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Video Observation

Notetaking Tool
Observers name: __Rachael Celia____

Lesson observed: ____Brittany Bisese

Purpose: To provide a framework for reflection and collaborative conversations about

teaching and learning.
Directions: Read over the guiding questions below. As you view the video, jot down notes
about what you see and hear. Note any examples or evidence to support answers to the
Student Engagement/Classroom
1. How are students involved in the
What is the extent of student
2. Were there opportunities for
students to
ask questions? What kinds of
were they asking?
How did the teacher help
students make connections to
what they were learning?

The students were answering questions
and then placing cards with vocabulary
words in the correct section of the song
I didnt see the students asking too
many questions, this may have been
because it looked as though they had a
pretty good grasp of the material.

3. Describe the interaction in the

Student Learning
1. What evidence do you see that
indicates student learning?
2. Was the learning outcome
explicitly conveyed to the
3. What evidence did you see that
the learning goals were achieved?
4. How did the teacher monitor
student progress?
1. What is the teacher doing?
(Facilitating, lecturing, colearning, etc.)
2. How was content/concepts
presented to students? Was there
adequate explanation of the
concepts to ensure student

She is doing a good job talking with the

students, and not at them, the students
are responding to her very well.
She asked questions and the students
were able to correctly respond.
The learning outcome was explicitly
stated to the students at the beginning
of the lesson.
The students are able to correctly
answer the questions.
The students filled out charts.

She does a good job of introducing what

they are going to be discussing in the
She clarified student answers.
She used an anchor chart to have the
information displayed.
She showed the students a video
relating to the content.

3. What kinds of questions did the

teacher ask?
What questions provided
opportunities for students to
explain, defend, compare,
Did the teacher wait for
responses? Probe for deeper
4. What tasks are students doing?
Did the students have the
opportunity to practice their new
knowledge or skill? Did the
practice help support the learning
5. How did the teacher manage the
learning environment?
(Procedures, securing attention,
time on task, etc)

She asked students questions

specifically about the content.
The students were able to answer the
She asked questions about the students
She waited for students to respond, and
helped guide them to the answer if they
didnt get it right the first time.
The students are paying attention to
what she is doing.
The students raised their hands and
then stood when they gave the answer.


3 Affirmations based on the observations and evidences above

Great classroom management, the students knew how
to answer questions, and knew what they were
supposed to be doing and they did it.
Did a good job explaining the material. She obviously
knew the content.
Did a great job using a variety of ways and topics to
teach students the content.
2 Questions for Consideration
What are the students working on in the other subjects/
in Language Arts? Does this connect to the lesson?
Were you maybe moving too quickly when you were
introducing the material?
1 Recommendation
Try to move around the classroom more and make sure
that all students can see/hear you.