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• Piero della Francesca: a journey Through His
Art. Article originally published in The Times expressing
the pleasure at seeing the artist’s work in context.
• The Writing on the Wall. Short story set at the
time of the Palestinian Intafada.
• Last Flight of the Heyford K6875. Update of an
article published in Derbyshire Life, describing the last
moments of an RAF Heyford caught in a blinding storm in
the Dark Peak, Derbyshire; among the crew, my Uncle
Jim Barker, recently married. There is as yet no memorial
to the many aircraftmen killed in the Peak District before,
during and after the 2nd World War.
• History’s Neglected Women. Among the 19th
century radicals who fought for the liberty of the press
were several women of outstanding ability and courage;
among them, Eliza Sharples, nicknamed Isis and The
Lady of the Rotunda.
• In Praise of Women’s Soccer. It is a little-known
fact that once women’s soccer was immensely popular,
matches drawing big crowds – until, on 5 December 1921
the Football Association banned women from playing on
FA-affiliated grounds. It took decades for women’s soccer
to recover from this cataclysmic decision.
• Representing Realities: An Overview of News
Framing. The text of a lecture delivered at the University
of Keio, Tokyo and published in the Keio Communications
Review (No.29, 2007); this posting dedicated to the
author’s media studies students over the years.