Forget please, about painted GODS¡¡¡ If you find at web " Hira Ratan" videos you will have an open

door to get inside your own and truly faith¡¡all of us from long time, uff¡¡ follows well-lookings Gods with blues or green eyes.tunics,or golden hair¡¡ like puppets that others puppets,makes smile and dances for us and disgraces too¡¡now you can come with a guide¡¡ inside your own truth and make the Sun¡¡ your from long time ago,sure Saver¡¡that always was and wiil be¡¡ the only "Life and Lives MAKER¡¡¡ learn to talk with HIM¡¡ and wait for sure benefites from your real FATHER¡¡ ALWAYS THERE¡¡

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