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Ashley Green
English III
Chiquita Boyd
May 5, 2015
Against Abortion
Killing an innocent child that has a right to a life just as much as society as a whole does
is so expectable. An abortion is a termination of a pregnancy which does not result in a birth of a
child. America has a whole is a solely Christian nation. There is so much conflict about abortion
because of what God said in the Holy Bible. Society allows individuals of America to become
gay, go to war, and accepts teen pregnancy. By the US government, the unborn babies are still
considered citizens of the United States. Abortion is murder deliberately snatching away a
precious life of a human being. These babies are fully human being starting at the fetus.
The Fourteenth amendment addresses societys and was designed to protect the classes of the
unborn children.
Many will say abortion is the easiest way to get rid of or cover up a mistake. If a couple
chooses to have unprotected intercourse they should take responsibly of what comes next. Not
just result in the killing of an unborn child. Society is just sicken, it doesnt respect and accept a
life given to an unborn child. Medical studies have proven that unborn fetuses are still human
and performing all six of lifes processes and are still conscious. A mother has a duty to fulfill
when she gives birth to a child. If a mother does not execute these duties she will be charged
with child abuse, endangerment, and negligence. The law makes it so that a mother is forced to
use her body and care for a child. Why is it that we call it a crime when a mother starves her new

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born a helpless baby, but then a not call it a crime when mother kills an unborn baby inside her
The Bible clearly teaches that abortion is wrong. This teaching comes across in many
ways and for many reasons. Some people point out that the word "abortion" is not in the Bible,
and that is true. Nevertheless, the teaching about abortion is there. This is the case with many
teachings. The word "Trinity" is not in the Bible, but the teaching about the Trinity is there. In
any case, a person who wants to deny the teaching about abortion would deny it even if the word
were there. (The Bible) Since most of Americans nation is Christian we follow what the Holy
bible has to say. Most Christians will often say My God, The lord and Savior believes that
abortion is wrong. In fact life does start at conception. The Bible teaches that human life is
different from other types of life, because human beings are made in the very image of God.
(The Bible). The Bible helps map out how abortion is wrong. Humans deliberately snatch a
children out of its mothers wombs which creates tragedy. Human beings are not just a bunch of
cells randomly thrown together they are a masterpiece created by God. God has hand crafted
every one of us perfectly just how he wanted us to be. God who knew us from before we were
made, and purposely called us into being (The Bible).
As with any surgery there is always going to be some down sides it to. After a female
goes through an abortion a number of things could happen. About 10% of women who have a
first-time abortion face immediate physical complications, (Abortion Risks). Most physical
complications develop as a result of an incomplete evacuation of the uterus, infection, or injury
from instruments used during the procedure. The risk of complications rises significantly when
abortions are performed in the second trimester over the first trimester. (Abortion Risks).
Bleeding after an abortion is very normal but some can result in heavy bleeding which leads to

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more surgery to help control it. The woman can develop Infections that are caused by bacteria,
that can inter the body during or after the abortion can also occur. And a number of other things
like Breast Cancer, Ectopic pregnancy, Eating Disorders and death can affect the womans lives.
To wrap up, Abortion is truly murder killing of an unborn child that doesnt even get the
chance to have a life. Abortion is basically saying that a life isnt worth living. Abortion should
never become legal anywhere in this cruel world. If society has time to make the child they also
have the time to take care of one. The bible has proven that God made everyone before all were
even thought of, he hand-picked and crafted every last one of society. Abortion will cause harm
to the female like bleeding, being unable to have more kids, eating disorders and death. Society
already puts their bodies through a lot daily from working full-time to picking up heavy items.
Why murder there are at least three other options out there (Parenting, Interim Foster Care
,and Adoption) for pregnant females who chose not to care for their child.

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Ashley Green
Professor Chiquita Boyd
14 April 2014
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