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Low Yi Mei (22) Propaganda Posters

Poster: It can happen here!

So Let’s Nuke’m First!

Purpose: To tell the American citizens that the Japanese can bomb the States at
any time, so why not
Nuke (bomb) them first to stop the Japanese from bombing USA

Intended Audience: American citizens, specifically those who have doubts about
‘Nuking’ Japan.
Poster: What are YOU going to do about it?
Stay on the job until every MURDERING JAP is wiped out!
(5200 Yank Prisoners killed by Jap Torture in Philippines; Cruel ‘March of
Death’ Described’)

Purpose: To tell the Americans how cruel and ‘evil’ the Japanese are to the
American troops, and to encourage soldiers to fight and win the war.

Intended Audience: American soldiers who are fighting in the war against Japan