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Issue #17
Feb. 7, 2010
God is Watching “Do not be anxious about
Joel 2:28-32 anything, but in everything, by
Scary things are happening in the world right
now. Many people don’t understand why prayer and petition, with
God would let bad things , like earthquakes, thanksgiving, present your
happen. We must always remember that
God is watching over us and He knows requests to God. And the peace of
everything that happens to us. He promises
to send help when we need it. We don’t
God, which transcends all
always know what that help will look like, but understanding, will guard your
we always need to trust God. He never
forgets a promise. This passage of Joel is hearts and your minds in Christ
talking about God sending a special helper Jesus.”
called the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the
part of God that lives in us and speaks to our
Philippians 4:6-7

How many Stars Are There? Help the Cat catch the mouse!

Answer: 40