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Seor Becker

Atwater Elementary School

2100 East Capitol Drive
Shorewood, WI 53211

May, 2015

Lake Bluff Elementary School

1600 East Lake Bluff Boulevard
Shorewood, WI 53211

Shorewood Intermediate School

3830 North Morris Boulevard
Shorewood, WI 53211

Nombre ________________________

La Bamba
Due date in Spanish _________________________________________________
Due date in English __________________________________________________
Parent Signature ____________________________________________________
Dear Parents,
In fifth grade, we have been learning the song, La Bamba, by exploring various words
that comprise the lyrics. We have been practicing the words individually, with various
activities, in order to become more familiar with how those words fit into the song as a
This unit is important for several reasons, one of which incorporates culture. Culture and
language are inseparable. Further, like our poetry unit, music is another device that
functions to deeply learn the language, in the context of sentence structure and
vocabulary acquisitionand hopefully for enjoyment.
This unit also focuses on several Wisconsin State Standards for Learning World
Languages, with a specific focus on Standard D2: Cultural Activities: Students will
participate in and learn about age-appropriate activities, such as songs.
For homework, please complete the steps below:
Una explicacin de The student reads this sheet to his/her parent(s), first in Spanish,
La Bamba
then in English. Then, students should explain to her/his parent(s)
the words that were placed beneath the paragraphs and why they
were placed in certain boxes.
Lyrics worksheet: The student should visit Seor Beckers blog and click on the link to
the rock version of the song, La Bamba. The student should point
to the words on his/her sheet while the parent(s) follow(s) along.
Singing is encouraged but not required. Listening to the folk version
of La Bamba is also encouraged, but not required.
Homework Sheet A parent signature is required on this sheet, returned on the due
This sheet and all accompanying documents for this unit can be found on my blog. I do
not expect perfection. If students forget or mispronounce wordsits okay. Have fun!
Seor Becker