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Consumer Behavior

Topic: EBM Model

About Model

 This model was created to describe the increasing, fast-

growing body of knowledge concerning consumer behavior.

 This model has gone through many revisions to improve its

descriptive ability of the basic relationships between
components and subcomponents.
 This model consists also of four stages.

1) Information input.

2) Information processing.

3) Decision process stages.

4) Variables influencing the decision process.

Information Input.

 Consumer gets information from marketing and non

marketing sources.

 If the consumer still does not arrive to a specific decision,

the search for external information will be activated in
order to arrive to a choice.

 The consumer experience dissonance when the selected

alternative is less satisfactory than expected.
Information processing

 It mainly deals with consumer’s exposure,

attention, perception, acceptance, and retention of
incoming information.
 The consumer must
Exposed to the message.
Allocate space for this information.
Interpret the stimuli, and
Retain the message.
Decision-process stages.

The central focus of the model is on five basic decision-

process stages .

 Problem recognition,

 Search for alternatives,

 Alternate evaluation purchase, and

 Outcomes.
variables influencing the decision process

 Motives.
 Values.
 Lifestyle.
 Personality.
 social influences:-culture, reference groups, and
 Situational influences:-consumer’s financial
 Culture.
 Religion.

 It mainly focus levels of consumer involvement

 The model flow is quite flexible


 Too many variables ,complex model difficult to


 The model is vague i.e., key variables are vaguely


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