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Hungarian Inventions

( József Petzval 1840 )
Binocular is a tool with optical lenses, which allows a
great range of vision.
It consists of a pair of tubes connected by a linkage,
each tube also has an objective lens (which is at the
end of the binoculars, the closest object to be seen)
and an ocular lens (which is closer to the eyes ) and
between them, a system of prisms. There is also a
focus system, located between the tubes of the
The importance of this invention
Binoculars allows a better observation
throughout, so it is very useful in the war, in
the airplains, in the
observation of animals, etc.
This invention revolutionized
the optics around the world.
In the future the binoculars can be better, more
sophisticated and more useful to the society.
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2009 - 2010

- Ana Margarida Campos

- Fábio Miguel Azevedo
- Mafalda Sofia Teixeira
- Nuno Miguel Pinto