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Trevonya Armstrong
English IV
15 April 2015
Birth Control
Birth control is the most popular method to prevent pregnancy in this century. The most
popular group using this method nowadays is teenagers. Teenagers are very sexually active as
well in this century, thats why theyre the most popular group using birth control. Whats trying
to be proven is that teenagers have a right to free birth control. Why? Teenagers are at a higher
risk of getting pregnant and contracting STDs, they still have adulthood ahead, and teens with
kids dont have the best parenting skills due to them being so young and still developing
themselves. Thats why they need free access to birth control.
11 Facts About Birth Control tells us that some birth control methods work better than
others. Birth control is a multi-billion dollar business. That means it is expected to grow and
provide more effective contraceptive methods in the future. The leading birth control method
used by women ages 15-29 in the United States is the pill. However, the pill is not the only type
of birth control. It includes condoms and abstinence as well. Abstinence is the most powerful
birth control there is. Little did people know is that people dont take birth control just to
prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills are taken to improve feminine conditions such as acne,
menstrual cramps, or irregular periods.

As explained in the beginning, teenagers are at a higher rate of becoming pregnant and
contracting STDs. How Well Do Birth Control Works let us know that teenagers need to use
birth control properly and every time they engage in sexual activities prevent pregnancy.
Teenage girls who fertility awareness may have an even greater chance of getting pregnant than
adult women. Teenagers engage in a lot of sexual activity and it puts them in more dangers of
catching STDs when they dont know it. The source, Sex and your Teen says that one out of
eight teenagers contract a sexually transmitted disease. Today, nearly 70 percent of all high
school seniors engage in sexual intercourse before the appropriate time. Each year and more
than 80 percent of all STD cases occur among those under the age of 29. An estimated one in
five adolescent girls has an STD and does not know it. Seven out of ten teenagers have sex
before graduating.
Heres another reason teenagers should have free access to birth control is that teenagers
still have adulthood ahead and it comes with its own challenges. A teenage girls body has not
yet settled into a regular menstrual cycle like an adult woman. On Teenage Issues, teenagers
will grow up to a frightening, exciting, and dangerous world. Teens will face many challenges as
they grow toward adulthood. Those challenges include major responsibilities such as paying
bills, jobs, and applying for colleges.
Birth control can prevent those responsibilities from being held back. Some teenagers are
more modern in nature while other teenagers are worried about future education or their career.
In Looking Ahead, teens with epilepsy will need to make choices about what to do after high
school. When teenagers reach adulthood, they start to gain independence from their families.
They are faced with new physical, emotional, and social challenges. Teens have unique

challenges and concerns and they will have to figure out how to face those unfamiliar challenges.
Adolescence and Adulthood says that teenagers start adulthood at the ages of 16-17. This is
proven because thats when teenagers start driving themselves around and they go to work.
Dreams are important to teenagers because it guides their efforts and choices.
Teenagers that have kids dont have the best parenting skills because they are still
developing themselves, which also means that they have poor parenting skills. PARENT
CHILD RELATIONS suggests that it is unlikely that adolescent mothers will marry the fathers
of their children. Adolescent parents are more likely to face social problems than older, mature
parents. Teenage mothers are more disadvantage and less mature than older mothers. Here are
the major reasons why teenagers dont have the best parenting skills. Teenage moms are capable
of feeding their child the wrong stuff, not only the wrong stuff, but too little or too much of
everything. Theres a possibility that teenage parents will live in poverty with their children due
to early parenthood and not finishing school. Theyre less able to provide stable living
arrangements. One study found that many teenage parents think that a child should be potty
trained by the age of one, which is wrong.
Children dont have that much sense to use the bathroom the appropriate way at one year
old. Teaching them how to potty train too early will result in a odd kind of behavior. They
should at least be two or two and a half years old. The source, Five Mistakes Parents Make,
states that most teenagers dont know the proper way to discipline their children. Either teen
parents dont give their children enough discipline or too much discipline. When it comes down
to obedience, too much value and importance will be put on it. Teen parents make a big deal out
of the small stuff and when it comes to the big stuff that really matters, they ignored it. Teenage

parents often sometimes dont think about their child and still feel the need to have fun. When
they feel that need, they leave the child to the grandparents house for them to take care of the
child and the teen starts to care less of the child. The child gets worried and they always seem to
wonder where the parent is.
The counterclaim of this argument is that some parents think that birth control should be
banned. On, parents do not agree on their teens using birth control. 222 million women in
developing countries would like to delay childbearing, but dont use birth control. The parents
are blaming the doctors for providing birth control to young teens. They feel like birth control is
putting teenagers in more risk to having sex. For teenaged girls, the birth control pill draws
attention to older men because they know for a fact they wouldnt have any girl pop up with
surprise pregnancies and theyll take advantage of teenaged girls. Birth control gets teenagers
too comfortable and it allows teenagers to have sex for fun and they dont agree to wait on sex.
They also rush into sex too early. Some parents claim that birth control cause abortions. (Birth
Control Debates)
This lead to Mitt Romney calling the morning-after pills the abortive pills. There will
be a small chance of reproducing in the future or people will have trouble reproducing from birth
control products. Taking birth control now will affect a teenagers body in the long run, as some
parents will say. Too many teenagers are not priced out of birth control. What they mean by this
is birth control is too easily accessible. The average American woman spends 30 years of her life
avoiding pregnancy with birth control products. Parents also find birth control too expensive just
because birth control products cost $9 per month, which adds up to thousands of dollars.
Recently, the rebuttals of this is that large families and other Christians favor birth control and

they feel the need to have free access to birth control. Back in the Biblical days, people had no
choice but to have a lot of children because no one lived very long but only a few people. Its the
Lords loving to increase the number of children, but you have to obey him, love him, and enjoy
long abundant life first before having any children.
Here are a few statements on birth control accessed to women. Birth control has
empowered teenagers to be responsible for their own reproductive health. Some teenagers have
no access to birth control so they have no choice but to not have sex. Most teenagers have made
it through school since they have positive access to birth control. Without birth control,
teenagers wouldve prevented themselves from having higher potential. Plenty of women have
gotten raped, but thanks to the morning after pill (a birth control product) that saved them from
getting pregnant. Birth control saved women from unexpected surprises. Every womans body
is not the same, so some women cannot handle birth control pills, some women get ovarian cysts.
Smart women are wisely waiting to have children when they are more financially stable to afford
In conclusion, after doing intense research on the pros and cons of birth control pills, Ive
learnt many interesting facts about it and am now more educated about it. Birth control is made
to prevent pregnancy and the biggest group using birth is teenagers because theyre at higher risk
of getting pregnant and catching STDs. The method you choose should always be used correctly.
I feel that women in other countries needs this information to decrease the birth rate. Birth
control pills do not cost much, so the government can provide free pills to whoever need them.
Not every womans body is suitable for birth control and this shows that birth control methods

are easily available and accessible to citizens. Your chances of getting pregnant can be at a very
low level. So every teenager should have free access to birth control.