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Where That Feel Good Music Lives.

Real Recognize Real.

Date: February 6, 2010

(Red)= Canadian Crack

The Come Up Show (Blazeline Edition)


1. Show Starter- Trae Ft. Lil Wayne and Rick Ross –Inkredible

2. Nonamous & Provizion- Out of your Mind

3. JD ERA- Ya Know This

4. Definit – Monsters

Cali Snipes.Feet On The Ground http://www. R.Picture Perfect http://www. Kelly.myspace. 7pm-8pm 1.One Day You’ll Be Mine 12. Blazeline. Blake is styles. Usher.myspace. Mofat'm So Into You 8. Ginuwine – Differences 7.Freezin http://www.Take A Deep Breath 13. LIVE PERFORMANCE 10.Valentine's Podcast http://thecomeupshow. Michael Jackson . Andreena Mill.myspace.100 Yards Dash . Joell Ortiz .myspace.Cupid 10.Heaven Chose You 2. Tamia . Robin Thicke. Raphael Saadiq.The Sweetest Love The Come Up Show.5. Keri Hilson.The Way You Make Me Feel 11.Make Love 5. Ryan Leslie.myspace.Bring Me Down 7.php? gid=2367204842&ref=ts 8. Okay City.Potency http://www.Exhibit H 9.All my Life 9. K-CI & Jojo.I Wanna Go http://www. Chattrisse.Valentine 3.