that their child will become the next victim of gun violence
(Barron). These two groups make it a priority to irritate each other and frequently face off
against each other in anti-gun rallies, where gun control activists lobby against corporations
encouraging them to change their policies on concealed weapon carry, and in open-carry
movements where “militias” go to public places such as Walmart or Starbucks to brandish their
fully automatic AK-47’s and other various assault rifles as a way of telling their opposers “We’re
not going anywhere”. It seems silly that these two opponents should constantly be feuding when
the both share such a common desire: Safety. Although peace between gun enthusiasts and gun
control activists seems unlikely, there are many things can be changed and adjusted about the
gun laws and policies in America to help satisfy the desires of both parties.

Everyone remembers how shocked and terrified the nation was as they watched the coverage on the news as two adolescent assailants stalked the halls of their high school with semi automatic weapons. David Kopel. Research Director for the Independence Institute. many supporters of gun control rightly believe that gun shows should have more harsh regulations or that gun sales should be banned altogether.There has been so much gun violence in the past 15 years. it is understandable and reasonable for people to be nervous about guns and the idea of one falling into the wrong hands. The law at gun . Because of this. Unfortunately according to information gathered by the Associated Press there have been over 20 similar school shootings in the United States since Columbine! (Denver Post). Colorado on May 20. It turns out that many of the guns used in these shootings were purchased illegally at a gun show by one of the gun-men’s girlfriends and she was not forced to submit to a background check before buying the weapons. Because of a “gun law loophole” in the Brady Law which allows the private sale of guns from licensed or unlicensed vendors at gun shows without the requirement for a NCIS background check for criminal record (ATF). argues that “there is no “loophole” involving gun shows. as well as being passed illegally to juveniles” (ATF). savagely shooting 36 of their classmates and teachers before killing themselves (Denver Post). A gun in the hands of a mentally unstable person or a criminal can be a classic recipe for disaster as was been exemplified in the tragic shootings that took place at Columbine High School in Littleton. A report done by the department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms reveals a “wide variety of violations occurring at gun shows and substantial numbers of firearms associated with gun shows being used in drug crimes and crimes of violence. 1999. To many people the very idea that two teenagers could get their hands on handguns and take over a school seems unbelievable.

and knowingly broke the law. since they were obtained illegally through “straw purchases”. Sterling Professor of Law and Political Science at Yale University agrees with Kopel that the ban of firearm sales would be a violation of the second amendment rights (Amar). and would also be a miserable failure (Kopel). The suppliers of these weapons committed felonies by providing the shooters with these weapons. According to a psychology study on a phenomenon know as the mere exposure effect. These supporters are usually people who were raised in homes where it was all but uncommon to have multiple loaded guns accessible around the house. and thats enough to alarm anyone who hasn’t been exposed to guns. More intense background checks couldn't have stopped them obtaining the weapons because they had clean records (Kopel). This could also invoke the question of whether under exposure to something such as a . guns are still finding their way into the hands of the mentally disturbed. Most of the opposers of harsh gun control laws are members of the NRA. Adding more strict background checks would not have deterred the Columbine shooters from obtaining their weapons. placing a ban on all gun sales in America would be a violation of civil liberties. This can explain why gun enthusiasts are so die hard about exercising and protecting their second amendment rights. people can develop a preference or support for things merely by being exposed to them (Zajonc).shows is exactly the same as it is everywhere else”. because despite the current regulations and mandatory background checks required for gun sales. The NRA or National Rifle Association was established in 1874 with a primary goal to protect and defend the constitution. However. One cannot ignore the flawed system however. Author Akhil Reed Amar. Since 1974 they have been fighting on the front lines supporting and opposing gun law legislation (NRA). While not all gun control opposers are members of the NRA they share one thing in common: The strong support and devotion to protect the 2nd amendment rights to bare arms (Amar).

This is . Data collected over the courses of a year showed crime levels dropped dramatically in areas that administered severe penalties for gun possession. News stations cram their broadcasts full of stories about violent crime usually involving firearms and nonwhite criminals because scary and exciting stories get better ratings. This has been and always will be a reasonable request and guaranteed right for Americans and any attempt to tamper with that would be a pill not easily swallowed by most gun lovers (Amar). columnist for CNN explains that people hate guns so much because of the exposure they have to politics involving gun violence on the news. (Wilkie) would be in support of a total ban on guns nationwide. Could this explain why someone would have a desire to ban all guns? Frum suggests that the exposure to news stories about gun violence on television could also explain why the demographic of television viewers ages 50+ are also the group most likely to own a firearm. One can conclude that they experienced a dramatic benefit from their gun prohibition. could be from data shown from a anticrime program implemented in Jamaica in 1974. David Kopel agrees that most Americans who oppose gun control laws only do so because they want to conserve their freedom to protect themselves from home invaders (Kopel2). Unfortunately one of the disadvantages to a firearm prohibition is that criminals will always find ways to obtain their firearms illegal just as they have done for years. One example of why total ban on personal firearms might be considered by some “antigunners” as gun control supporters are referred to by the NRA.firearm could cause someone to be naturally apprehensive toward it? David Frum. Take away the ordinary citizens right to carry a firearm and you are left with nobody armed but the criminals (Kopel2). But this leads Americans to believe that gun violence crime rates are high when in fact they are at an all time low (Frum). and implemented censorship of violent scenes in movies involving firearms (Diener & Crandall).

better record keeping. -more strict background checks at gun shows. more regulations. -Recent study shows concealed carry laws lower the crime rates in areas that have looser gun control laws. Many French citizens are blaming the strict gun control laws for the carnage that took place on January 7th (Newman). -only concealed weapons allowed…no carrying assault rifles in public . with a punishment for possession of a firearm resulting in 7 years in prison. Instead they were left defenseless because of their gun control laws (Newman). something could have been done to stop the assailants and saved the lives of many innocent people. .home invasion protection only. -registration requirements. Two men dressed in tactical gear and armed with illegally purchased AK-47 assault rifles went on a shooting rampage killing over a dozen people in just a few hours. David Kopel has deeply researched the topic of concealed carry and is an officiating authority on the topic of gun control laws in America. France is known for having the most strict gun control laws in the world. They propose that had some sort of concealed carry law existed.exemplified in the recent “Charlie Hebdo Shootings” which took place in paris this year in early January. -How to create laws that protect individuals and the rights of citizens to bear arms.

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