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Hungarian Innovations

Made by: Goncalo Carola

Joao Veloso
Rafael Alves
Rui Alves
Helicopter Propellers
Helicopter Propellers were a breakthrough made by a
scientist called Oskar Asboth. In the first decades of
modern aviation aeroplane designers were seeking
for new flying techniques.
Asboth participated in a project which they were
experiment propellers in shafts, later they tried to
use the propellers to hover a windmill plane.
Ten years later he built his first helicopter with 2
This innovation allowed the world to build
helicopters which could hovering in long distances
and reach great heights.
This Innovation is still important nowadays
because it made possible to scientists to
develop new kinds of propellers for
aeroplanes, jets, F-14,15,16,18,and
hovercrafts. This allows them to go even
faster and make outstanding manouvers.
We think that in the future or nowadays, this
innovation will be used as a ˝point zero” for
new inventions and ideas.
Pictures from the first
scatches to todays machines