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The PM

The Personal Monitor an invention

for the future.
What is the PM?
The Personal Monitor is a monoscopic
biocular display with a narrow field of view.
It projects a high resolution video image that
appears in the person’s line of sight in a
viewing angle comparable to a 26” monitor
from 2 meters. It was developed by a
Hungarian company called ALBATECH.
Applications of the PMonitor
It is very important for the world because it
has many applications such as:
1. Entertainment: Walking video with
portable DVD
2. Telecommunications: Videoconferencing
3. Medical: Ultrasound examinations
4. Security and Surveillance: Night vision
5. ETC.
The PM Today and Tomorrow
Today the personal
monitor it’s unnoticed,
but it’s very useful as
we have seen in the
previous slide.
If we use more this
invention it could be a
great advancement in
various fields of
 This Hungarian invention can be useful for
a long time, due to the various applications,
it will be very dificult to substitute because
of is „sunglass” like desing.